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Cabergoline---is anyone trying this?

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Thanks to a comment by Tall_Allen I've been doing some research on Cabergoline (trade name: dostinex). Here is a one-off case:

I can find no clinical trails in the USA involving this drug. And it's not considered well-established therapy for PCa. Yet for this one guy Cabergoline helped when Lu-177 failed him. Is anyone using this drug in combination with first or second-line ADT? BTW I don't pay attention to the life expectancy numbers in articles like this. It's nonsense, IMHO.

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I'd like to be patient XY. I am exactly where he was before the treatment. Side effects are minimal....I want to be patient XYZ!

Life is Beautiful.


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tallguy2 in reply to greatjohn

I wonder how many patients saw zero benefit? I’m amazed that this article was published!

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greatjohn in reply to tallguy2

If the one successful treatment was me....I'd be singing the praises from the rooftop. What it shows is that Miracles can happen.


Good post tg2! Thanks

As Don Pescado says, “the science is coming!”

My RO had me on it for years to lower prolactin because it was “another source of testosterone “. My prolactin got extremely low as a result. I stopped taking it over a year ago because T and prolactin were so low (plus cabergoline is very expensive) . My Latest T was 17 and Psa was <.1. I don’t see any reason to take cabergoline if there ever was one in the first place!

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tallguy2 in reply to Break60

Interesting. How is your PSA doing a year later? Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Break60 in reply to tallguy2

Down to undetectable . But I switched to estradiol patches back in Feb from trelstar and casodex

As you can see from my profile, cabergoline never impacted my PSA in any way that I could discern.


Snuffy Myers had me taking this for a while to help prevent man boobs from estradiol patches. It did very little and I no longer take it.


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Kaliber in reply to EdBar

Ah ....... that explains everything. Of course .....

You were “ taking “ cabergoline .... I thought I was supposed to rub it on my manboobs.....

I tried to rub it on my 61 year old wife’s boobs but she wasn’t having any of it.

Peace Brother ✌🏻

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EdBar in reply to Kaliber

Try Lubriderm, I bet she’ll be much more receptive...

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Kaliber in reply to EdBar

Dunno about Lubriderm... it has that funny taste . Maybe mayonnaise.... hint of jalapeño....

things aren’t like they used to be , ....... actually “ no-thing “ to speak of yayahahahaya.

Peace brother EdBar ✌️✌️✌️✌️

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