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Ivermectin and prostate cancer

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I am 75 years old with metastatic prostate cancer. The drugs I am on are affecting my QOL. I am trying to research treatment with Ivermectin.

I never had any symptoms or pain. the side affects of the drugs are terrible.

looking for anyone who knows about this and research goin on in this area

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The side effects of ivermectin may be worse, and there is no evidence of benefit to humans with PCa:





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2zuzu612 in reply to Tall_Allen

Have you seen this article?ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

Given the date is was published, it seems the research was going on before this drug came into the national discussion. I just started looking in to this but the enhancement of conventional treatment and resensitation to conventional treatments has peeked my interest.

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Tall_Allen in reply to 2zuzu612

I have seen about a thousand like it, all unimportant pre-clinical stuff. Only clinical evidence is worth our interest.

There has been talk about using it for Covid, not sure if people are trying it, but here's an article from the FDA about why it's dangerous.

There is a lot of general information in the article that would apply to using the drug for other things such as PCa.


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That article, IMO, is misleading. They keep throwing in the formulation for horses as being dangerous while discussing the formulation for people, for which they have to stretch to find anything negative {"can interact" and "can also overdose"]. Almost all medicines "can interact" and one "can also overdose."

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Ivermectin has billions of doses of history. It's relatively innocuous. You are unlikely to have any side effects.

It acts as a moderate anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

I see no plausible mechanism by which it could conceivably fight prostate cancer.

Whatever maga/Qanon type of news source that may be peddling this theory, I would stay away from them and refrain from relying on any other fake news that they may be peddling as fact.

in reply to cesces

I'm amazed how the same people who don't trust the proven science behind vaccines will go out and try something promoted by some Qanon nut case on their favorite extremist news channel. As they say "can't fix stupid".

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Proven science behind the mRNA vaccine? Can you please link to this proven science?

Ivermectin has been around for decades and is based off of a naturally occurring substance. No telling how many lives have been saved because of it. It is also on the WHO list of essential medications.

I would call that proven.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to jdholbrook33

Welcome to our group. I am sorry you are among us suffering from stage 4 prostate cancer.

Please tell us more about your cancer journey.

I only see that you joined today and gave little info. in your bio.

If I am wrong and you are fishing please get a pole and go to a lake to do your fishing !


August 27, 2021 JOINED THE GROUPBIO: I was a typical American male eating all the crap that is out there. In 2010 I decided to do something different so jumped onto the Keto lifestyle and I don't regret it.Read less

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Here is an article that discusses adverse effects of mRNA treatment. The adverse effects of the mRNA is many times the advrse effects of Covid by many times, depending on your age group according to this study.

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How true,

Blinding Trust and closed minds is a sign of stupidity,

There are people who will take advantage of these kinds of people,

Choose wisely folks, your life may depend on it.

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BBQWhales in reply to

Have you figured it out? Whose Stupid now. :)

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Ivermectin was freed by Merck many years ago for human use and is the chosen drug to treat a lot of the tropical deseases. It has saved millions of lifes in Africa forbes.com/sites/judystone/...

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CpDesert in reply to cesces

Just because you don’t find it “plausible” doesn’t mean there are many others who do. Typical arrogant response from a liberal. Fenbendazole which is a horse dewormer has been used to completely reverse cancer. I’m guessing you got vaxed boosted? How’s that working out for you? You geniuses lied about every aspect of the vaccine in the horrible adverse reactions that have resulted from it. Ivermectin could’ve been used and saved millions of lives headed not been suppressed by the corrupt liberal machine.

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cesces in reply to CpDesert

"has been used to completely reverse cancer"


That's why no one here uses it. Those who use it have been cured and are no longer using it.

What I can't figure out is why you folks are so unhappy and angry despite the fact you folks keep winning by cheating?

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to cesces

I think we have always been too passive.Should develop some of that unhappy, anger.

Problem is there is no such thing as an anti-abortion clinic to blow up.

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cesces in reply to CAMPSOUPS

"Problem is there is no such thing as an anti-abortion clinic"

Oh contraire

They have anti-abortion centers mislabeled as pregnancy centers.

I think Google is taking action to prevent them from spamming search engine results for women looking for abortion services.

But they are there.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to cesces

Eww Of course. Lets end the conversation there.

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ivermectin sales are way up at tractor supply. people are self treating for covid. great for worms, is covid a worm? and cancer must be a worm too. hopefully this will increase the overall intelligence of the gene pool.

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cesces in reply to spencoid2


That may actually be happening.

80 percent of the poisoning center calls in one of those red states is from people taking the livestock formulation of ivermectin.

in reply to cesces

I think some of the people that take it don't realize that a 200 pound human has a different dose that a 2000 pound cow.

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cesces in reply to

It's formulated for a cellulose digesting GI tract as well.

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Anonymous_Scientist in reply to cesces


With respect to getting the intestinal tract to absorb the drug as rapidly as possible, the difference between a Horse and a Monkey is non existant.

Though you are right that formulations can be suboptimal depending on why your giving your animal Ivermectin in the first place. As these Italian researchers relate in their research.


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cesces in reply to Anonymous_Scientist

"With respect to getting the intestinal tract to absorb the drug as rapidly as possible, the difference between a Horse and a Monkey is non existant."

Straw man argument.

No one knows until you do a clinical trial.

There are lots of r#ghtwing m#r#ns filling up poison centers in the southern states because horse ivermectin.

I don't know the details. But still. There is a reason that is prohibited.

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Anonymous_Scientist in reply to

Well if you actually used the stuff you would see over dosing is not an issue for anyone who can read and follow instructions. A 500 kg horse is different than a 50 kg foal and different than a 100 kg pony. All of which benefit from a deworming schedule.


I raise horses, and the Ivermectin I get to de-worm them comes with enough stuff in a syringe that goes in the horses mouth to treat a 700 kg horse -- its marked in 50 kg increments because of the foal thing. Horses don't take pills easily. They do eat drug laced goop that smells like rasberries. Makers do warn on the box to keep the syringe out of the reach of children for that reason and to call poison control if they overdose. Kids will overdose on it if they're young enough to think its some sort of candy and the horseowner is too foolish to put it safely away.

Anyway, the treatment schedule is given on the box. Weigh your horse and squirt in the amount of stuff they need to keep them dewormed using the scale on the syringe handle.

Pregnant women should stay away from the stuff and you should wash your hands after using it if you are around pregnant women after -- my wife insists I wash up after spending time with the horses full stop.

The cap on the end of the syringe pops back on, I wipe it off with a tissue, put the syringe back in the box, and put the box in my refrigerator out in the garage with my beer, next to where I keep my lawn mower snow blower, weed wacker and so forth.

I usually buy 12 at a time, after I ask after the best weed killer for the paddocks my horses use at the same time. I buy the weed killer and then if I remember it, I buy the Ivermectin, if my vet has recommended it.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to Anonymous_Scientist

Who are you or more properly I don't see a bio for you or a post explaining your stage 4 diagnosis. Treatment etc.Thanks.

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AussiBrian in reply to

There is ivermectin for humans as well folks and medical evidence ivermectin in conjunction with other cancer drugs has positive effects,

Please do your research before you spit out your bulls1t


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drmdphd in reply to cesces

The majority of calls to Poison Control centers are "inquiries" about the drug. Not reports of poisoning.

It was FDA approved for human use as "Stromectol" -- Merck began a 30+yr pro bono program donating hundreds of millions of 3 - 12mg doses across Africa, Latin America, Yemen to wipe out several deadly parasites.

Still used in humans for scabies, pin worms, autoimmune conditions like Rosacea, Lupus, RA.

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AussiBrian in reply to cesces

There is ivermectin for humans as well folks and medical evidence ivermectin in conjunction with other cancer drugs has positive effects,

Please do your research

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cesces in reply to AussiBrian

"There is ivermectin for humans " I know that and in fact have taken it.

I was not talking about that.

If you can't find a doc that can prescribe something, maybe you shouldn't be taking it.

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AussiBrian in reply to cesces

Ivermectin is something that I am taking as I type in conjunction with cosudux and hormone injections, it seems to be holding my PSA level at 0.01 for now,

The ivermectin is for a form of self-medicating that I have taken on by my own choosing, as is the Baking soda and the H202, and I am taking all of this as I type.

But I am coming to the end of my treatment, (cosudex and the injections)

so I will continue to take the ivermectin along with the other alternative treatments and see how it all ends up,

These other alternative treatments are baking soda and H202 in its liquid form,

The baking soda clears all the heavy metals out of my blood system,

The H202 oxygenates my body as well as,

it has boosted my immune system,

I am 66 years of age and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010,

after a biopsy, my Gleason score was 10 and aggressive and a PSA of 48, I did not like what my oncologist was offering to me, so I went down the natural therapy path,

I chose baking soda first, and I found that soon after taking the baking soda for a while I began to notice a change in the odor of my urine,

Instead of smelling like ammonia, it smelt of copper, then iron, the freshly turned over damp soil.

This got my PSA down 34 but for some reason, it would not go any lower,

So I began to look elsewhere for other answers, and I came across a book that I had been ignoring for some time,

(one of my bigger booboos)

So I bought it, The best thing I ever did, the book is called,

"The one minute cure"

It costs about $40 USD, but the cost only covers the printing cost, and it is free on the web if you have the time to look for it,

After I started to drink the H202

(as instructed in the book)

My PSA dropped to 0.02 in three months, and that is where it stayed for the next 8 and a half years, at this time I had a number of other issues that played heavily on me and my life, I was so depressed and I gave up on everything including the self-medication,

My Doctors helped me through this rough time, but by the time I came out of this depression my PSA has risen to 4.10, this meant cancer had metastasized and had gotten into my lymph nodes (6 sites) as well as my bones (8 sites)

So I am going to be very interested in my blood levels over the next few months/years folks and I will try and keep in touch with you all if you wish.

Blinding Trust and closed minds is a sign of stupidity.

Kind Regards

Aussie Brian

in reply to spencoid2

I think a die-off of stupid people is now underway. We'll be better off for it in the long run.

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spencoid2 in reply to

mother nature has a plan.

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Anonymous_Scientist in reply to

So some take vaccines and wait for the stupid non vaxxers to die. Some refuse the vaccine and wait for the stupid vaxxers to die. What if all of us die? Sub optimal in any case.

Since when did discussing things become a bad thing?

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Anonymous_Scientist in reply to spencoid2

It may also be that biologists have reported anti-tumour effects of Ivermectin. The same chemical process that kills tape worms and the like kills cancer cells according to this research


The Abstract reads as follows;

"Ivermectin has powerful antitumor effects, including the inhibition of proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenic activity, in a variety of cancer cells. This may be related to the regulation of multiple signaling pathways by ivermectin through PAK1 kinase. On the other hand, ivermectin promotes programmed cancer cell death, including apoptosis, autophagy and pyroptosis. Ivermectin induces apoptosis and autophagy is mutually regulated. Interestingly, ivermectin can also inhibit tumor stem cells and reverse multidrug resistance and exerts the optimal effect when used in combination with other chemotherapy drugs."

This is a report out of China.


Here's another -- also out of China.


These are scientists from India, Bangladesh and Canada that are working on the same thing.

Now health advisories out of Europe and the USA are warning about taking Ivermectin. News agencies of picked that up. Health advisories are not the same calibre as peer reviewed articles that have been replicated by other researchers. News articles even less so, particularly if they have a significant spin.

The hospitals and research organisations writing the articles above DO NOT receive funding from the NIH or the FDA. European, US most Canadian, Mexican, South American, African, NZ, and Australian hospitals DO recieve funding and may not want to jeopardise it by countering narratives put out by the FDA and NIH in dealing with C-19 crisis.

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Ivermectin not a plan. Do you exercise?

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guitar116ce in reply to London441

Yes, I exercise strongly. Two different programs designed by my military grandson, an airborne ranger.

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London441 in reply to guitar116ce

Good! Then you should have no problem with side effects. Stick to the antagonists.

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Inactivated FABP5 suppresses malignant progression of prostate cancer cells by inhibiting the activation of nuclear fatty acid receptor PPARγ at:



Previous study has suggested that the FABP5-PPARγ-signalling transduction pathway gradually replaces the androgen receptor activated pathway in promoting malignant progression of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) cells. To interfere with this newly discovered FABP5-related signalling pathway, we have produced a highly efficient recombinant FABP5 inhibitor, named dmrFABP5. Treatment with dmrFABP5 significantly supressed the proliferation, migration, invasion and colony formation of the highly malignant prostate cancer cells PC3-M in vitro. To test dmrFABP5’s suppressive effect in CRPC, the human PC3-M cells were implanted orthotopically into the prostate gland of immunosuppressed mice to produce tumours. These mice were then treated with dmrFABP5 and produced a highly significant reduction of 100% in metastatic rate and a highly significant reduction of 13-fold in the average size of primary tumours. Immunocytochemial staining showed that the staining intensity of dmrFABP5 treated tumours was reduced by 67%. When tested in vitro, dmrFABP5 suppressed the cancer cells by blocking fatty acid stimulation of PPARγ, and thereby prevented it activating down-stream cancer-promoting or inhibiting cancer-suppressing genes. Our results show that the FABP5 inhibitor dmrFABP5 is a novel molecule for treatment of experimental CRPC and its inhibitory effect is much greater than that produced by SB-FI-26 reported in our previous work.

Reference found in book Updated and Revised:

How to Starve Cancer and then Kill it with Ferroptosis authored by Jane McLelland, released August on Amazon.

Weighing in at 488 pages including footnotes.

Another release thru Amazon August of possible interest:

Using Repurposed Drugs for cancer Treatment

Cracking Cancer Toolkit

By Jeffery Dach MD

At 582 pages, with footnotes given for each chapter, I have found useful information in both. There is a kindle version of this book with built in search function and I have both and find having both useful for my study.

While both authors find oncology has problems as practiced in the world today, neither suggests abandoning conventional oncology to substitute alternative medicine in its place. When the efficacy is unproven this is sometimes termed complementary medicine.

Various members of this board have expressed their biases along a spectrum of strengths to be considered and rightly pointed out that many alternative medicine recommendations are not as strongly supported by the multitude of studies that many accepted medical practice point to.

Unfortunately, the practice of medicine as it currently is constituted also includes a set of biases that limit what might be helpfully explored but by default are not because of what is loosely called accepted medical practice but also involves consensus opinion by groups who maintain the power to interfere in what autonomous physicians might otherwise choose to use by in addition to what represents “accepted medical practice” and which threatens licensure and malpractice judgements. The history of this begins with a deep study of the story of the FDA, the AMA and Latrile (which I am in no way advocating for anything). People, as a nation, not individually, get the care they deserve in some ways.

This will change as time passes and the success stories of those who defy solely conventional wisdom and survive “unsurvivable” stage this and that cancers are documented and reported, then studied and utilized. I likewise am not advocating abandoning proven oncology benefits. Once foxglove was a herb and its use was limited to the herbalist and not used by trained physicians. Today it is an acknowledged medication (digitalis) whose mechanism of action is understood. As a medication it has issues and may one day fade but has waxed and waned, rose and fallen again over the last half century but is still in the Standard of Care “blessed” today.

People, as nations, not individually, get the care they deserve in some ways. Lawyers help to promote competent care, but they also promote untold numbers of tests that many might adjudge as excessive. Drugs that cost many thousands of dollars, supported by pharmaceutical giants with patents, if truly useful, may be the path open to those trained only in the use of such, as long as society accepts it. But the history of the war on cancer still has not shown the return one might have hoped for. (I still have hope for more recent advances to be productive) Oncologists USE drugs that are patented, advertised by pharmaceutical companies for advertising costs that must be recouped and are recouped by “asking your physician about”, cost thousands and thousands of dollars for extending life for a few months after they are accepted by the FDA as being efficacious, payable by Medicare by laws passed to prohibiting Medicare negotiation of drug costs by legislators whose lobbyist support their campaigns and which legislators have the ability to invest in pharmaceutical companies stocks under rules that, for those with legal training, are able to be worked with.

Interestingly, there is a plant known thru traditional Chinese medicine that blocks Fatty Acid Binding Protein 5 (FABP5) given in “How to Starve Cancer and then Kill it with Ferroptosis” authored by Jane McLelland, p359, FWIW.

Chapter 22, of the book mentioned above by Jeffery Dach MD (p286-294) discusses Ivermectin and Cancer . That chapter has 50 footnotes. Some of the footnotes suggest that ivermectin may have some use with Covid 19. I personally understand how politicized this issue has become but I have NOT seen convincing evidence it actually had efficacy in this application. Personally, I am most concerned that the focus of MUCH of oncology is focused on looking for a silver bullet when a shotgun is needed. ( more than a single agent, rather multiple agents, given at the same time, hitting multiple pathways ). I am pessimistic that that generation of physicians has been trained yet. There are 8 pages referenced in how to starve cancer by Jane McLelland (above) for prostate cancer. There are many multiple links in Jeffery Dach MD’s book to Prostate cancer. (no index in book but kindle version is cheap and searchable).

I have not felt hopeful for Ivermectin and prostate cancer, because of the study quoted below, at least as a single agent.

Jeffery Dach may be very busy but, if contacted, may be able to suggest a referral physician to you.


Antitumor effects of ivermectin at clinically feasible concentrations support its clinical development as a repositioned cancer drug • Mandy Juarez, Alejandro Schcolnik-Cabrera, […]Alfonso Duenas-Gonzalez Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology


“breast MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468, and MCF-7, and the ovarian SKOV-3, were the most sensitive cancer cell lines to ivermectin. Conversely, the prostate cancer cell line DU145 was the most resistant to its use.”

Jane McLelland is an unusual person and thru her website she may have a path forward but I have not gone there yet to see.

I hope you find the above helpful.


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OKduck22 in reply to OKduck22

In further review of the literature there is some question regarding the mechanism of action of the Traditional Chinese Medicine plant referred to with reference to FABP5. That plant may NOT function to suppress FABP5. The information regarding FABP5 has held up but may require further development before becoming available to oncology trials. Multiple comments have been made on this forum on use of melatonin with prostate cancer. Both books referenced I’m my prior post discuss melatonin as an adjunct to cancer treatment. And both look at mechanism of action of melatonin and adjuncts that work with melatonin, so I think members of this forum may find the books useful. My bias for a shotgun approach instead of looking for a silver bullet lead me to both books for what they might add.

It is the success of patients like Jane McLelland with this approach that gives me optimism that this approach has more potential than our current search for the silver bullet.

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Rely on your MO not google web searches. What are the QOL impacts- there may be effective ways to address those

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NotAlwaysSunshine in reply to Chugach

Oh my.. my husband will say his quality of life is purely surviving 2021 and hopefully 2022. We live to see the next day. 🙏


IM is being examined for causing cancer cell death by reducing MDR as described in this article.

Now this doesn't mean IM is a cure. It means its being examined because in a petri dish some cancer cells died. So, they're did animal studies and it worked. So they're doing human trials. Very promising.

To find more articles of this quality type "ivermectin cancer pdf" in a Duck Duck Go or similar search engine. (Google does suppress certain types of searches)

PDF is included because this is the file type peer reviewed scientific papers are published in these days.

If you have trouble understanding what is being said in the article don't be put off. Type the word you don't understand and the word 'definition' and the definition will come up. Remember diagraming sentences in High School? Diagram the sentence and re-write the sentence with a word you understand. For example, typing in 'apoptosis definition' and you get 'programmed cell death' easy. I did this in graduate school, but with a paper dictionary back in the day. Far easier today!

Happy hunting.

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FDA/CDC is corrupt to the core. Google parent company is flush with Pharma ownership, and of course Mr. Microsoft, Bill Gates owns global health . All working lockstep with media to distribute their lies and censor anyone not on the bandwagon. Pharma funds the majority of their science and trials. Trial companies have no oversight or accountability.

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