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Prostatitis - Despair

I haven't got prostate cancer as far as I know - but I thought this might be a good place to post

After many months of being messed around by the medical profession at my own expense and urging I was finally diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis with "a heavy growth of enterococcus faecilis" bacteria.

Fine - so I was prescribed a 6 week course of Amoxicillin - 1500mg per day. Only problem is I can't tolerate it; it makes the symptoms worse - scrotal inflammation, burning urination, burning bowel movements and constipation- I am afraid a lot worse.

I have reacted very badly in the past to erythromycin and doxycycline causing me the same issues

So if I can't take an anti-bacterial to treat a bacterial infection what can I do?

I am in a state of complete despair, just lying in front of the fire most of the day

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First thing is to ascertain that it is ' Bacterial Prostatitis' and NOT non bacterial prostatitis.

How it can be done ? CBC, Urinalysis and Urine culture along with culture of extracted prostatic fluid pretty much clears the issue and establishes its Bacterial origin.

Next question? What's the name of this Pathogen Bacteria and which Antibiotic kills is well.

They will choose that antibiotic...if not oral..go for IV route.

Untreated infection which is symptomatic can spread and in some cases cause bacteremia/septicemia which is not good.

Talk to your primary doctor or even better an infectious disease specialist for prompt and right Antibiotic treatment based on results of Culture And Sensitivity.

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Thanks for your reply - much appreciated

I got the diagnosis of bacterial infection, finally, after a semen sample was tested at my insistence by a private Consultant I'd employed - UK state sector beyond useless in my experience. Turned out to be a heavy growth of enterococcus faecalis which is apparently sensitive to Amitriptyline. So that's why it was prescribed.

The test report also there was no indication of fungal infection - which I don't believe BTW

"Untreated infection which is symptomatic can spread and in some cases cause bacteremia/septicemia which is not good."

I know but I can't tolerate this antibiotic any more than I have erythromycin and doxycylcline in the past

I'd love to consult an infectious disease specialist but this is the UK National Health Service and the primary care doctor turned me down flat.

I'm back to see the private Consultant urologist in 2 weeks tie


Get copy of Culture and sensitivity results.....The Bacteria may be sensitive to other antibiotics (besides Amoxycillin) . One of these other Antibiotics you may be able to tolerate. A two week delay is not a good idea.


According to the report the bacteria is also sensitive to Gentamicin - I spoke to the GP about this and he said that that had to be taken intravenously - he wasn't very interested - when I tell him about my antibiotic allergies he glazes over; not the brightest

I agree 2 weeks is not a good idea, but then it wasn't a good idea that my condition was undiagnosed since May 2018


For what it's worth there'll be loads of guys with undiagnosed bacterial - and fungal - infections which urine tests don't detect - and the sufferers are fobbed off with the catch all chronic non bacterial prostatitis diagnosis


In USA, there are a small number of Doctors who believe that ALL prostatitis is Bacterial. There are once where we are unable to be identify Bacteria.

A New York Doctor, Samadi is proponent of this view that all prostatitis is Bacterial. He has an elaborate system of treatment of prostatitis by direct injections of a combination of Antibiotics right inside in the prostate gland.

He largely treats prostattis cases only in NYC and FL.

You are in UK and I am not familiar with what else you can do there to get better healthcare.


"There are once where we are unable to be identify Bacteria."

I've seen that view expressed - it's also the case that there are a lot of undiagnosed fungal infections out there - and prescribing antibiotics in that situation is adding fuel to the flames. I think that's what's happened to me

"You are in UK and I am not familiar with what else you can do there to get better healthcare."

Nothing much - you can encounter some total blockheads here


Fungal Infections, in general, are due to weakened immune system. Keeping immunity solid with great nutrition, exercise, relaxation tecniques and fresh air and clean water and of course cleanliness helps deal with fungal infections.

Treating Fungal infections with anti fungal meds, such as greseofulvin etc. are only

considered in severe fungal infections because anti fungal meds are toxic and have a lot of side effects.

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I'm sure I've got fungal prostatitis - I sent a urine sample to the Great Plains Lab in Kansas last year and they found fungal infection markers - also the way I've reacted to antibiotics and drinking(one the one occasion I was stupid about it)

But fungal infection wasn't detected by the semen test I had done - and I went ahead and took those xxxxing antibiotics -now I' burning up in great distress

Way I feel now I'd like to have the prostate removed, if they'd do it


I have a minor suggestion. Because Antibiotics disturb your bacterial flora (good bacteria) in your gut, you should consider taking a good amount of homemade yogurt to replenish your good bacteria so they can drive bad bacteria to starvation.

If no homemade fresh yogurt available then, packed one and/or a probiotic capsule. Continue with your doctors and keep persuing the cure for your infections.

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Thanks - I'm taking billions of units of high quality probiotic at the moment - don't know how much good it does - hopefully some

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Thanks, I've pretty well been through alternative medicine to be honest - I'm coming round to think I should have the gland removed; there's a very well thought of Prostate Clinic here... the gland is infected - that's it - at the moment my quality of life is 0


Most prostatitis has no detectable infectious agent and is not responsive to antibiotics. The AUA advises against cultures (the bacteria found are usually the same bacteria found when there is no prostatitis), and against antibiotics, which may encourage resistant clones. They advise to treat symptomatically.

Here are some remedies:


Hey haydock... that really sucks .. dam antibiotics weaken our system with overuse . I assume you’re seeing a urologist... stay on point with the Psa and get regularly tested my friend .. The prostatitis is brutal but it won’t kill you like pc . Good luck . Please post when you conquer this malady ...It can help someone with the same condition.. Live healthy !

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If you haven't tried it, I'd try an ice pack on the perineum to see if it relieves some of the pain and inflammation. I wouldn't expect it to eliminate infections but maybe it can do the next best thing and give you some relief. Maybe heat will help, or better, alternating hot and cold treatment. Ibuprofen may also help. Searching Google for "prostatitis heat cold" (no quotes) will get you lots of articles about this.

Sometimes we can't solve a health problem but controlling it is the next best thing and might make a big difference in your quality of life.

Best of luck.


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I understand that there are loads of different antibacterial agents other than that one... is there another one you can try?


The ones identified as being effective against my bug are Amoxicillin - no go - and Gentamicin which the GP tells me must be taken intravenously - I have reacted very badly to erythromycin and doxycycline in the past; severe scrotal inflammation, constipation so bad leading to fecal impaction treatment and anal fissure operations. Understandably this has made me very suspicious of antibiotics - wish to god I'd never taken this dose of Amoxy

I actually believe that I have a fungal infection of the prostate gland; several naturopath/nutritionists/functional doctor have told me this and I had a positive for fungal infection from a urine sample sent to the Great Plains Lab in Kansas - if you take antibiotics when you've got an underlying fungal infection it's like adding fuel to the flames

Wish I'd never taken Amoxy but I guess it's understandable why I did - a Consultant's letter saying that I was infected with a nasty bug in the prostate - if it spreads it can even be life threatening - and that this bug was susceptible to antibiotics; unfortunately however so am I.

You can never make these doctors aware of the reality of fungal infections - they seem to think that you can either be suffering from fungal toenails or be lying close to death immuno-compromised in an intensive care unit riddled with systemic candidiasis - and there's nothing in between



around 6 years ago I was diagnosed with "prostatitis" and treated with antibiotics for 3-4 months. Now I am on this site. I wish I had had a biopsy at that time. Might have saved me from where I am now.


What did the 3/4 months of antibiotics do to you? Misdiagnosis?


I was told that blood circulation in the prostate was very poor so the long course was necessary. I tolerated the antibiotic very well so essentially nothing happened. I was on Levaquin. The point I was trying to make was that I was possibly misdiagnosed and had early pca.


I gathered that with the quote marks around prostatitis - least you escaped the Levaquin unscathed - not everybody does it sees


file under "checking all the boxes" or "covering all the bases" - find a PHD physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor issues. Miracle worker for me - miracle - did I say miracle? I found that urologists are quick to use "prostatitis" to cover a wide range of symptoms. You might have some pelvic floor dysfunction that can be fixed -- years of pain for me, diagnosed as prostatitis over and over - gone - did I mention "miracle worker". I used Anisha Drake in Atlanta.


I was supposed to be in the CPP/Chronic Non Bacterial Prostatitis big box till a test I insisted on showed I was in Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis territory, and I'm not too sure about that.. I definitely don't have pelvic floor dysfunction though I was told by reputable people that I did. Also they say that Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis is in the ratio of 1 to 10 with Chronic Non Bacterial - but I very much doubt that; the tests aren't being done or they don't seem to be effective


Haydock I would strongly urge you to read Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka's book "Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret" 3rd edition. You will also find his video interviews helpful. Beta Glucan is a natural immunomodulator and Dr. Vetvicka will provide an extensive history of research in his text. His research has included testing of commercial over-the-counter glucans. The Transfer Point Company came in first in one of his studies (i.e. Beta 1,3-D Glucan aka #300). I have been using it for 2 years. No colds or flu since I started.

You will find his interviews at youtube or at No more despair. You can train your immune system to attack these bugs.

Good Luck,



Thanks - I watched him on a series of video clips - think it would cure my fungally infected prostate gland?


Beta glucan has proven many times to be hostile to fungi. Also bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The book will explain.


How is prostatitis treated?

The treatment is based on the cause. Your doctor may do a rectal exam and test urine samples to find out the cause.

An antibiotic is used to treat prostatitis that is caused by an infection. Some antibiotics that might be used are trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin and ofloxin. You might have to take antibiotics for several weeks or even a few months. If prostatitis is severe, you might have to go to a hospital for treatment with fluids and antibiotics.


Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 08/02/2019 7:24 PM DST


What do you do when you react very adversely to antibiotics that have been prescribed?

I'm struggling to see how a post prostateless world could be worse than the misery of pain and inflammation I inhabit now; it may be so of course but I'd like to be convinced



Suffering through extreme urinary urgency since December last year myself.

I know for a fact that I suffer from candida overgrowth and after leaving my primary urologist, I'm not being treated with a month of Diflucan. No change after 5 days.


Hi trysmiling

Your last sentence doesn't make sense to me - do you mean you are being treated with a month of Diflucan and you see no change after 5 days?

Sorry if I've got a bit confused


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