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7 Weeks Post Surgery Update

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Hello Everybody,

7 weeks after having robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, all is well. Fully continent, both nerves spared, a clean final pathology report, no spread outside the prostate, and a 6 week PSA test reading that is negligible. Next follow-up PSA test is in 3 months. Thank you for your advice and support.


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Congrats on the great results!

Glad to hear of your success!

Great results. Wish I had had such a report.

Yes, that’s the report we all dream of. Congrats!

Hey Fox2018!

It is nice to hear a report of such a good outcome! Best wishes to you.


You did it !

Congrats, a result we all wish we could have got...be alert and never let your guard down and be proactive...PC is a sneaky little bastard...God Bless and good health.

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Great news Mike. You could be cured of pc. 🙏🏼

Wonderful news! What is your Gleason score? Did you ever consider supplementing surgery with radiation to the prostate bed? Thanks😊

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Hello Vitaminlover,

My PSA was 0.90 with a Gleason score or 6,7, and 8 (in 3 different cores of 12) pre-surgery.

The final pathology report post surgery was Gleeson 6, 7, and 7 with both of the 7's being (3+4). My 6 week post surgery PSA was <0.10 undetectable.

On my surgeon's advice, I will definitely consider supplementing surgery with radiation in the prostate bed if my 18 week followup PSA is anything other than <0.10 undetectable.


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Vitaminlover in reply to Fox2018

Thanks for your reply. Best of luck!



Awesome!!! Now have some fun!

Great news!

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