What to expect post surgery from PSA scores

PSA question: On 11/15/16 I had robotic surgery and had both seminal vesicles removed along with 10 lymph nodes. This is my third treatment shot at my cancer having been diagnosed in 2001 at age 56. I did IMRT in 2001, went 10 years with a gradual rising PSA. Then in 2011, with a new biopsy, completed a brachytherapy. Went 5 years with rising PSA to 11.3 and did the above surgery on 11/15/16 at the U. of Minnesota. Surgery was a success in that both SV's were removed along with the 10 lymph nodes. All L. Nodes came back negative for cancer. I did my first PSA test this past Wednesday, 4 weeks out from the surgery. PSA went down from 11.3 to 7.82. That is a drop after four weeks out from the operation. I was hoping for a larger drop to be honest. So folks, my question is that once surgical procedures are over, what can one expect/anticipate when taking the PSA scores? Could/would they drop gradually over a time period, or is the first one it, or what is the likely progression of continual PSA scores over a year's time? One man I know who is living with PC, says it takes a full year to fully determine the likely outcome of how low/pattern of the PSA and how it will go. I wonder and wish any of you to comment on the progression of the PSA post surgery. Thanks much readers. Doc rok

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  • Hi

    My PSA post surgery was .87 30 days post op. They started me immediately on ADT

    Hope that helps

  • Doc,

    Your PSA should have gone to <.1...that fact that it is 7.82 means you still have cancer imo...next step is ADT

  • Testosterone is cleared pretty quickly. If you have some, it is being made. If it is being made you have living prostate cells. I think your gland is gone, right? So there is/are some mets someplace. I would want to know where the mets were and would try very hard to get a good scan. Gak. I have had trouble getting my Dr to see the wisdom in that. Maybe yours is better.

  • Sounds like it could be time for a new Dr. DR.Kwon at the Mayo Clinic. ..PET SCAN with Choline trace will show where the mets are.

  • I was diagnosed in 2008 and underwent brachytherapy. PSA never dropped below 2.0 and in 2013 with a rising PSA I had a c11 choline Pet ct that a reoccurrence I. My lymph nodes. I underwent extensive lymph node dissection.nine hour robotics procedure to remove 46 lymph nodes. Nine were positive. As a result myPSA dropped pretty quickly from 8.5 to .07.

    And stayed below 2 for 18 months.

    A year ago after it climbed back to 3.8 I did a clinical trial of ARN509 MDs had an undetectable PSA for a year. It start up again in September and is now doubling every month. In two weeks I will have a sodium acetate pet CT to see if they can locate the reoccurrence

    Hopefully your PSA will continue to drop and stay down if not talk to them about a Pet ct

  • Wow, that's a lot of nymph nodes removed. How painful was that recovery? I am wondering about the usefulness of lymph nodes if so many removed? I hope they can knock your cancer back. Good luck and stay strong.

  • Hello WSOP. Tx for your response. Actually 10 lymph nodes is less than many others have had taken out. Doc said that because I was thinner, that less LNodes were present. One guy above had 40 some taken out. I was told the usual # is around 20 or so. Problem with removal of LN is the possibility of swelling in the legs. Happens infrequently I have been told and so far so good, no swelling. Recovery has been OK with the robotic surgery. I am now into my 6th week post surgery and am regaining energy, strength and healing up. I still have urinary incontinence that shows no hesitation of easing up. I am going through 3 pads daily now. Ugh! I would like to avoid hormonal treatment and chemo. Both to me are worse than the disease at this point. Looks like more imaging tests and if we can locate the mets, then maybe some treatment of some kind. Docrok

  • We apparently have well over 200 through out our bodies.

    I had robotic surgery and recovery was pretty good back to work part time in 3 weeks full recovery in twelve

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