Surgery went well

Hi everyone who wished me luck prior to my open heart surgery, and to new members. Well I had my surgery on 3rd dec tumour successfully removed from my heart . Results confirmed it was benign. I had my cox- maze procedure for permanent AF at the same time. This too appeared to be working although warned may take 12 months to see full results, I was in intensive care 6 days and came home after 19 days total. Was to see cardiologist Monday surgeon on 29th and rehab on 10 th February. Had 24 hr ECG monitor Monday cardiologist rung yest apparently my heart regularly over the 24 hrs my heart stops beating anything from 4-8 seconds, advice stop meds, don't drive, don't go in water and don't drink. I need a pacemaker now hopefully will know Monday when as it's urgent. To dial 999 if feel unwell. Been having dizzy spells and postural drop on BP and pulse. And v tired assumed everything settling post surgery. The saga continues but hey ho at least found (again).

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  • Hang in there Frills. We are rooting for you.


  • Oh Frills what a time you are having! I do feel for you. Wishing you all the luck in the world and hope that you are soon 100% fit. Big hug.


  • Benign! Wonderful news!

    Please let us know how you get on with the pacemaker. And very best wishes for your continuing recovery

  • thank you all x

  • Good news , hope everything will be better by time

    I had been there before 13 years where I had major open heart surgery twice and it is just a memory right now

    Everything will be better by time , pray to your god who knows what is better for you

    All the best

  • sorry to hear this and hope you have a pacemaker soon. I think that will solve the problem and you will feel much better. Best wishes

  • Hope everything goes well for you, sorry you have been through so much. Hopefully they will sort you out very soon and once recovered you will feel wonderfull. Take good care x

  • Tiredness could be due to heart stopping. You should fee loads better with the pacemaker. Best of luck

  • As dizzy spells less now heart med stopped having 48 hr tape fitted today to see if heart stopping still happening. See him next week for results. If still stopping pacemaker on 4th if not plan B to lower tachycardia. Ta all for replies x

  • well 48 hr tape showed that stopping flecainide has sorted the problems of the stopping of heart phew. Now however its showing atrial ectopics of which i know little. Pacemaker on hold now thanlkfully any one any advice help re the ectopics. Only take warfarin and statin at present

  • Good news surgeon happy post operative wise. Keen to check I signed to say could use video for teaching and write papers about! Saw cardiologist ECG now showing sinus tachycardia with 5-6000 ventricular ectopics. Hanging fire on meds see me again in 2 weeks. Certainly keeping me and them on our toes. Rehab on back boiler for now too ta for all the support x

  • Just read your post I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this,hoping your soon feeling better you are in our thoughts.


  • Christo many thanks my op was dec 2013 since then had pacemaker. Still have arrhythmias and on medications but on the whole things good

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