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How long can I expect Xtandi to work

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I have been on Xtandi a few months and the results are very good. I was on Lupron 10 years before it quit working. How long can I expect Xtandi to work before going to the next step?

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My research doctor told me the "Average" le Length of time for xtandi is four months. I was on it for four years. Being on Lupron for ten years is great. You seem to respond well to treatments. So here is hoping for the best.

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GP24 in reply to Magnus1964

If you switch from Abiraterone to Xtandi you can expect four months or less. If you did not take Abiraterone before, I would expect about 18 months on the average.

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jbskiatook in reply to GP24

Not good news, so be it.

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Magnus1964 in reply to GP24

I was on abiratorone for 3 1/2 years, then went on xtandi for 4 years. They work in different ways to lower PSA.

Looking at your past questions and history I can not determine what you did after the 4 years being on Xtandi

I stopped xtandi in January of this year because of rising PSA. Since then I have not been on any SOC. My PSA has been bouncing around with no clear pattern.

Okay, sorry to hear that I can only wish you the best

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dhccpa in reply to Magnus1964

How long were you on Lupron only?

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I was never on Lupron. I had the orchiectomy, so Lupron would have been useless.

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jbskiatook in reply to dhccpa

10 years

Hello, Every person is different. I have been on Xtandi since September 2017 (over four years). Still seems to be working. Good luck!

Great information

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How about your treatment before Xtandi? Lupron? Did it last a long time as well?

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jbskiatook in reply to dhccpa

I was on Lupron 10 years then had orchiectomy which did not bring down testrone so now on Xtandi.

Did not bring down PSA

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Hello, The first month after diagnosis I was put on Casodex (bicalutamide) to lower the flare response from Zoladex (goserelin). I started Zoladex at the end of June, beginning of July, 2013. Other than a year on Firmagon (degarelix), I have been on it ever since. That makes eight and a half years. To answer your question: Four and a quarter years on just Zoladex alone and another four and a quarter years on both Zoladex and Xtandi. Hope that helps.

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dhccpa in reply to RyderLake2


Xtandi rescued me from the jaws of hospice and it’s been 37 months and counting.

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jbskiatook in reply to Kaliber

Even better

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j-o-h-n in reply to Kaliber

I have to say this "Thanks doc for prescribing Xtandi for Kaliber" It kept him with us for another 37 months......... even though I can't stand the S.O.B........

p.s. The nail still believes in Xtandi Claus.......🎅

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 12/02/2021 7:36 PM EST

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Kaliber in reply to j-o-h-n

Yayahahahaya that’s the same thing the hammer says ….

Xtandi claus does bring me the best present possible doncha think !!

I love ya too buddy …. Thanks for thinking about me.


My husband had been on Xtandi for almost 4 yearsPSA rising very slowly now but latest reading was .7 so hopefully will get a little longer on it

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jbskiatook in reply to LB100

Great to hear and I suspect there are many more out there with similar results. Very soothing.

After castration resistance, median time to increase in metastases was 20 months in the PREVAIL trial of Xtandi.

Is there any known correlation between time to Castrate resistance and time that Xtandi keeps working??

Not that I know but I hope you get some replies on that and I can see them

In general, the faster your cancer progresses, the less time most therapies work, but there is no formula, if that's what you are looking for.

Okay Thanks

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Ausi in reply to Tall_Allen

I was on the PROSPER trial and got about 20 months out of Enza. The trial accepted only non metastatic men but with a high PSA doubling time.

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jbskiatook in reply to Ausi


Did you have radiation treatment or just the hormone?

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jbskiatook in reply to Ianrs

I did have radiation to my lymph bed but that did not work well. I did intermitent lupron trying to avoid castrate resistant but here it is and xtandi

I’ve been on Xtandi now for 64 months. Had been stable until last month one new hot spot. Had been working good for me

6 years 4 months good and wish you the best

Just started year #3 and looking good so far.

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jbskiatook in reply to ppulatie

If you read all these replies a decade is possible and by then can not guess what will be available then

About 7 years for me, just recently started to see a rise in PSA although it remains extremely low so far.


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jbskiatook in reply to EdBar

WOW that is encouraging. Best of a great outcome to you

Lupron. For a decade astounding !!What was you se if any part of or none..

Good luck to you may have many more decades

Thanks that sounds like possible from all the replies

Lupron Xtandi for 58 months now, PSA undetectable and no advancement

Great to know that

I have been on Xtandi going on 4 years. Good luck to you.

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jbskiatook in reply to catsup

Thanks all replies are encouraging.

I have been on Xtandi with Eligard for 15 months. My oncologist thinks I can go to 3 years or longer until changing drugs.

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jbskiatook in reply to Clotter1

Good to know, Thanks

If not Mets ask doc about Nubeqa. I am on it, and Lupron monthly, now 6 months and PSA is 0.03.


Your strength and our strength gives everyone and everybody hope to beat or stability of some hope to never stop believing Thanks to this forum

Yes that is what is so good about this forum that it can give a lot of encouragement to people just starting on the journey with cancer and to us who are at a new cross road.

I totally agree . Just starting on this journey at 55 . Reading all these posts gives me hope for the future. May we all be blessed with many more years.

A really timely post. I started Xtandi in July 2020 and it is still working 17 months later. PSA has gone from 1311 to 0.04. Just seen my Oncologist, UK here as well. Scans did not show the previous metastatic spots, phew.Good luck my friend. Indeed a friend of a friend of a friend happens to be a Oncologist and has seen a patient keep going on Xtandi for 11 years.

Keep exercising. My prayers for a great response.


OMG !! 😮11 years on Xtandi , hope I'm as lucky . Was diagnosed as T4n1m1 . Was wondering, was it the Xtandi that hit your hot spots or had you received additional therapy to them. My oncologist here in the UK gave me 5 years .PSA was 46.7 3 months ago now 0.4 on Decapeptyl alone. 1 week on Xtandi and counting.

I was on intermittent Lupron and just recently have switch to Xtandi. Yes 11 years ago I was stage 4 with a gleason of 9 and I understood that I probably had a 25% chance of surviving past 5 years but the ladies in the church prayed for me for a considerable amount of time and here I am 11 years later. I do not know what to expect but if God's willing I expect the best. Anyway I'm ready when the time comes.

There's a lot to be said for the power of prayer. Good luck in your continued journey and seasons greetings to you and your family.

I’m on Xtandi almost 4 years and it is still working. Initially PSA was > 3000 ,after Docetaxel an Degarelix at the same time it went down to 1 and eventually to <0.1. When it started rising to 4 we started Xtandi , continuing with Degarelix . It went down 0.1 again but lately slowly rising to 1.4 and staying at that level . Oncologist says not to worry….yet .Side effects: fatigue and the brain seems a bit slow at times….

I live in the Netherlands, this medication as well as all others that were giving to treat my stage IV Mcrpca are free , which is one less worry 😉

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jbskiatook in reply to JJFR60

That is very nice to hear.

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