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Holiday insurance whilst awaiting ablation

Can anyone tell me if they have managed to obtain holiday insurance whilst awaiting an ablation please ! I know that most companies are not interested but I seem to recall some people indicating that they have managed to get cover. Would be grateful to hear of companies offering cover please !

Many thanks

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I hope someone will reply to you. I have sent a PM.

I did in 2017 but i was only travelling to Rhodes from the UK.

I just used a comparison web site.



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Do you recall the company you used please Mark ?

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Yes I just looked through my mail and it was Saga. However I remember it was not direct. I went direct as I had used them previously but it was expensive, so I went via go compare or compare the market and got a range of suppliers and saga was amongst the cheapest for the rating! Just shows how you can pay too much.

This year I used go compare or someone for two holidays but did not use saga as others with good ratings were cheaper for similar or better benefits

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Now thats interesting as I went with Saga via Money supermarket last year and got a good price .

I was surprised as I had applied in the past and it was very pricey but realise now that I had made a direct contact with them at that time. I didn't realise that the quotes differed in this way. I shall bear this in mind.

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I used CoverForYou last year via money supermarket. They contacted me just before the trip to check my circumstances had not changed and then on return to check if I needed to make a claim!

This was post ablation though.

Best of luck.

I got covered last year by Aviva for travel to France while waiting for an ablation. They were made fully aware of my situation.

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Thank you jondeanp. I will investigate .

If you are a member of the women's institute and under 74 you can join their medical travel insurance. They don't ask for pre existing conditions but approach it from a different viewpoint in that they say that your doctor must be able to certify you 'as fit to travel'

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Thank you ..thats interesting. Just had 74th birthday so that rules me out ! I'm sure others might find this info useful though.

Flexicover are very good, but I got our travel insurance (just for Europe as worldwide too expensive), but it was for after my cardioversion and ablation and brain tumour surgery. Good luck with the insurance and the ablation.

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Thanks Tapanac!

Hello, the only one that I could find to cover me was AllClear. We found them good and they covered all my heart problems. Be very careful to keep whichever one you choose fully informed of any changes. We had to claim formy husband last year and they were very good and paid out quickly. Good luck.

Thank you ETFC. I have used Allclear in the past and in fact had to make a claim which was dealt with speedily. Last year I found Saga alot cheaper when I put my details into Money supermarket. The problem will be with ablation pending

I used “insure and go” for a planned trip to Canada. Best to ring them and go through the questions with a representative. Obviously more expensive than going to Europe but they were the best quote. Hope that helps

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