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Cabazitaxel: 25 vs 20 dose? Neulasta vs. No Neulasta? Any experiences?



It looks like Barry's doing Cabazitaxel next. Have done reading, several studies. 25 vs 20 --- Neulasta vs No Neulasta -- more. Now looking for experiences/options/insights from people....... (could include studies, personal stories, etc.) . Any insights or experiences? Thanks! Oh, he has mcrpc, extensive bone mets, resistant to Docetaxel and Enzalutamide, diagnosed August, still exercising... still smiles. Thanks again!

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Neulasta - especially now. Is your oncologist saying no?

Question was resolved— he is getting Neulasta. Had gotten varying opinions, was checking to I make sure.....

May be a good idea to get rid of the oncologist who offered a varying opinion.


looks like Barry and I maybe in a similar place. my dx came in 2017 at the moment mcrpc and considering Cabazitaxel as my next treatment. Enzalutamide worked for only two months - kind of then changed out my ADT to Firmagon and switched to Abbi. not sure if its going to buy me some additional months at this time or not but willing to give it a try. for sure take Neulasta after each chemo round - would not want to give covid any advantages. would like to stay in touch and discuss more!


oh... 59 years old at this time!

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Hi Max, glad to hear from you -- thanks for sharing! I'd very much like to stay in touch and continue discussion -- you two definitely seem in similar spot. Barry is scheduled for Cabazitaxel (20 mg variety) next week, with Neulasta delivered via Onpro to avoid going in twice. Also getting biopsy for genetic testing. Already thinking about options if Cabazitaxel doesn't do the job, although I hope it works! More later....time for bed, hope you have a nice and peaceful night.

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