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Opinions regarding Clinical Trial 225Ac J-591

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Pretty sure husband about out of treatment options. PSA has never cooperated with treatment, except very early on. Overall, he feels fine other than weaker muscle strength and mid to end of day fatigue; wish his insides would be doing as well as his outside. MO recommended him for this trial. Had interview today and is eligible. For those who have good knowledge and stay in the know, what do you think? Is anyone here participating in this trial?


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Scott Tagawa is one of the best MOs around.

Ac-225-PSMA-617 has very high salivary gland toxicity. Ac-225-PSMA-J591 may be less toxic. That's the hope, anyway.

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Geolo85 in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you for offering insight. Going to be followed by Dr. Jones Nauseef, working under Dr. Tagawa. Hoping for no serious SEs and a significant reduction to PSA. Not a cure but temporary better than not at all. Will research more about the salivary gland effects.

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Tall_Allen in reply to Geolo85

Here's some info on salivary gland risk:


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Geolo85 in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you! I had just found that in a reply to another member you made two months ago. :-) Your's and many others knowledge, research and insight is most appreciated.

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If he can stand the sides looks promising.

Novel PSMA-targeted agent 225Ac-J591 shows promise in mCRPC


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Geolo85 in reply to smurtaw

Thank you for the link. Gives some hope husband will be one with a good response. Will research the list of SEs in the article so as to have knowledge of them, just in case.

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Oh Yes! This is a great opportunity for him to receive this cutting-edge radioligand treatment that is not available to anyone else outside this study. And it is open label: no placebo.

I had virtual consult with my doctor in Australia two days ago. I had very good response to two treatments of Lu-J591 (same antibody ligand, different isotope). 75% drop in PSA but not a complete response. He said he would like to be able to offer me 225Ac-J591 but it is not a available to him because patent restrictions.

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MateoBeach in reply to MateoBeach

continuing: read risks carefully, but all will be monitored and can stop if needed. If it were me (I’m not CR yet so not eligible) I’d favor going for it. Will also be free for him in the trial.

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Geolo85 in reply to MateoBeach

Thank you for your optimism. It helps ease the anxiety --- a bit. I hope he's a study subject who ends up in the good results column.

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wishing you and your husband good results with trial. Also keep researching as more treatments are always in the works

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