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Xtandi while on Chemo is working Well


Began my 3rd round of chemo 3 weeks ago with same combo of Docetaxel/Carboplatin as the prior 12 infusions. This time Med Onc suggested we continue Xtandi, which had been used on a rechallenge basis after the prior 2 rounds of chemo, but NEVER during chemo.

Results were impressive. PSA dropped from 2.8 to .5 with this combination. Xtandi on pure rechallenge basis had brought PSA down from 48 to 2.8.

Combination of Xtandi and chemo gives me renewed hope for a durable remission if liver mets are positively impacted. Will know for sure in a couple of weeks with next liver MRI.

Best Wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

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so grateful for your posts since my dad has entered the same arena. i hope you’re feeling well!

vandy69 in reply to kidclutch

Thanks and you are welcome. Having normal fatigue after chemo on Thursday.


That is very interesting-

Have carbo-taxotere tomorrow.

I have extensive bone Mets unlike you-

More power to you brother! Way to hang tough

The CHEIRON study showed some advantage when using docetaxel plus enzalutamide in untreated metastatic castration resistant cancer:


Glad to know is working well for you.

Best of luck on this journey.!

vandy69 in reply to tango65

Thanks for the link. I have been heavily treated with every drug, proton beam radiation, and now 3rd round of chemo. 7+ years since dx with multiple lymph node mets, mets in liver 2 years ago, and still here!

Never Give In.


That’s wonderful, Mark. Your multiple rounds are inspirational. I’ve so far been on an almost 3 year round 1 (docetaxel+carboplatin +bicalutamide followed by lupron+Zytiga). It’s encouraging to see things like this when/if my Mets/psa change down the road. Keep the faith! Doug✌️

Mark, who is your MO? I ask because we also live in Atlanta.

vandy69 in reply to NurseRatched

MO is Dr. Vasily Assikis with the Piedmont Cancer Institute at Piedmont West, Howell Mill at I-75.

Great doc and up to date with treatment options.


NurseRatched in reply to vandy69

John too! He’s a wonderful MO!!

The fighting 69th...May your days be filled with Rainbows....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 09/30/2019 5:28 PM DST

vandy69 in reply to j-o-h-n

Thanks my friend!


I am currently on a trail using Jevtana and Xtandi, Consists of 10 cycles reduced Jevtana dose with ongoing Xtandi. My psa was rising rapidly back when I was on another chemo and I had liver problems with Zytiga. With the Jevtana and Xtandi my psa has dropped from 10.88 to .50 and my scans are showing no progression. I am getting the impression from the trial coordinator that things are going well for me and many others on this combination of prior approved FDA treatments. Nice thing is with prior approved FDA treatments they should be able to approve the combination of the two at a much faster rate.

vandy69 in reply to 8knots

Great response to your drugs, 8knots! Never Give In.


Oncologist rushed me into brain MRI Monday this week.

Turns out this disease also in brain-


Can’t catch a break-

I trust current oncologist but want another strategy as cancer spreading too fast after multiple therapies.

Send name you MO please.

Thank you.

My MO is Dr. Vasily Assikis of the Piedmont Cancer Institute in Atlanta. Always up to date and caring.

Best Wishes. Never Give In.


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