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High Calcium Level (11.4) in Blood


8 Years in Post RP, 2 Recurrences with 2 Radiation Sessions (1 to Bed, 1 to Pelvic Lymphs) and 1 year in on Lupron (Eligard). My Calcium Levels have been high for a couple of years now around 10.4 but last week's result was 11.4. Note: Stopped all supplements 6 weeks ago for a procedure so Vitamin D is not likely the culprit (was on 5,000 iu's daily with Vitamin K before that). My thyroid levels are normal. I am concerned that the PC has spread to my bones and is pushing calcium into my blood. Anyone have any ideas on why this is occurring?

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Hello Moespy,

Although I am glad to hear from you, I am sorry about the calcium issue you are having. I wish I could say something useful but I am not expert in this. The only thing I remember is TA had said to me a while ago, once I start ADT then imaging is very important as a follow up. How are you monitoring the effect of the pelvic nodes radiation ? I hope your psa is undetectable as it was when I last heard from you. May be a scan is due? We all get to panic when things does not seem right, I am the first one guilty of this but I am sure you are ok, these blood tests go up and down all the time. Yesterday I got my LD and it was up to the upper limit. Hopfully yours is better ALK are also good which they are indicative of bone trouble. Wish you the best

Moespy in reply to Ahk1

Thank you my friend. I am awaiting PSA result which is due tomorrow; the last result 3 month ago was still undetectable. My ALK Level is 118. Meeting with my Med Onc next Tuesday and will find out what she thinks. Good hearing from you and glad things are going so well with you!

Typically, prostate cancer bone metastases are osteoblastic and do not raise calcium levels. They can however, be osteolytic or mixed. In that case, calcium levels could go up. That's more likely to happen if the cancer develops neuroendocrine differentiation. Other cancers can also cause lytic mets. Just something to check out.

Moespy in reply to gregg57

Thanks for the reply Greg. Will discuss with doc.

gregg57 in reply to Moespy

There are other causes of hypercalcemia, but the fact you have cancer does make it more likely to be bone mets.

BTW, do you know what your Albumin is?

Moespy in reply to gregg57

Albumin is 4.4.

Believe 8-10 is normal calcium range..mine went to 11 at one point, and always at 9.00,maybe not believe this but my Oncologist repeated the test while I was there and it was back down to 9..culprit was nurse had the tourniquet to tight on my arm and caused the elevated reading..wow, who would have known..keep tabs on your Alk And LD as bone met markers.

Check your parathyroid hormone level. When you've been ODing on Vitamin D for a long time, the calcium levels may not react immediately.

Moespy in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks T_A. My Vitamin D level is 42.8 (normal) and my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is 3.7 (normal). Triglycerides level is 157 high). Any thoughts with those numbers?

Tall_Allen in reply to Moespy

As I said, a long time ODing on Vit D may have a long-term effect because it has pulled calcium from your bones and changed the bone environment. Maybe track it to see if it improves over time.

I don't have any info to offer you but thought my recent experience may be helpful to the group. I have been dx for 7+ yrs but and have been taking Vit D supplements since my dx. I had labs done last week that included Vit D test for the first time in 5 years. My Vit D was "critically high" and I was advised to stop all supplements immediately, including specifically Vit D and Calcium. Since I hadn't been tested in 5 yrs, I have no idea how long my Vit D levels have been to high. Of course, it does concern me that I had my Vit D tested 3 times in my first 2-3 yys (with all normal results) and then didn't have it tested for 5 yrs, only to find out this disturbing info. I hope I have caused myself any long term damage to my heart.

So- my advice, get your Vit D levels checked more that every 5 yrs.

Hi Moespy,

TA is correct: match your Free or Ionic Calcium numbers with Parathyroid levels. It's possible that you have a nodule on one of the Parathyroid glands. My numbers have always bordered on Hyper-Parathyroidism.


You stopped the vitamin K? It is needed for calcium transport to bene.


Hi Patrick, I stopped both Vitamin D and K. Would continuing the K without the D help transport calcium to the bone? Appreciate your response!

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