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We’re in Omaha...Lu-177...I love Dr. Luke


I love Dr. Luke. That pretty well sums up our first conference with him that lasted two whole hours. He is amazing .the facility is amazing. All of the staff is amazing. I feel so blessed to be here. It looks like I am going to be accepted for the study unless something comes up with my pet scan for PSMA which is scheduled for the 13th. After that we will be moving to Omaha for six months!

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Hell yes!!!!!

Charlesd in reply to Nonamelame

Good News

That's awesome love to hear good news!

Brilliant!! Love to hear good news.

That is great news! It must be hard to be taking care of yourself and your partner. I know the move must be stressful. New places can be confusing at first. So proud that you could organize this all.

Delighted to hear that.

Hey John, I have returned to the board after a couple of months' hiatus from communicating about Pca. I looked to see your updates. I wish you the best of luck with the new treatment and I am excited that you found a study in Omaha. Please say hello to Warren Buffett while you are there. I am pretty sure he frequents Gorat's Steakhouse if it survived the pandemic. If not check out the local Dairy Queen.

greatjohn in reply to Philly13

That was one of the restaurants that Dr. Luke actually recommended to us this morning!

Great news great John. You’re in the heartland now. Viva Ohmaha! Please keep us abreast? May your health improve there . 🙏

Awesome, very happy for you both!

Good for you greatjohn! Where will you get your PSMA scan?

greatjohn in reply to 6357axbz

He does it right there in their offices.

6357axbz in reply to greatjohn

Specifically what PSMA scan does he use? I don’t think it could be the GA68 PSMA Pet-CT scan

greatjohn in reply to 6357axbz

Not sure.

Good luck you are in good hands.

Good luck with your treatments my friend! I know you’re a bit of a foodie, so when you feel like going slumming for some fast, local food, get yourself some Runza. They can be found in drive through places that are ubiquitous in Nebraska, and only Nebraska. The state capital, Lincoln, is less than an hour away, has a nice university campus, and is worth a visit. You’re also going to find out that Nebraska in the summer is every bit as hot as Florida.

Keep us posted on your good news.

greatjohn in reply to Canoehead

The day we arrived on Easter The high was 98° here. In Fort Lauderdale it was supposed to be 75.

Anomalous in reply to greatjohn

Crazy!!! Thats a real heat wave

Fuzzman77 in reply to Canoehead

There was Runza around the corner from my place in Lawrence 25 years ago. My roommate bad wrappers from that place everywhere. Culver’s out of Wisconsin had a great butter burger but those things couldn’t have been good for me. Glad you found some help John. You are one tough guy. First day my lungs are feeling better in 10 days since getting just kicked in the butt from COVID. Doctor told me this morning if I hadn’t had Moderna 10 days before exposure they don’t think I’d be here now. Suffocating is terrifying. I hear they have some good breweries in Omaha, probably on Douglas Ave somewhere. Warren can hook you up!

greatjohn in reply to Fuzzman77

Butter burger? Two of my favorite food groups combined! LOL

You mean “accepted”. Scared me for a minute when I read “excepted”. Great news!!!

greatjohn in reply to Anomalous

I was using voice to post and I didn’t proof read it well. Thanks!

Great news indeed. What Hospital or center is that?Wings

It's always amazing how everything seems to align. My prayers are with you. 🙏🙏 Arlis

Just remember, all that corn you will soon see growing isn't sweet corn, it's feed corn. 😜😜🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽.

Mazel Tov


Hello, You are in good hands. I was fortunate enough to hear Dr. Luke Nordquist' presentation at a PCRI conference a few years ago in Los Angeles. Very impressive young doctor. He is at the cutting edge of what is happening in PCa. Good luck!

Fabulous news! Continued prayers and good thoughts for y'all! Hope you were able to bring your dogs, they're such good nurses and healers! :O)

greatjohn in reply to siouxbee19

At this point the plan is to leave little Sparky at home with our friend who stays in our house with him. But that may change after the first month here I may have a friend bring him up. He’s just demands so much attention and I was telling the doctor I want this next few months to be about me Me me😊

lewicki in reply to greatjohn

Great news john. Have fun.

siouxbee19 in reply to greatjohn

I totally understand! So glad you have a friend that also dog sits! Wishing y'all the best! 👍✌️🕊️🙏👬🐾🐾❤️

I found the LU-177 treatment to be easy on my body. You should have some time for side trips and adventures. Lots of worthless things to see on the Roadside America and Atlas Obscura websites. Here arw some featured attractions


Finally making the move. I'll be following you all the way through. Best of luck to you and yours. Doug

greatjohn in reply to Shooter1

Thanks Doug

What trial is he running with Lu177? Thx


GoBucks in reply to greatjohn

Is that the splash of vodka or tequila?

Wishing you the very best Bro!

Fingers crossed the trial works out for you. Good luck!

Great news Wishing you the best

That waiting room looks like you're in a 5 star hotel lobby. Any insurance coverage issues?

Curious to know if you considered LU177 trials elsewhere in the US, such as with Dr Scott Tagawa at Weill Cornell in NYC. I expect that cost of living in NY area for 6 months vs Omaha is a no brainer. For me, I live in NJ and could commute back and forth to NY.


I had a phone conference with Tagawa, real intelligent to say the least. When we talked his trial was 2/3 got the Lu-177 for a one shot high dose 500 mCi . With extensive follow ups. Had to be PSMA avid and negative on regular scans...I did not qualify so had to bail and go to India. Great seeing these trials coming here. Duke is going to open one up some time this year , if I am correct. I will check next week. Blue Skies

greatjohn in reply to pilot52


My choice for this trial was either Omaha or Houston.

My choice given me was Houston or Omaha

Great news. So much easier then traveling overseas.

greatjohn in reply to mjbach

Truly this was an ordeal enough and will be an ordeal enough. Traveling overseas now seems like it would’ve been impossible. I’m dealing not so much with myself, but my husband’s dementia issues.

Good luck. Kick Cancers ass and enjoy the adventure.

Congratulations! Where does Dr Luke. Practice? I'm an Omaha native who'd like to find a ON doctor upon my return.

Again, hope all goes well.

greatjohn in reply to Steve507

Omaha .... google” dr. Luke Omaha “ To read about him.



Good luck with your treatment

Good luck John

That's brilliant keep up the positive vibes & stay well

New Adventure!!! Best of luck to you!

Good luck warrior ...I’m hoping your results are amazing too. You’re the best buddy.💪💪💪👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

Wonderful news! Glad you are having a good experience with doctor and medical staff. Keeping you in my prayers 🙏🏻

Great news!!! ❤️🙏🏻😊

A-HAM-O W-HAM-O your Pca...........

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 04/07/2021 10:46 PM DST

You got the golden egg ! That wonderful miracle❤️🙏

Best wishes for for successful scan and RLT. Get Em good🚀🙏💪👍

That sounds great. We are awaiting your next update!

Great to hear- stay strong brother!!!

Will be rooting for you. God be with you all the way. Looking forward to the good news.

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