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Best Time to Take Meds?

I am on a cocktail of meds and take them as follows. Early a.m. Digoxin 125 micro gram. Take this on an empty stomach. Then Bisoprolol 5 mg Apixaban 5mg and Furosemide 40 mg after breakfast. Then a recent addition of Armiodarone 200 mg (in preparation for a second attempt at Cardioversion) plus a second 5 mg dose of Apixaban after evening meal. Any thoughts?

I am walking fine without any problems, sometimes 2 miles but fear that Armiodarone with all its side effects may impact that!!

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hi there,

lordy, that's very disciplined if I may say. I just take my cocktail of 11 tablets including- flecainide -bisoprolol -perindopril which are my heart ones. The rest are to do with my underactive thyroid and my cancer meds which I will be taking for another 8 years!!

So, maybe it's wrong to just chuck them all down the hatch as my dad used to say, all at once!!

stay well

Blue :-) x


Wow.....makes me feel very light-weight!! Good luck

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I always ponder about when to take what. For what it's worth this is my daily regime:

6am (When I get up) : Bisoprolol 5mg and Lanzoprolol

7am Pradaxa

8am Prednisolone and Calcium/Vit D3 with breakfast

7pm Pradaxa

10pm (Before bed): Atorvastatin, Fenofibrate, Finasteride and Mg supplement

Flecainide 50mg PIP as required (Hopefully rarely!)

That probably doesn't help you but it's an interesting question that I've never really got answered fully.


I guess it is geared towards the meds. eg some are better without food some not. Psychologically i just shudder at the thought of all those drugs hitting the body in one hit. Probably doesn't matterone iota!!!! Good luck.

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I'm afraid that I just take the lot at bed time. It's worked for 3 years :D


I was told spread is best..bisoprolol and. Lansoprazole first thing then blood pressure amlodipine with food breakfast...then Warfarin with evening meal...finally. Statin at bedtime.....I just feel it might help absorption etc if spread thouthout the day.


I agree with you George but i get the feeling that the professionals will not. I will have a chat with mine. Good luck.


Thanks George,


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