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Study shows Vegan diet with soy reduces hot flashes in women

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“ A study published in the journal Menopause found a plant-based diet rich in soy reduces moderate-to-severe hot flashes by 84%, from nearly 5 per day to less than 1 per day.”

… I think this could possibky help men on ADT - seems worth a try!

Best link:

another link:


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I can verify that I eat a fair amount of tofu and have very few if any hot flashes.

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My Nat onco suggest a little tofu or a few handfuls of edamame per day to help hot flashes . Soy he says should not be the main source of protein for us pc guys but ,some is good ! ✌️

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Soy beans can be used to produce estrogen, so it makes sense that it can reduce hot flashes in women. However, it’s unlikely to have the same effect on ADT men.

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I eat a whole food plant based diet but eat very little soy. Very few hot flashes. Om Lupron since 11/2018.

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Some study reviewed that soy is not good for prostate cancer.

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bigdoggatto in reply to winkoliu

What study? UCSF dietary guidelines strongly recommend soy products: soy milk, edamame, and tofu.

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One of the

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I was about to cite that same study. Here's another:

Seems like some studies suggest soy is good and some suggest soy is bad ... for prostate cancer risk.

Kinda confusing.

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Soy is a double side sword, it may be good and bad, but there are many other foods that can replace soy. Why take a risk to eat soy.

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JPnSD in reply to bigdoggatto

Do you have a citation for the tofu recommendation? I too had previously read soy was not a good idea. I have also avoided eggs due to choline? Any info appreciated.

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winkoliu in reply to JPnSD

I did not eat eggs for a long time. Egg is a very good food for other people but not good for people with Pc, just the same as soy that is very good for other people but not good for Pc patient.

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Soy and isoflavone consumption & PCa Mortality.

Foods/Supplements-Vitamins: Genistein

Some above seem to regard tofu as a good source of phytoestrogens, but see:

Between different tofu brands the genistein and daidzein/glycitein content varied from 0.07 to 0.34 mg/g and 0.10 to 0.24 mg/g wet weight, respectively. The isoflavone content from batch to batch of the same brand varied between 7 and 28% based on dry weight.


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Ah...OK it is the PCF Guide that UCSF is using. Got it. Thanks.

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Evening Primrose Oil has reduced my hot flashes to almost none!

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I'm having a burger and beer and will sweat.

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Here’s a link to a more thorough article about the study:

Apparently the reduction in hot flashes is due to the production of something called ‘equol,’ which is not an estrogen but it binds to the estrogen receptor.

One other question I would have is whether it can cause gynecomastia (which would be a negative) and whether it can help to prevent bone density loss and cognitive impairment due to ADT (which would be a good thing).

Seems to me someone should do a randomized study in men!

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Retiredstate in reply to BruceSF

Thanks for the study info.....I too have had a reduction in hot flashes while increasing the use of organic non gmo soy and organic flax milk and have dropped the estrogen patch.

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