It's Nosh and Natter Time

OK January is a crazy month for me, but now it's nearly over so how about another London Nosh and Natter?

For those who don't know it's an informal gathering usually at an inexpensive restaurant, usually in the afternoon so the restaurant is quiet and we "Nosh and Natter". Just chat and meet fellow sufferers and eat and drink what you like coffee or red wine, steak or salad, it's your choice.

OK Central London, looking at Thursday 27th February, anyone up for it? and I will find a location


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  • I'm in, just let me know where

  • This year will try and make it

  • bit too far for me but look forward to report of the lunch

  • Hi Ian

    Sorry but cant make that date - really disappointed - away for that whole week.


  • I can make that. Look forward

  • Would love to come but too far to come for lunch . NEVER mind I am definitely going to the patients day at the conference this year ( hope there is one!) And am looking forward to putting some faces to names then. Hope you all enjoy. X

  • Hi Ian, Too close to lambing for me. Will go to the next patients day though.


  • hi Beancounter. Thank you for suggesting this. I hope to be able to make the 27th, but am awaiting confirmation (or not) of a meeting.

  • Hi Ian, as Koll says, it's too close to lambing for me as well. Also a wee bit far to go for lunch.(Central Scotland). However, as others are also saying, hope to make it to B,ham this year.


  • That's a good day for me, hopefully we'll meet up this time!


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