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Almost 1month after ablation

Hi, my ablation was done on the 29th of October and still not feeling great. I had a new AF episode two days ago and lots of PAC. But the tiredness is the worst. The sligthest exercise ( walking up the stairs) gives me shortness of breath ( I am 43). I also feel some kind of tightness in my chest after a physical activity. Is that still to be expected after one month post ablation? I also noticed that bending forward, an empty stomach, certain activities, ... bring on more PAC ( which was also the case before my ablation but seems worse now).

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It is still early days but if you are worried why not phone the arrhythmia nurse at the hospital if they have one or try to contact one of the EP's team. They should have told you that it may be three months before things settle down and you will have a few funnies in that time.



Sorry but what is PAC?


Hi, These are premature atrial complexes, extrabeats ( often with pause) It is quite common, even in healthy people but in my case I have lots of them, consecutive. And gotten much worse after ablation.


Thank for your reply, i hope you feel better soon


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