'morning everyone - what a wonderful day it is today in Norfolk. I'd like advice please about anti-inflammatories please. My Husband who had his first AF attack early this year has been waiting for knee replacement (looks like two knees now unfortunately) He is now 86 but a very young and active 86 but was told yesterday by the Doc that they will never operate now. He had been waiting 15 year now!!! The pain now is unbearable. His meds are Warfarin 5mg daily, Digoxin together with Tamsulosin, Dapsone Flexafenide and Bumetanide. He was told he could take just 4 paracetamol daily but the Doc yesterday said up the dose to 8 daily (the full dose). I have been reading other posts daily and have recently seen Gabapentin mentioned - is this new? I really need to help him as he getting quite depressed now. Thanks for reading. Have a good Day

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  • For sure he must not take ibuprofen as this is know to interfere with Warfarin as well as be a cause of AF. Gabapentin is a different kind of pain killer and may not be suitable for his condition. I am not medically trained so really don't know. We can't give drug advice here anyway so best to discuss with your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Thanks Bob - I'd never of heard of Gabapentin until this morning so I will look into this if it helps his pain.

  • I was offered gabapentin and I'm in warfarin. It's a good pain reliever. I didn't take it though.

  • Have you asked his EP/ Cardiologist about the knee replacement or is it his GP that is saying no. Have they given the reasons is it because of his age or the medication.

  • Hi thanks for your reply. It was his Doctor yesterday, mainly because of the AF/medication. He doesn't see his Cardiologist until July.

  • I don't know your circumstances would it be at all possible for you see his cardiologist privately. He would be better placed to see which would be the best way forward for your husband it sounds as if he is in quiet a lot of pain

  • I was given gabapentin for shoulder pain. It made me unbelievably sleepy. I had to stop taking it. They then tried me on Lyrica. This was worse - the leaflet with the tablets indicated that they could cause constipation or intestinal blockages.

    Can your husband take cocodamol?

  • Hi Jennydog thanks for your reply. He was told only to take paracetamol only 4 per day and nothing stronger now the Doctor has doubled the dose. Not strong enough really.

  • Cocodamol has the same effect 😞

  • Not sure is Gabapentin for nerve pain? However whether it is or not best getting advice from docs/pharmacists . Hope he gets some relief soon

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you all for taking the tie to reply. Thank you

  • I was on gabapentin for nerve pain after a slipped disc wrecked my nerve in the leg - I was on betablockers at the time but not anticoagulation. The gabapentin didn't really help though so I stopped it.

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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