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PSA "undetectable" after one month on ADT; What about the PCa?


My second post... PSA prior to RP was 14. Post RP PSA was 0.21 and rose to 0.53 in a couple months. Axumin scan showed one pelvic lymph node was hot. Pelvic and prostate bed radiation scheduled to start in another month. After only one month on Lupron + 50mg Casodex, PSA is now <0.05 "undetectable". No side effects (yet). I assume it's great for the PSA to drop to "undetectable" in a month, but do we know what effect this has had on the PCa during this month?

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That’s a good response to hormone therapy but way too soon to know if SRT was successful

Polaris1 in reply to Tall_Allen

As noted, the SRT starts in a month.

Tall_Allen in reply to Polaris1

Sorry. Then all you know so far is a good response to adt

All you can say so far is that is a good response to ADT.

It is worth noting that men with prostate cancer that responds quickly to ADT will have longer times to castration resistance and longer lives than men who respond slowly so good news so far.

Hopefully the PCa cells are not doing much, they are not making any PSA that's for sure, and when the radiation comes along it will knock them on the head!

Best of luck for the rest of the treatment

You had a very good response to ADT. The SRT will take care of the problem, particularly if they do whole pelvis radiation. If the cancer is localized in the pelvis the SRT could be curative.

Best of luck.

TEBozo in reply to tango65

That's great news. I have zero T and <0.05 PSA after 2 months of Firmagon. 8th and final week of IMRT next week. RP on January 4th. Let's get cured, men!

tango65 in reply to TEBozo

Best of luck with the treatment.

We have something in common (almost) that I'd like to point out.

I had node involvement (N1) and was treated with radiation (EBRT).

I also had a run on ADT of 16 months.

My initial PSA was greater than 300.

That was about 2 years ago.

Fast forward, after 4 consecutive cycles @ <0.02, I went on an ADT holiday.

My last 3 month Lupron injection was July 2018.

Today my 'T' has recovered to the low end of normal on the scale and my

PSA sits at + 0.04 and slowly rising.

My quick response to ADT was a good trend and indication.

Nothing is guaranteed, but my medical team all seem to think that I am

doing well and recurrence is a distant maybe.

The cure word is not being tossed around yet, but we can always dream.

3 more years to go ?

One word only and it's not Plastics, it's PATIENCE (that's what we are anyway)...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 07/20/2019 1:13 PM DST

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