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When is the best time to take Warfarin and Atorvastatin??

I take Digoxin and Bisoprolol at 7.00pm each day on my cardiologist's recommendation but never quite sure when to take Warfarin and Atorvastatin. For PMR I'm still at 12.5mg Predisilone taken in the morning with Bisoprolol . For new readers I'm well into the senior age group and have had AF for 20+ years and recently Poly Myalgia Rheumatica (7-8 weeks). GOOD news- AF under excellent control and PMR treatment working a dream...

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I take all my drugs before dinner in teh evening. Frankly it make no difference WHEN you take them as long as it is at the same time every day..



Thank you BobD. I'll follow suit and see how it goes.. Sounds good and easy and that's how it should be and almost to the point of becoming the invisible pill popper!!



Agree with Bob

I had an advise recently from the cardiologist that warfarin better not to take it with food since it is sensitive and the effect will be interact with food

Don't know if it is right or no

Bisoprolol in the morning for sure


I have been taking warfarin for 6 weeks now with no apparent problems. The nurse said to take them at 6pm each evening.

One thing has been worrying me - how will my dentist deal with me now that I 'm on warfarin. She is very vicious with de-scaling. By chance I spoke to a Consultant Orthodontist yesterday. He said that a reading of 3 was no problem. 4 would be a concern for them. I hope this is helpful.


Hi Jenny, My dentist doesn't take any special measures these days although he used to say that any extraction would be either stop the warfarin or go to hospital. N

Now the guidelines have changed and he wouldn't worry, just pack the hole well afterwards. My de-scaling is pretty vicious as well but it soon stops bleeding afterwards. Just as well as walking through town looking like Dracula with blood oozing out of the sides of your mouth is not a good idea. lol.



Thanks , Bob. That's hugely re-assuring. My ( NHS) dentist supplies everyone with a huge check list at every visit now so she is always aware of all medication.


Haaaaaahahaha! It's par for the course on a Saturday night here!!


I was advised by a nurse to take warfarin between 5-7 each evening as it gives the best chance of showing up on the INR test taken next day.

By the way, I'm wondering if weight gain is a side-product of when you take Levothyroxine with Sotalol and Allopurinol in the morning? I have gained an unwelcome stone since being on all these for just over a year.


I have been taking Warfarin and Bisoprolol every morning for some 15 years. Taking Warfarin in the evening will NOT show the following day as it takes at least three days to show in the blood stream. The one thing all seem to agree on is it doesn't matter when you take them as long as it is the same time each day. The body manufactures cholestrol in the evening which is why Statins MUST be taken then, not in the morning.


"I take all my drugs before dinner in teh evening. Frankly it make no difference WHEN you take them as long as it is at the same time every day..




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