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Happy Friday the 13th and in chemo bay #13 now 😁

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Hey y'all,

Another Cabazitazel session, getting 12 total to put me at 33 chemos in 7 years this July

PSA ticked up 0.1 to 2.5 last time 🤔

MO may do PSMA scan and biopsy any large enough lymph nodes, if PSA continues upward.

Still on Lupron 3 every months, and doing Intermittent Fast for 16 hrs/day.

Did two day low carb fast prior to this session.

For 1st time, pharmacist put a colored bag over Cabazitazel, does it degrade under fluorescent lights?

Fight On



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You're still rocking it Randy!!!!😎🙏🌻

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You're the best Doc! We think about you all the time! Fight on! We love you! Mike & Andrea

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I was wondering if it was a different bag…🙄😆

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Sockam dockam...............

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 05/13/2022 10:53 PM DST

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Lucky 13 ! Let this put your PCa celss to sleep for a long time Randy. Our best to you and yours,


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Happy 13th and congrats on your amazing 33rd….!🍺🎉👌

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Wow! Keep on truckin'

Wishing you the Best Regards!!!

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Definition of warrior!! Fight on!

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“33 chemos in 7 years this July”………this has to be some sort of a Guinness World Record……yikes! Does any PCa oncologist anywhere know about this?

You are The MAN.



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How have your bloody cells changed over the time period using chemo that frequently? It hasn’t put your blood bells into any dangerously low ranges?

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dockam in reply to GeorgeGlass

Hey, mild anemia and lower Hgb, white cell count pretty normal. So, no huge impact ThankfullyRandy

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GeorgeGlass in reply to dockam

That's good Randy. I thought it might have a more negative effect than that. Good to hear your situation is going well. George

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Can you please explain to me how did you/your MO made the decision of starting Cabazitazel ? my father is currently on Docetaxel and PSA is starting to rise, it increased 33% over this month so I think we need to change soon, thanks a lot

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dockam in reply to mgaa

Had 15 Taxotere sessions in 2015, and a 6 more as a rechallenge in early 2021, but that failed. MO then switched to Cabazitaxel this year, and may still add CarboplatinRandy

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to dockam

Oh boy! Keep on truckin Randy! We love ya.❤️🙏

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