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Off clinical trial, on to radiation and chemo

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May29 scans and MRI showed progression. PSA at 17 from 9 a month ago. The Talapro2 trial ended for me because of the progression. Still just bone mets. MO suggests, and I agree, that we will do a short course of radiation to ease pain in hip and leg, followed by 4 rounds of chemo. After which we will evaluate as he mentioned several options. My only real issue is fatigue and the pain in my right hip. Easily controlled with neproxin. Mowing lawn just took longer due to breaks.

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May the treatments serve you well ..anything to stop that hip pain should work .. good luck

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Thanks for the kind words. Crazy ride, isnt it! Good news is the back of my eyeballs are clean. Had to get tested for covid before radiation . Came back negative. The guy submitting the test was way to giddy. Think he likes making grown men cry.

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What a job to have.? I respect all of these medical workers that help us . I’ve been fortunate to only have kind hearted ones around me.. Except that is my uro. He’s an excellent surgeon but was mad that I wasn’t a candidate and told me so ..I could never be a uro either. That is a tuff gig with so much suffering. May the Rt work well for you like it did for me . ✌️

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I’ve seen post here stating that US with no t on adt are immune almost to covid . What a ride?😂

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I hope the chemo works well for you- it often reduces bone pain too.

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Hey TA. I've been looking for success numbers related to rechallange of Xtandi after chemo. That's one option my MO talked about. Curious if you have any numbers? Thanks for your help and kind words

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Just some very small trials - about 3 in 10 respond. Worth a try.

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Hell yah!

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Forget mowing the lawn.... buy a goat.... (don't name it, or get attached to it,,,remember there's always Thanksgiving if you don't like turkey)...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 06/11/2020 7:48 PM DST

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