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Fasting, Cancer & Chemo


This article from MIT's Technology Review Website has an interesting overview of research regarding cancer, chemo and dietary restriction.

"I tried Prolon’s starvation diet so you wouldn’t have to, A diet based on caloric restriction might make you live longer. It’ll certainly feel like longer."

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Another "therapy" that works only in rats.

cesanon in reply to Tall_Allen

I sort of don't view this as a therapy or treatment, but more as potentially something that is generally healthy to incorporate into your diet.

I remember about two or three years ago at a PCRI conference, there were several people, including Dr. Myers and Dr. Moyad and maybe some others were saying that periodic fasting was a generally healthy practice in which to engage in.

They recommended at least 14 hours and better 24 hours.

That there might be some putative benefit with respect to cancer is not a bad thing.

Though the logic of intentionally fasting while undergoing chemo may be dubious.

I have actually been basically sort of trying to fast about 14 to 16 hours a day when I can since that PCRI conference. Basically by trying to skip lunch.

NPfisherman in reply to cesanon

I do IF and it has had many benefits for me...Losing 50+# and making me feel better...I have more energy despite being mildly anemic on Zytiga. Is it helping me?? Absolutely....So while there is no randomized double blind study to support this against cancer, if you feel good overall--in better shape, etc...then do it...After all, everything does not have to have a randomized double blind study to support doing it against your cancer, no matter what anyone says....

All the best,

Don Pescado

cesanon in reply to NPfisherman

According to the article they are in the process of doing some kind of trial.

rococo in reply to cesanon

Been doing it since I can remember. No specific algorithm, just when it’s convenient. Always feel better eating less than more. Rocco

gyancey in reply to NPfisherman

Well said!!

Keto diet plus prolon fasting has helped me tremendously. I have lost fat and regained some of the muscle mass I lost because of ADT therapy. Feel much better in general and can tolerate excersise much better. Will it effect my Cancer? Who knows! I feel it will help me tolerate what ever treatments are coming down the pike for me. There is so much with this disease that we can't control, why not control the things you can?

I have yet to read a randomized double blind study that was in any way consoling.

Whimpy-p in reply to Tall_Allen

I helped this rat ... Me .. thank you ..

I found Longo's research in 2015 and fasted 2 days before each of 15 chemos.

In my case, I was spared the bulk of side effects, lost hair - it came back fine.

I carried the IF since then from 9pm to 1pm the next day: I sip black coffee, green tea, homemade tomato/veggie/curry broth.

IF normalizes blood glucose, reduces insulin and IGF-1

Plus the benefits of weight(fat) loss esp for those of us on ADT

Fight on Brothers


cesces in reply to dockam

Very interesting. Can you give us the details of your 2 day fasting regime?

dockam in reply to cesces

Hi, basically what I outlined above. Coffee, green tea, homemade veggie broth thru the fast.

My best to you on your PCa journey

Whimpy-p in reply to dockam


My husband has done several of the ProlonFMD kits. He likes them.. he feels that they are kind of a reset for his body. He says they are a lot easier than water fasting. The idea is that after 3 days of fasting certain things in the body are turned on that are not usually turned on.

My sweetie has Neuro-endocrine Prostate Cancer and after 2 years I am just happy that he is alive. I don't know if these a factor or not but if they make him feel better than I am supportive.

I’m glad that he’s alive too! 🥳

I fasted two 500 calorie days per week through radiation treatments . The theory is that the cells are going in already weakened and easier to kill .. There is a video . Fast and live .. I initially lost 60 lbs ..I’ve gained back 30 of it now . I think that it helped RT to be effective . Good post ..

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