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Post AF catheter ablation how long does it normally take to be pain free?

3 months since a successful ablation but despite the first 2 weeks feeling great I now always seem to have chest pains. Doctor has told me everything is OK and just start to get more active which I am but am I just expecting too much too soon ? How long has it taken other people to get back to full strength ?

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I do not think you should still be having pain. Tiredness maybe as it does take the heart about three or four months to recover post PVI but I never had much pain after any of my three.Maybe a week or so? Have you seen the EP again since the procedure? If not ring his secretary and ask for an appointment.


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I had one bout of pain, shortly after my last ablation, but as Bob says I don't think you should be having pain now. I agree with what he says.


I agree with the others. Don't remember having any pain after the procedures.


I muh agree with the other comments and don't think you should be having pain after 3 months. I've had two ablations that failed after a week and have not experienced any pain after either procedure. Well other than a bit of discomfort for a few days.

Hope you feel better soon



Thanks for your replies. I did mention the pain to the consultant when I saw him a couple of weeks ago. He performed an echo cardiogram and various blood tests which showed everything was fine. So he suggested I needed to try pushing myself a bit more with my exercise and see how things go. He expects the pain to disappear but if not come back to see him. I guess it's the same for everybody in we are all different and it takes time for the body to recover.


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