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Pet PSMA result

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After 2 Pluvicto treatments, my Pet CT PSMA result is:

1. Interval positive response with PSMA activity involving left common iliac and retroperitoneal lymph node metastases. No new metastasis or locally recurrent disease.

2. Focal areas of low mild PSMA activity involving the T3 vertebral body and right 5th and left 6th ribs which Re favored to be benign fiven the low level activity.

MiPSMA Expression score:1

My PSA has decreased from 1.6 to 0.39.

Any thoughts on the result? I assume that #2 is no new met since it is favored to be benign.

I appreciate any feedback.

10 Replies
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great news for the holiday season brother. How kewl is that !!!

Good for you.


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Just curious, what was your SUV on the ribs noted in #2?


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venecia1983 in reply to EdBar

No SUV is noted for the ribs or vertebre. Just low/mild PSMA activity. What does it mean? I read it to be no met since “favored benign”.

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Only reason I ask is I had a PSMA last week, my PSA is very low, barely detectable, it has been rising from undetectable status to detectable again. The scan showed one area of uptake on a rib with a SUV of 3.7, the report said it was suspicious for a malignancy however my MO Dr. Sartor, said ribs are notorious for false positives. I’m trying to determine whether to get it zapped or not I’m leaning toward getting it zapped and not taking any chances. My original dx almost 9 years ago showed multiple Mets in my ribs and sternum, so to me it makes sense that one would show up there again. So I was looking to compare SUV levels.


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tango65 in reply to EdBar

Request a MRI study of the rib before zapping it to be sure it is a met. Ribs may be difficult to irradiate without affecting lungs or large vessels.

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pilot52 in reply to tango65

SBRT could be an answer to hit the ribs. Plus my nuclear medicine doc likes to see a SUV at 10 or above....Blue Skies. Sky King and Penny (woof)

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Best news!

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What did your MO have to say?

Fight On!


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