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Pork fried rice & LDH level of 277

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Well, since I am three years past my expiration date, And I have never had my LDH level testing, this level of 277 that I have does not seem that bad. Normal range is 135 to 225 according to my chart. Some other things I read said normal range was up to 280. Having four times the normal range means you are on a very short fuse from what I read. That would be around 1000. I have never seen this mentioned in messages and post from people on here. Does anyone else have information that might add to this? Also I’m doing pretty great actually feeling wise all things considered. I do get a little out of breath if I do too much because of low hemoglobin. My platelet Are staying around 16,000 which is very low but I have no issues with it. My hemoglobin is staying around eight and dropping is low at 7.2. My doctor made me go in for transfusions this week and I didn’t feel so great after that. But now I’m feeling much better a couple days in. I had a Axumin pet scan done this past Thursday and will be going to see Dr. Onik with it to see if he thinks he can really be “doctor hope” for me. I am also trying to see a hematologist that I saw just after I had radiation done back in 2014. He realized that the radiation was not working but was not able to talk my Urologist into doing anything more until it was too late and I was stage four. I’d like to see him again to see if he thinks there is something I can do to encourage my bone marrow to start working better in terms of increasing my hemoglobin and platelets. The transfusions are getting old fast. Hope everyone is doing well. I really can’t complain, as I feel like every day is a miracle and people keep telling me they can’t believe I have cancer/and they can’t believe I’m 64. I guess it’s good to look good even though my insides are looking a little worse for wear. LOL. The photo is of some pork fried rice I made for lunch today. It was delicious and quick and easy. I already had the basmati rice in the refrigerator. So just a quick stirfry and it was ready. Still love my food still love my puppy still love my husband. Life is beautiful now.

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Great John! Great Attitude! Great Chef! Greatest of great wishes to keep you going Great!!!


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greatjohn in reply to Lyubov

Thanks 😊

Keep battling GreatJohn! You are an inspiration to so many and a good example of how far a positive attitude can take you!

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greatjohn in reply to RyderLake2

Thanks! I am caregiver to my husband who has Lewy body dementia, so I feel a need on top of the desire to survive as long as possible and with his much energy and ability as possible.

Never give up >rice looks great..

I thought I made enough for another serving tomorrow but we ended up eating seconds it was so delicious!

Were the normal range numbers taken from the report itself? I am raising this issue because I have a number of tests with two very different normal ranges: 122-225 and 170-480. To bring them to, some sort of, comparable terms, I normalize them by expressing the measured value as a percentage of the (applicable) max normal one.

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greatjohn in reply to Justfor_

The actual test said 135 to 225 was normal range. I saw on something else that up to 280 was normal range.

Hey- nice to hear how you are doing! Thanks for posting. Nothing really new here except for the suspenders…

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greatjohn in reply to NWLiving

Sounds like he needs to switch to pants with elastic in the waist! I sometimes wear tight fit pants because my stomach is not too big yet, but I am so comfortable when I wear elastic you can wear them above your waist.. below your waist ..anywhere!Thanks for your kind words and good luck with the pants🥳🥳🥳

Happy Halloween.. Go trick or treating! Or give out candy, whichever you feel. You're doing great!

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greatjohn in reply to Anomalous

We bought candy early And we ate it all! So we have our lights off and we’re staying in the back of the house hiding from trick-or-treaters. LOL

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to greatjohn

Love it. Love the honesty. Sounds like my wife and I.

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greatjohn in reply to CAMPSOUPS

I’m bad ….And I don’t care! LOL

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GoBucks in reply to greatjohn

Haha! I came to S FL to trick or treat with the grandkids. I'm stealing their candy while they sleep and again tomorrow when they go to school. It's good to be bad!!

It seems that you are a good cook, and you have a great attitude and are an inspiration to others.

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greatjohn in reply to rosatt1

Thanks… I am inspired as well by the wonderful people on here.

Pork fried rice, yum!

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greatjohn in reply to ocman

One of my favorite food groups! LOL

Thanks for posting, your posts always give me a lift. Cheers!

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greatjohn in reply to noahware

We always need a good lift! All the best to you.

I had a huge salad with Curry powder/sauerkraut and Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and still have room for your great dinner but alas it is apparently all gone. 😢 Will force down a slice or 2 of N.Y. Style Cheesecake instead. 👍👍

Good Luck with Dr. O.

Can’t wait to see how my latest Axumin pet scan is….And what he thinks of it.

Pork is not Kosher!


Neither is PCa --- so it's down the hatch, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

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Ha ha ha… I was so sure it was! LOL

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greatjohn in reply to Nalakrats

LOL. I was so sure it was!

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Vegans don't worry much about kosher.

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Nalakrats in reply to Currumpaw

No, you do not but you are eating Kosher by your diet. The Torah-->is what I follow, Leviticus tells me what I cannot eat! And what I can---us Jews who are Torah Observant, have been eating this way for 3500 years.


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greatjohn in reply to Nalakrats

funny..I just noticed this reply. I was just talking to my Oncologist. She called to tell me what my latest Axumin PET Scan looked like. I was just telling her...I was following very closely a husband (through his wife)...that started the "journey" the same year I did. I felt like I wasn't doing something right because as his caregiver she had him on a very strict healthy sounding diet. She told me about going to a concert in the park in N.Y. city...and how they were sitting behind someone eating "hot dogs" and fries and all kinds of things she didn't allow him to eat. They were having humus and some kind of healthy bread....and no beer. I got to meet her a couple of years ago..she was amazing...however, her husband died two years ago....so I have gone on ...eating what ever my body craves (with moderation) for two more years. I am now...8 years into stage 4 (as of Jan 14th coming up). I think that it's most important to eat, do, and study...what makes us happy...and try to keep an attitude of gratitude. Every day almost I post on Facebook a needlework piece by my sister that says "Give Thanks". I think you are following what makes you happy....as we all must do. And I know that you often "give thanks"....something that makes the day feel special. I grew up on church "dinners"....that were a monthly thing...up in the country. The women were amazing cooks....and some of their best dishes were BBQ pork ribs, pork chops and whole roasted pigs. I suppose "American Independent Missionary Baptist" was far far from many other religions...but BOY did they love to eat! ! ! It is a huge part of my heritage. I love me some Matzo Ball soup....some Reuben Sandwiches....as well. Life is beautiful (Now). gJohn

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Nalakrats in reply to greatjohn

You would die for my Grandmothers 1890 Brisket. And my Stuffed Cabbage--will kill you before Pca. Notwithstanding--My Beef Ribs, with Grossingers 1937 Home Made BQQ concoction, that slow cooks for 2.5 hours--you can take with you to Heaven!


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greatjohn in reply to Nalakrats

I love brisket and the other thing sounds like heaven! I just really love food!

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keepinon in reply to greatjohn

Thank you for continuing to post real food! Reading how so many people on this forum eat like rabbits and convey the message that depriving yourself of sugar, carbs, etc., is the only way to go if you have PCa, it is good to know I am not alone in eating a normal diet! Moderation is the key. Keep the faith!

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greatjohn in reply to keepinon

Thanks and I hope your journey go smoothly.

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MateoBeach in reply to greatjohn

Thank you for honoring by delighting in what the pigs give us for nourishment. By this way they become us, and we them. All life is one. Vegan or omnivore, kosher or not. We share and partake and celebrate and live from this chain of life. All foods everywhere are from the same Source. I salute your attitude and toast to your wonderful difficult triumphant life.

Would suggest adding some pineapple chunks and Thai chilis to that though. 🎃

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monte1111 in reply to Nalakrats

I can't quit laughing.

I have thought about you a few times since your last post and wondered how your doing. Glad to see your doing and eating well still!I had to look up what LDH was and when I looked at range on Google it said high end is 280. How's that for research?

Good luck with Dr O.

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greatjohn in reply to treedown

Since I’m just a little under the 280 Mark, I guess I should feel good about that. That’s what I found as well. Thanks and good luck with everything.

Good you are feeling good, the food looks great, 4 years into ADT and working . Feel great and still working part time, people cannot believe I have cancer and do not look or feel my age of 70, love that young gene. Since I could not walk alot during the hot summer outside, with covid I do not trust the gym and crowded malls I am looking to get a home treadmill to use this winter on my off days. I cannot do weights due to a hiatal hernia so walking is the best exercise for now plus use the tablet to listen to music and watch TV. You are an inspiration and been following you, wish you the best.

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greatjohn in reply to Muffin2019

Sounds like you’re staying on the right path keeping moving and staying in great condition. All the best!

Hang in there greatjohn. Your pork fried rice looks great! Praying for you.

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greatjohn in reply to blueseas45

Thanks 😊

Some people can have crazy high numbers without consequence but for others it is it means real problems. I try to keep my total below 400. Save Pca, I am in great condition. I got a zero calcium score on a heart scan. BP is great at 70 years. My dad lived to be 93 and his numbers were in the 500-600 range.

This cholesterol numbers game has not been figured out.

GreatJohn, I have mentioned in my older posts that LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) should be monitored in everyone with Advanced PCa.LDH represents metabolic change and roughly corelates with number of androgen resistant cells. Besides men who have high LDH have worse prognosis. Its a prognostic biomarker just like Albumin, Hemoglobin, BALP, NLR, PLR,LMR and so on. A normal LDH is good.

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greatjohn in reply to LearnAll

Well mine is not quite in the normal range according to my test. It is so just a little above it. So I guess that’s a good sign. Thanks so much for your knowledge.

Hi GJ,

Still love my food still love my puppy still love my husband. Life is beautiful now. Well said, enjoy the present and stay well and positive.

Agree, you're looking great at 64...😉


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greatjohn in reply to Haniff

Thanks dear friend … Hope you’re feeling great and looking good as well too

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Haniff in reply to greatjohn


Greatjohn glad to see a post from you. People tell me all the time, we’ll you look great. I tell them you should see the insides. 😀. Thankful and grateful for each day. I hope you have a great day.

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greatjohn in reply to BigTex3

Thanks and back to you as well!

Many years ago, more than 20, I began working with a physician at a medical software company who served as our medical Director. The focus on cholesterol level was very popular and still new to healthcare self management. The LDL standard was 100. He told me that major heart studies were indicating that patients with LDL lower than 100 were not experiencing heart attacks.

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keepinon in reply to CalBear74

I believe you are referring to LDL. Different from LDH.

Every day is a blessing!!

AMEN ! ! !


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greatjohn in reply to 5to0

thank you so much ....gjohn

Think there may be a lot of confusion on this one, LDH doesn't have anything to do with cholesterol as far as I know.

"LDH stands for lactate dehydrogenase. LDH is an enzyme that is found in almost all body cells. However, very little LDH is usually in the blood. More LDH is found in the blood when cells are damaged or destroyed. This can mean that cancer or another disease is destroying cells in the body."

"High LDH to correlate with an increased risk of death from prostate, pulmonary, colorectal, gastro-oesophageal, gynaecological and haematological cancers. Serum LDH assessed within intervals closer to diagnosis was more strongly associated with overall and cancer-specific death."

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greatjohn in reply to 33Ford

yes. I had researched this. My doctor just confirmed that this is what she was checking for. She said my number looked good so far. Thanks...everyone else I tell about this...thinks I am talking about cholesterol...LOL.

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33Ford in reply to greatjohn

I really appreciate your post John, I never paid that much attention to my LDH results. Went back and looked at my lab results and my LDH is rising, so sure something to keep an eye on (in addition to everything else!). I can identify with your caregiver concerns. My wife and I are helping raise our great granddaughter, she is currently 9. The rate of my cancer progression is a big concern to me, my biggest concern is the impact of my passing on her at a young age. Doing everything I can to hang in there!!

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greatjohn in reply to 33Ford

I pray you'll be there for her graduation from University! Good luck with the journey.

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33Ford in reply to greatjohn

That was my plan, but things are going south fast, LOL. Have the Orchiectomy scheduled for Wednesday and Lab, Bone Scan, CT and a second Bone Scan all scheduled for the 18th. So hopefully know a bit more then.

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greatjohn in reply to 33Ford

I’ll be praying for good results all around for you. When I had my ball removal, my Sparky said it was no big deal and he let me borrow his cone. It was easy breezy and so much better than going in for Lupron shots LOL

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MateoBeach in reply to 33Ford

Maybe start writing some letters for her at each age of her life? Could be invaluable for both of you, even if you life to 100+.

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33Ford in reply to MateoBeach

Have been thinking alone those lines.

I’ve always enjoyed your posts Great John and I have to admit that meal looks delicious. Keep up that positive attitude. I’m about a month and a half into my hospice journey and have to say they are great. They have my pain under control (at least while lying down) and I am able to truly enjoy life right now. Wishing you and all of us well.

I appreciate your kind words...and I will be thinking about you, praying for you...and lighting incense for a wonderful rest of your journey. So glad that your pain is under control. That is a joy. ALL the best...gJohn

You are a man of great courage and to be so admired for also caring for your husband. This ride is a bugger for all of us and I see how we get on this carousel of disease at various times and stages and I see how courageous many of you are. Love the pork fried rice. Stay strong

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greatjohn in reply to Hailwood

Thank you so much for your kind words, I wish all the best for you as well.

Always great to read your updates GJ. I’m very interested to see what Dr. Onik has to say. As always, love the food pictures!

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greatjohn in reply to Faith1111

Thanks Faith....boy I was bad today...a 16 ounce medium rare prime rib for lunch ! ! ! went out with friends and we had a great time. Food is a BIG part of the joy of life. I got my results but not the actual pictures of the Axumin PET Scan he wanted....I have a few new bone mets..and one is pressing into my brain? I am scheduled for a brain MRI on next Monday to see it it's a "bad" thing. Life goes go...I'll keep you all posted once I speak with Dr.Onik.

greatjohn wrote --- " ...I'll keep you all posted once I speak with Dr.Onik."

ALL here are hoping for a productive meeting of "GREAT" minds. 😀

BTW, if a moment arises during your consultation where a bit of "levity" might be apropos, mention to Dr. O. that you know his 71yo patient who was bicycling at 1:25AM on April 27th last year and was hit by a 250+ pound WILD HOG resulting in 2 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a cracked scapula, trauma to his shoulder and got back on the bike to ride the 4.5 miles home so his wife could drive him to the ER. That's why my friends call me Psycho Johnny

p.s. -- to bikers out there, the bike was OK 👍👍

they have you named well ! ! ! LOL

And yet that's only the half of it :)

in reply to addicted2cycling

How did the WILD HOG make out?

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addicted2cycling in reply to

She was smiling when she hit me then gone and I was DOWN!!!

in reply to addicted2cycling

I thought maybe John made Pork Fried Rice out of the Hog...

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addicted2cycling in reply to

Since I don't even eat the *other white meat* I can't understand the animosity.

Love your attitude and the mantra Every Day is a Miracle. Sometimes hard to remember. Best wishes to you.

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greatjohn in reply to spw1

Thanks! Always looking for the "fullness" of the glass...every day. Some days are difficult..but I get through them and move on! I have "Give Thanks" needlework from my sister bedside...it's a constant reminder.

I really hope it goes well with Dr Onik. I spoke to him a few months ago and he seems like a really nice, genuine person. Best of luck GJ

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greatjohn in reply to NickJoy

thanks...over the phone he seems wonderful. I can't wait. Will keep everyone posted.

I think you forgot about the fortune cookies.......... (Kosher ones too)...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 11/01/2021 10:44 PM DST

Love is all you need. But the rest of it and optimal support for your life is great too. We love you (yet never met). Paul

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greatjohn in reply to MateoBeach

Thanks 😊

Everyday is a "miracle". I am trying hard to find a more suitable word for you and replace this old fashioned and outdated word! There's no hurry, you can live until I find it. God bless you!

Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration--to so many of us--all your fans out here.

Do you have any good recipes for using an air fryer? I just got one to fix Grumpy's favorite chicken tenders and have had mixed results. It doesn't help that I don't really care for chicken tenders but I also managed to burn the sweet potato fries that I normally like from the regular oven.

The best chicken one can make in the air fryer is something that I used to not like. Thighs. If you marinate them for a couple hours in a little bit of balsamic vinegar soy sauce and a little olive oil. Then put them on the rack for about 20 minutes turning in once you get crispy skin and very moist meet in the interior. I find like you said the chicken tenders come out rather dry. I sometimes pound of chicken breastInto very thin fillets and then flour egg wash and Panko breadcrumbs them and then cook them in the air fryer. They cook very quickly to crispy and they’re delicious. I’ve also cooked whole chickens in the air fryer but that’s kind of complicated the way I do it. Good luck and enjoy!

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