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GP wants to start me on Rosuvastatin as my cholesterol level has risen (7.7) since starting my treatment on Decepeptyl and Xtandi. Was wondering if starting a statin would reduce the effects of my treatment on the prostate cancer itself.

Many thanks in advance

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Im told statins help against pc! Go for it!

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Many thanks for your reply Lulu, appreciate your time.👍

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Good luck sir! 🌵

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Good luck to each and everyone of us.

Many thanks for your reply. Hate starting new medication just incase it interferes with my Pca meds. The posts you make reference to,are they on this forum ?

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I was surprised that even my Nat dr said statins are good against pc . I’m not on them however . I too dislike adding any more pharma for life . So per Nalakrats I’m on nattokinase , and serrapetase.. I think the statin he likes is simivastatin .

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Thank you. I'll look into these and speak to my doctor.

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Mds ? Hmm? Good luck?

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i replaced Simcor (simvastatin+niacin) with red yeast rice many years ago - controversy about exact dosages between pharmaceuticals and vitamin supplements can rage on to their heart's content.... my cholesterol and triglycerides have been doing fine for almost 2 decades.

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I understand a bit about nattokinase and serrapeptase and think they’re excellent. I take these - huge benefits with no downsides… unless you’re on blood thinning meds. I also understand any reluctance to take a statin. Personally that’s something I would never do.

But can I ask, are you taking these instead of statins wrt PCa? Or if as you taking them for the heart related reasons?

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I think one in five of us are on statins and or mood drugs too! I’m glad that I’m on neither .. Im taking instead of statins . Good day MrG68!

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Many thanks 👍

You may ask your doctor about trying niacin instead of a statin. I've been able to control hypercholesterolemia by taking 100mg in the morning with breakfast. It can lower TC about 10-20% for some people.

To put it technically, statins are good stuff.

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b. Note: my MO verified this.

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Many thanks for a very in-depth reply. Much appreciated.👍

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MrG68 in reply to

I think it’s worth pointing out the following wrt these research type papers.

-> tests done on rats are not equivalent to tests on humans. We are not rats.

-> tests done on cells in a dish in a lab are not testing in the correct environment. Your body is

EXTREMELY complicated. There’s all kinds of chemical reactions with feedback loops all over the place. It’s not that they shouldn’t be done. It’s more that you should read the results for what they are. An isolated test out of its environment which can make a huge difference.

-> epidemiology studies, IMO, are sometimes interesting but they are aren’t something I’d be relying on. This is not based on solid science.

-> word searches run on a database of reports to find a group of studies again isn’t what I would consider as solid scientific base to make my decisions on.

-> when reports use things like multivariate regression analysis it’s actually moving away from the actual data.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t read these things if you wish to. I would suggest though that you understand what your are reading. You need to take this into consideration when using these papers for any decisions.

Try to rely on papers with the highest scientific backing if possible. There is a HUGE difference between a double blinded randomized placebo and an epidemiological study.

Just my opinion though.

in reply to MrG68

Which ones did you look at? There are many different types here. I grabbed one at random and it was a meta-analysis of studies on men with PCa. Not rats. Unless you think men are rats as my wife sometimes says.

I understand your comments but I followed this up with discussions with my MO. She's a SOC MO and she said that she thinks that there might be something to statins for PCa. And of course the AHA has directly stated that statins are beneficial for cholesterol control. Not many of us are ideal.

I attempt to use government RCTs when they are available and some are for statins and PCa. Government RCTs, lab data, rat data, data on men with PCa, my SOC MO, research, biological plausibility, my own use and testing (on lipids - according to my MO the beneficial changes have allowed me to continue some therapies that negatively affected my HDLs. And according to AHA nomograms I have reduced my 15 year heart attack risk from 14.2% to 7.2%). At some point I have to decide how much data I will see before I do anything. We all have different thresholds. Mine is not the highest but it is very far from the lowest.

Association between statins and clinical outcomes among men with prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis - PubMed

Hi Ghostlycomet,Greeting from Ireland.

I have been on statins for the past twentyfive years and I'm in my sixth year of pc treatment.

Never at any point was it suggested that I should stop taking the statins and they have not interfered with other treatments.

Best of luck to you.


Many thanks Deaglan and greetings from across the border (NI)Good luck to you also


I use statin and glucophage as addition to my ADT and Xtandi therapy for more than a year. There is clinical study that claims that adding statin and glucophage to Xtandi increase life expectancy by 30%

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MrG68 in reply to beogradjanin

You should post a link to the study.

I have been on Rosuvastatin for 6 years with no problems. My prostate cancer 2015 with radiation and hormone injections 2016. Green light surgery 2017 with 80% of prostate removed. This year I was diagnosed with radiation proctitis (delayed side effect of radiation). Statins are good other complications to be concerned about. My PSA is now .03 when cancer discovered PSA 14. Good luck, take care.

Many thanks to everyone for all your responses to my query. Much appreciated Good luck and best wishes to all of us on this journey.

No. I've been on that drug for many years and my ADT has worked fine since I got cancer two years ago.

Thank you

I take omeprazole, an acid reducer, for GERD/reflux due to a hiatal hernia. That particular statin didn't work for me -- it seemed to completely negate the effect of the omeprazole, giving me nasty heartburn. I got switched to atorvastatin which didn't have that problem and I've been taking it ever since.

Thank you for replying. I'll certainly watch out for the heartburn as I also have a sliding hiatal hernia.

Hello Ghostlycomet,

Following up on a suggestion by Nalakrats, here's a way to search for Patrick O'Shea's postings on statins here in HealthUnlocked: pjoshea13 statins

It gets "about 332 results" which, as Nalakratz said is "more than a few", but maybe you can skim them and come up with some helpful ones for your query. From reading Patrick's posts over the years I have come to believe that he has very extensive and in depth knowledge of pharmacology.

Good luck with it.


Thanks Alan 👍

Statin's are okay, English fare is questionable......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 04/23/2022 10:19 PM DST

Statins may reduce PSA. But watch out for signs of pain and depression. There is a portion of the population that cannot take stations.

HelloIam taking Rosuvastatin 10mg every day and Bicalutamide 150mg no problems,

After starting Statin. You will need to check your liver function as one of side effect of statin is liver function disturbance in addition to muscles pain and low energy (mostly due to reduction of body levels of Co-enzym Q10). Your primary physician (most likely) will send you for liver enzymes/ function test after starting statin treatment. It is not too common side effect but some of us could not tolerate muscles pain.

Thanks for the reply Ralph1966.My GP did mention about follow up blood tests in 2 months time just incase.

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