Warfarin 5/6mg to Rivaroxaban 20mg in 2 weeks/subject to INR being OK

Warfarin side effects have been bothersome over 3 years despite stable INR, between 2.2 and 2.5 I recently stopped Losec / Omeprazol over last three months, to see if this caused problems but still have all the side effects with joint pain, vision, numb feet etc.. Dr now advised to go on Rivaroxaban ...a bit concerned that I have to stop Warfarin after next INR check for 2 days before starting Rivaroxban 3rd day at dinner with food..causing me much anxiety....or am I being a scardy cat as A/F has sapped my confidence over the last few years...We want to travel again, and again its me being negative I am sure, to scared just in case??!!. Also, has any one taken Multi Vits, Magnesium, Probiotics and Flax or Chia seeds with Warfarin, and or with any of the NOAC....Taking Warfarin 5mg 5 days and 2 x 6mg 2 days.. plus Codiene 4 x 15mg and 6/8 Paracetomol daily.. Blood Sugar OK. Had full blood count two week sand all ok..so am looking for some reassurance really...Dr stopped 1.25 mg Bisoporol BETA Blockers for two weeks to see how blood pressure goes, presently 128/94 with pulse rate 0f 86 most days.. not on anything other than above at the moment ...thanks for reading

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  • I think you should not worry about not being protected as it will take some days for your INR to drop below ideal anyway. Sorry you have had problems with warfarin as many of us sale happily along on it with zero side effects. The Rivaroxaban will protect you almost immediately so all should be fine.

    I know how anxiety and AF go together but it is important to know what to worry about and what not!


  • I also know several people who have no problems with Warfarin, I tried coming off various other drugs I have taken over the time to see?? so feel better hearing from you made me feel more positive. about taking the NOAC I thank you and appreciate your reply

  • My GP encouraged me to travel with AF and I'm glad he did as I've had some lovely holidays abroad recently. When you go away, have a good time and come back without mishap it gives one lots of confidence. There are people braver than me who don't let AF hold them back one bit and travel Down Under or wander on their own by train round places like China for weeks on end.

    Warfarin stays in your system for a while, so there will still be a measure of protection as it dwindles until you start on Rivaroxaban and then you'll be up to full speed again, so don't worry too much about swapping over. NOACs are much better than Warfarin at getting on well with other things like Multivits.

  • Its me and my anxiety, will try and put it behind me...onwards and upwards so to speak, thanks for your comments it is much appreciated. Thank you

  • Enjoy the holiday. Personally my af never occurs when I am away as I relax and so everything improves...in fact sod drugs let's get holidays prescribed on the NHS!!!

  • Good one, if only...much appreciated

  • Hi..starting new drug tonight..off warfarin 2 day's. .INR was 1.5 at 9am

    so xarelto..starts at 6pm with food. .so Watch this space..thanks for your response. .booking s holiday over weekend. .Thanks everyone for their support.

  • You're moving forwards!

  • Sorry you have had these problems, never knew warfarin caused these side affects? I have luckily had none ( that I know of?) have medics told you these problems stem from warfarin? . Wishing you better times x

  • I asked to come off warfarin as, like you, I didn't like the side effects, even though I had a very stable INR. I was put on Rivaroxaban. The first few weeks were terrible. I prefer to take it in the morning along with my Lisinopril, but as I was trying to lose weight I didn't have much to eat - big mistake! I now have a more substantial amount to eat and have no ill effects. I also take a Magnesium Taurate capsule and a probiotic without any problems.

    Good luck with the change over and enjoy your life. Don't let this condition get you down.

    Lynn x

  • Thanks Nice Nana, Good to hear your comments, been told to take the NOAC at 6.00pm with food...and no worry with the extra Vits, and minerals. probiotic etc I did lose weight with 5.2. Diet, but went weekly for the first couple months with understanding NHS INR nurse until body got used to the increase in green vegetable, fruit and increase in Vit K...I did it for the A/F also and to help the joints I thought, hence with me now coming off Omeprazol after 10 plus years..Only said to Dr last week that was disappointed that lose of weight has not helped the joints...hence his recommendation for the NOAC...I tried and feel much better with the weight off....but Doc says that coming off some drugs after a long term use, takes awhile to get out of ones system so maybe in couple months will be less pain or pain free.

  • I take multi-vits, magnesium, probiotics and both flax and chia seeds daily, with Rivaroxiban, along with a good breakfast - but nothing containing ginseng. The latter is not good for AF as I understand it.

  • Thanks for your comments, You take the NOAC in the morning with Breakfast? I was told 6.00pm with food...Thanks for the comments re vitamins and minerals etc.,

  • Glad this was helpful.

    I don't think I was given any advice about when to take Rivaroxyban. For me, I can trust myself to remember to take it at breakfast, but can easily forget, or be out, in the evening. Others find it works best the other way round. If you miss a dose you are not covered, so this is important!

  • Thanks, will bear that in mind..now that I know it could be Am or PM...as you say easier to remember in the morning with breakfast....I will see once I start how it goes. Thanks again for your response...this sight is a useful tool as at least all replies are from people who actually have A/F and know how one feels. All good. Grateful and appreciate all replies

  • I take a plant stenol supplement (cheaper than the foods with it in) every day to keep my cholesterol down. I also take an omega 3 capsule...and I have a magnesium supplement every evening before going to bed. It has really helped me to sleep well and my husband also takes it now. I've never known him to sleep as well as he does now!

    Interesting that you had problems when you wanted to lose weight, NiceNana. I noticed blood in my urine last week for a couple of days and I went to the Doc who read my NRI level. It was 2.9, at the high end of the required level, so I gave a urine sample to test for infection. No infection. After thinking about it, I realised that the reason for the blood in my urine was the fact that I hadn't eaten much for those two days. I reckon my NRI level had gone above 3 for a while but was starting to come down again when it was checked as I had been eating normally for a couple of meals before the check. Although I am slim, I have fat round my tummy which I want to lose and, after some research, I now know that I have to have at least 1200 calories a day to keep my NRI levels within the required reading. No more 5/2 dieting for me! Sigh....

  • I did the 5.2 diet and lost weight over two years slowly...and has stayed off but have a very understanding NHS INR nurse who checked weekly for a couple months with the extra and different foods I was eating and diet..Fruit and veg and extra Vit K...which put the Warfarin out to start with.... but levelled out over the weeks as the body and warfarin adjusted...only do if you can with your INR nurse as it could be dangerous if not checked regularly until body adjusts.....as nobody wants a stroke...I take Magnesium, Mult Vi, spray D3 and Spray B12. D Mannose (to keep UTI's in check) Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes, with 500mg of Mastika as came off Omeprazol after 10 plus years...all in conjunction with Drs and the INR nurse I am lucky that the Warfarin has been OK and is stable most of the time..also lucky to have Dr and Nurse prepared to listen


  • Were all your joints painful or just your weight bearing ones, hips, knees ankles and toes. I had that as does a neighbour. She can cycle all right but like me the pain came from walking and standing.

    I stopped warfarin for about a year but went back to it as I want a Watchman Device fitted. Research indicated that joint problems come from the 1mg tablets due to the E number and Amaranth used to colour them. I started Warfarin again in early February avoiding 1mg tablets and so far no joint pains.

  • I take warfarin and also a multi-vit for over 50's, omega3 and glucosamine and fortunately had no issues with interaction. Must be one of the lucky ones.

  • Good morning, I always have a chat with the pharmacy if I`. m concerned about my tablets, they are always helpful. I know how you feel about travelling, for quite a number of years we have gone to Spain in April and October for a month. Since starting with AF 3 years ago I have had an episode each time I`ve been there lasting 20 to 36 hours. I havent needed to go to hospital as my HR has not been too high, but I just chill out and wait. I can usually mange a short walk to a cafe or bar and then come back to apartment. Its worth a try ... if it doesnt work out at least you will know. Pat

  • Thanks for your reply, yes I do keep in touch with Pharmacy at Boots, if wanting to use the Vitamins and Minerals, they are able to help most times

    I use a exercise bike most days to help as we live in a very hilly area.

  • I refused Warfarin when I first was diagnosed with Atrial Flutter last year in June. However, before I had an ablation, because I had too many episodes, I was prescribed Rivaroxaban by my Consultant and have been on it for over three months now. No ill effects. Unfortunately, many GPs are not up to date and still prescribe Warfarin. There are now many new blood thinners on the market but this one is a favourite with the Consultant who had studied at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Not to say that there are other reputable Teaching Hospitals.

  • Thanks Heather for your reply, three years ago we did not have a choice and have cut out other tablets as Dr's, Nurse's etc say that Warfarin has no side effects...Cut down and out ACE, Beta Blockers, Omeprazol over the last 6 months..as the symptoms are all still around despite giving up the above..so at last the practice believe me...and going on to Xarelto at the end of month after checking INR after stopping warfarin for two days before INR and the Blood is down to 2.00....I can start t...hat evening at 6.pm.. So looking forward to the day...watch this space...just a little anxious thats all after being on Warfarin for the 3 years....but such a lot of people have gone on this new drug without any problems and side effects...again thanks for your reassurance...I do take 2 x 250 mg of Magnesium daily which has helped the heart arrythma (A/F) after reading Carolyn Deans web site. This is such a good site with the AF Association having their say from time to time and Bob has helped on lots of occasions all very much appreciated

  • Unfortunately I had bad side effects with Rivaroxyban and Apixaban so went On Warfarin and am fine with that.

  • Thanks for reply, I am about to come off Rivaroxaban, after 62 day, having blood tests and ECG on the 3rd Oct because of the really bad side effects of this new drug...Drs saying about trying a n other drug...after results of blood an ECG....again thanks for your reply and hope that Warfarin works for you.

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