Does anyone take 2 different Beta Blockers at the same time?

Hi ive not been officially diagnosed with AF, my cardiologist thinks I probably have PAF. My problem at the moment is my Betablockers, I have been on 160mg of propranolol for 25 yrs, was getting a lot of breakthro ectopics, tachycardia. To cut a long story short, ive tried several different Betablockers but i'm having trouble finding one to suit me. The best so far has been Atenolol, 125mg. Over time this had given me the most terrible muscle cramps! So bad I haven't been able to move, the pain indescribable. On my dr's advice I've taken Magnesium daily, eaten my way thro many Bananas, extra calcium, drank copious amounts of tonic water!? Im at a loss to know what to do.. Ive recently moved so thought id ask my new GP, he put me on Bisoprolol, well I titrated the atenolol and got up to 6.25mgs Bisoprolol, I felt totally awful! Also the muscle cramps were coming back and my feet and ankles have swelled alarmingly. I can't face feeling so awful so ive cut the Bosoprolol back to 2.5mgs which I can tolerate, also taking 50mgs of atenolol, which I can also tolerate without the cramps at 50mgs. My question is does anyone regularly take 2 Betablockers at the same time? Is it safe? Ive got a phone consultation Monday with my gp to get his advice. Was just wondering if anyone can take 2 lower doses of BB longterm? Thanks for reading, it is a bit longwinded :-)

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  • Personally I don't think your GP should be treating you at all. See a specialist. Demand it now. It is your right to be seen by whoever you wish.


  • Thanks Bob, when I talk to him Monday I will ask to be reffered back to Torbay. Was previously seen at Derriford, they had very little interest in my wellbeing

  • Hi Fizzy42,

    First of all I am not a medic, but I would suggest you only need one Betablocker.

    Try taking the single beta-blocker at different times, you may find that by doing this it will help with your cramps etc.

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks for replying Barry, I already split the dose in 2, but thanks :-)

  • I would ask for a referral to an EP not a general cardiologist. Lokk up ones on the main AFA website.

  • Thanks Peter I will :-)

  • Hi thanks for replying, I didn't know that about calcium the GP just put me on it. I am on other medication I take Candasartan 24mg, 2mg Lacidipine. Spoke to my Doc yesterday he wants me off the Atenolol now because the risk of heart block etc. He wants me to take 7.5mg Bisoprolol split into 2 doses. Ive got to have an ecg Thursday, then a 24hr monitor next week. As he is a new gp for me, ive recently moved, he wants to see wots going on. Ive also got a leaking heart valve, and left atrium is also slightly enlarged. Bit of a wreck really lol. Thanks Lynda

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