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Preparation for Axumin Scan -- exercise/diet/supplements?

I'm scheduled for an Axumin scan on Friday afternoon but was given no prep instructions, so I've been checking online. I'm not a fan of radiation because of the potential damage and would like to do all I can to moderate the effects. So far, here's what I've found:

1. Limit physical "activity prior to the scan" to avoid high muscle uptake of Axumin which can "render the study non-diagnostic." (Almedia, Prostate Cancer Communication/Fall 2017) No indication of when to cut back prior to the scan.

2. Nothing to eat/drink except H20 for 4hrs (Axumin) or 6hrs (PET/CT) beforehand.

3. Limited carbohydrate diet for previous 24 hrs ((PET/CT).

4. Take assorted anti-oxidants/supplements before/after (e.g. NAC, Genistein, DIM, Gamma Tocotrenols, Ginko, Hesperidin, Quercetin) to help deal with oxidant byproducts of the radiation. No indication of timing or dosages.

I'd very much appreciate any suggestions or comments. Many of you have considerably more knowledge/experience than I.



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No food or drink 4 hours prior and no excess physical exercise 24 hours prior. I am having my second scan on the 25th Sept at Dana Faber in Boston and they were the instructions I received from the hospital. Hope that helps Bill


I don't remember all the instructions but the one I do remember is no physical activity 72 hours prior to scan. The Axumin web site says 48 hours. They want the muscles to be "quiet" for the scan. I'm sure the web site lists other instructions.


Hey, Bill

I just had Axumin Pet/scan 2 weeks ago. My instructions: No exercise for 24 hours, nothing to drink or eat ,including water, for four hours previous to scan. Afterwards, stay away from children for 12 hours afterwards(possibly also pregnant women) Really a piece of cake.


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Thanks Jim, mcp and Arizonablue -- very helpful and just what should have been provided by the radiology staff!


to Bill2544: Lie still and don't move (not before but during).

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Thursday 09/13/2018 5:27 PM EDT


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