Cryo Ablation

As many of you may know, I am having my fourth ablation next week. I have had three radiofrequency ablations the last being in 2010, and I remember reading this and wondering if I might get a chance with this technique. Well things move quickly and it is now quite a common procedure.

I just thought some of you might find this interesting

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  • Hi Tim - Interesting report, thank you for providing the link. It gives us all a little more hope of being cured.

    Good luck for next week .


  • Thank you very much

    That is exactly what I was searching for


  • I hope all goes well for you. Good luck!

  • Yeh thanks for that Tim

    So cryoablation has been around for about 4 years?

  • Good luck Tim! I've heard of this - I believe there's a surgeon that does it at Liverpool Chest and Heart (or is that Heart and Chest?). It does give us a bit of hope, though I suspect it would be hard to persuade a doctor in Wales to go for it...

  • I`m sure my EP said he was just using freeze and not freeze and burn, I will let you all know what it is I have and keep you posted on the results!

  • hi tim . how come they decided to do a cryo ablation on you mate ? are you private ?

  • Hi,

    Yes I am private through a work scheme, So I guess its not readily available on the NHS then?

  • I had an NHS cryoablation at the Trent Cardiac Centre, Nottingham 3 days ago. There are three consultants who able to perform it. My experience there was first class. Good luck!

  • Hi Sabina,

    ist that your first ablation and how are you feeling?

  • Happy to hear about your experience

    Can you tell us more about it ? How was it , how long , what was your case , medication. Which doctor , how is the services of the center

    I'm interested in cryoablation since my doctor recommending it as my second ablation

    Wish you all the best

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