AF. Ablation and how long does sedation last !!

Ok so here I am back home after my laser balloon ablation yesterday!

Thanks to the peeps on here I wasn't as nervous as I could have been but I was worried how the oesophageal thermometer thingy would go down !! Literally !!!

Well it certaily wasn't one of the more pleasant things I've had up my nose and swallowed ( in fact it's probably the only thing ...) however the worst part was actually having a numb throat as they spray it with local befor putting tube up there so when it was time for me to swallow I couldn't quite find my swallow if you know what I mean , Cust throat wa numb I couldn't feel it but managed if anyway and it was uncomfortable , a strange feeling but not painful .

The ablation went next and as I was sedated quite heavily the hours vpassed on and although I was awake it was like a dreamy twilight , and next thing I knew I was talking to my consultant who told me he was really pleased it had gone well and I could go back to my room

The painful bit was the pressure closure on the artery but I'd had that before for angio and it had been fine but that was in wrist this was in groin so it may have been as they said and unlucky that the nerve had gone into spasm ..!

Then I got a bleed cus they took it off !!!! Wow lots of lovely red blood , worried looking nurses the re applying of the pressure cuff and a change of sheets ! . . after that no more pain just lie down don't move etc until they were sure it was not going to do that again. Meanwhile I was lying flat on my back drinking from a sippy cup thinking it was quite hilarious ( drugs again !!! Obviously sedation hadn't worn off entirely ! Either that or I'm a complete weirdo ... Friends please desist from that discussion !! )

Great nights sleep even hooked up to monitor .

Come the morning !! Row great I slept well I felt fine all good , doc says it's really good outcome I had episode of lively AF whilst he was doing his stuff. aided by the camera in the balloon he could see if and zapp it ( technical term ! Ha ) so he expects I'll be fine

Problems began late morning cus he obviously didn't mean right away and I thought id be running out of my room throwing my bisoprolol, and flecanide out of the window with gay abandon ( which is neither a euphemism or a homophobic remark !) . Instead I was in tears asking the nurse why I felt like rubbish , still sweating and now to top it of. I had horrible burning raw pain down my pipes and in my chest right about where the tubes and paraphernalia had been ! Hmmm think I answered my own question there !! " it's all perfectly normal " said she ... " what did you think ?that you be running down the stairs throwing your tablets ....." You Get the drift ... No of course not I lied .. I can't drive for a few days and "take it easy " is beginning to become the story of my , once frenetic fast lane manically paced , life . Will I be able to play the piano I asked " of course , not a problem " she said .... Which is great cus I have always wanted to be able to play an instrument ...

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  • Hi Polldoll. Thanks for telling us the tale. Much of it sounds familiar! I know exactly what you mean about the throat and swallow not being there. Did you have the vile bananary spray ? Seems you got on with that OK. Agreed that it's not that nice but I'd go for it again if needed as it wasn't too awful and didn't hurt.

    I had a bleed too which was during the night but that was the end of the problem. Wonderful bruise a bit later but not something to show off.

    Take it easy now - give it a bit of time and take things gently. All the best!

  • Will that procedure stop the AF'a then? Sounds scary...

  • With a laser balloon ablation, there is a danger of burning through from the atrium to the oesophagus, so the thermometer keeps a check on the temperature within the oesophagus. It has to be swallowed before the procedure starts. A little challenge, but the laser and balloon system incorporates a camera and when this was offered to me I elected for it because it seemed more selective. I don't think many EPs offer this type of ablation. Mine was in Blackpool (UK). It went well and I'm very pleased with the outcome. Apart from a minor bleed from the puncture in the leg, I had no problems, aches or pains.

  • Mine was in Blackpool too . At the lancashire suite by Scott Gall he recommended it as the best treatment and my health insurance covered it , It wasn't to bad at all but then I'm a positive person . The after pain however was worse than I thought and I know I'm not soft , but is lessening now with pain killers I was very raw and sore in my chest and throat but he was confident of a great outcome and so am I .. I just want to be able to get back to a normal active life . Not even a flutter so far and long may it remain .. Now the road to being drug free and fit as possible . Hope you are well too and thanks for the encouragement .

  • Yes, doing well, thanks. I've given up flecainide. Very pleased about that.

    Hope you can give up the painkillers quickly.

  • Off painkiller and and I feel fine , I just want to get off the flecanide and the bisoprolol .i wonder if the body gets used to them so when you stop you have probs that never existed ie I always had good low blood pressure and normal sinus rhythm resting rate of 65 . It only went up when I was having an episode . So I know bisoprolol keeps rTe down but it slows me down too and I don't wNty body to get used to it . Doc says I can come of flecanide in four five weeks as long as I haven't had irregulars. How long till you got off them

  • Glad you're feeling better.

    I was on 300mgs of flecainide a day - 150mgs x 2. I dropped to 100 x 2 the day after the ablation, then about 6 weeks later to 50 x 2 and finally on my 3 month check up I gave up taking flecainide altogether. I am thrilled to bits about this. I have had a couple of tiny wobbles with an odd heart beat since, but I'm not too alarmed. Hope they don't continue. I have a 24 hour ECG monitor session next week.

    I 'm on atenolol and have been for many years for blood pressure control and I also take losartan.

    For a month after the ablation I took lansoprazole to calm the oesophagus but I didn't actually have any problem.

  • That's good , I'm glad you seem to be af free . It is so debilitating and I don't think you can possibly understand unless you have experienced it . It's amazing how many people say ' oh yeh I get palpitations sometimes , I just ignore them " because that is wrong for lots of reasons . I couldn't ignore mine and I'm glad I didn't .

  • Hope this ablation will see you sorted. Scott Gall's a good man! He did mine in Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

  • I really am hoping so frank , the odds are better with this laser balloon ablation than with some other types because the camera inside the baloon gives a better view of the heating heart so they have a better chance of zapping the right spot . The thermometer makes sure that the oesophagus isn't burnt I think ? It was unpleasant to swallo but totally bearable . The sore chest and throat only lasted just a couple days and I feel ok now if a little tired still and it wa done on Monday . I think things like this are more scary if you don't have all the information , for me anyway I just asked and asked lots if questions .

  • I had an ablation 5 weeks ago in Liverpool. Full anaesthetic and nothing stuck up my nose or down my throat that I am aware of. No bruising or bleeding in the groin because they have pioneered a new ultra sound method of locating the pulmanory veins - just 3 holes the size of ear lobe piercings.

    My experience is that ablation is not nearly as bad as you might imagine which is the reason why people willingly have it repeated.

    Good luck with your continued recovery.

  • That sounds more healthy jenny! Has your ad stopped at all?

  • No, I can only speak from experience. The worst part of the whole thing was accessing the hospital. My poor son has had to do the journey 4 times. I would encourage anyone who needs an ablation to go ahead and therefore have no regrets.

  • well done - you seem to have managed very well- do rest and recover now,

    best wishes

  • Well done polldoll it took me back! :-D

  • LOVE the piano bit. An old joke but a good one. Glad you still have a sense of humour.

  • Thanks for the replies . After a very uncomfortable night I gave in and took co codamol 30/500 two of and slept like a baby , on my back and snoring probably !! Couldn't sleep on my right side it hurt my chest heart felt like it was pressing on my throat ! Strange . Feel a lot better today less sore in the throat and chest . Drinking Manuka honey with hot water and lemon . It's my go to remedy for mist things , granted they're usually less severe than this but done the tricks I thanks again to all for encouragement and advice . I will be checking in with updates , positive ones of course

  • Think I'll try the manuka honey drink, sounds lovely, have sore chest from my ablation too and not able to get comfortable. Perhaps I'll try the co codomol as well, thanks for the great tips, hope you'll feel better with each passing day.

  • Yes do try the Manuka it's lovely . I feel better today and not taking any painkillers so I'm happy bout that . i found that drinking loads of hot water honey and lemon it not only soothed inside but I think it helped flush out all the sedatives from the op . I hope it works for you . I'm sure it can't do any harm it's natural so how could it .

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