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No fibre diet


I had to go on a no-fibre diet in preparation for my pre-radiation measurements and tattoos last Thursday. I now have more than a week until my 5 weekly stereotactic radiation sessions begin and I'm eating fibre like there's no tomorrow. My initial 7 days of no-fibre foods were, to say the least, tedious. I was actually straining my favourite pasta sauce to get the lumps out etc. Speaking of straining...

I have a couple of questions:

1. Why does it take a week of no fibre to prep rather than say, 4 or 5 days?

2. How have fellow travellers coped with a low fibre diet for weeks on end?


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I was never instructed to stay low fiber while undergoing 30 sessions of IMRT at MD Anderson. Just to not have full bowels during the treatment. In other words take a dumb before your session. Since I eat a rather high fiber diet and am very regular in taking a morning dump it worked fine for me cause my radiation sessions were always early afternoon.

Yeah I have to have an enema '1-2 hours before each session' apparently it's gas they're trying to prevent.

Yes, both that and a full distended lower intestine. I had to be “vented” a number of times before they would proceed with the zapping.

I never had to change diet for SBRT at all. My RO believes that changing diet can cause excess bowel motion. Similarly, he doesn't want his patients to use enemas. My instructions were only to empty my bowels before treatment and fill my bladder. But every RO has his favorite prep.

Husband is getting 35 sessions of VMAT now and there is no bowel prep for his sessions. Just a full bladder and have a bowel movement before the session starts.

I'm going to email my RO tomorrow to see if there's any flexibility in the requirements. Thanks for all the responses.

Go in to see you doctor, shake his hand (really hard) then tell him you had to use your thumb as a manual enema....

Good Luck, GoodHealth and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 06/28/2020 6:00 PM DST

Nice one!

What you need:

1. No gas

2. No feces in the rectum.

3. A full bladder during the session.

Starting the diet a few days before gives your body time to adjust to the new diet. Dietary changes can cause gas. I take 2 beanos with each meal. Seems to work. For me the first weeks I took a stool softener. Weeks into the therapy, your stools might naturally soften somewhat due the radiation. Mine did. I am on week 5 of 6 . The last few weeks your rectum might be quite sensitive so very soft stools are welcome. You might poop 3 X a day and that is good. Slam down a quart of liquid an hour before the session.

A full bladder pushes it out of the beam path. This helps prevent scorching.

Gas and feces push the rectum into the beam path causing scorching.

If you need an enema, you are probably eating wrong.

This is my take on this procedure. Correct me if I am wrong.

Cramlingtonboy in reply to ck722

Thanks for this great advice and the anatomical reasoning. I don't produce a lot of gas so I'm leaning towards prepping 2 or 3 days beforehand. The enema is probably unnecessary for me but will use if I need to evacuate on the day!

When you have your session is important too. Mine is at 10:00 AM. By then i'm all pooped out, gassed out and ready to go but I am an early riser and 10:00AM might not work for you. I have found that drinking about 10 ounces of plain kefir ( I like Lifeway) after dinner keeps things soft and creamy. This avoids a lot of pain during elimination. Oatmeal in the morning is a good assist too. Don't forget your beano. Carbs can generate gas.

I am Christian and have found it has given me great peace and strength. I have that "What, me worry?" attitude. Crossing the Jordan will be fun.

Thanks again!

Just as a follow-up, after fastidiously following the no fibre diet, my first salvage radiation session had to be cancelled because of an inability to evacuate my bowels (despite an enema). I ended up following my oncologist's (and Tall Allen's) guidance and just eating normally. That got my system back to normal and I was able to evacuate without an enema at the appropriate times.

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