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Haemoglobin levels and blood transfusion while on Docetaxel


Did anyone need a blood transfusion while on Docetaxel? I'm 3 rounds in and my haemoglobin level are down to 80. I'm being advised a transfusion would be the most likely next course of action.

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I think you mean 8 as normal levels are something like 13 to 16 (I believe).


p.s. I didn't have to have transfusions...but people on here have. Hope things go well.

easeytiger in reply to greatjohn

No, I do mean 82 g/L

Most labs read this out as g/dL, hence the confusion.

My husband had four transfusions for low hemaglobin in May related to blood loss from a Shockwave infection. He's now doing chemo and we anticipate the need could arise again, given that his current level is just barely 11.

Nit sure if you're asking "can it happen?" (yes) or if there are specific questions you'd like answered... If specific, let us know what.

In general, the transfusion was very much like chemo infusion. Takes a bit of time. No issues, no great feeling of rejuvenation, just another brick in the wall.

greatjohn in reply to CantChoose

thanks...my lab is g/dl. So I guess 80 g/l is appx 8g/dl.

it's ALL so confusing.


My husband has needed them - but Insurances companies don’t like to approve them unless the levels go below 7.

He also gets Procrit occasionally. Procrit seems to raise his count by about .5 and one unit of blood raises it by 1 full point or more. He always feels great after a transfusion, increased appetite, energy and color in his face.

I will let my husband know he was short changed. :) There were lots of jokes about the rejuvenating properties of young blood, but I think he was so sick at the time that he didn't feel much.

He was I would say! At this point I can tell just by the color in his face - or lack of it - if he needs one.

I had a transfusion last week after chemo #1. It was part of an eight day inpatient stay while they got me back on track.

Did you get the Neulasta device after each round? I am convinced this kept me out of the hospital. In fact I did international travel between rounds 5 and 6! Now this is all about generating white blood cells within the bones. Not sure about the hemoglobin.

Best wishes to you!

easeytiger in reply to tallguy2

I have the neulasta shot each cycle, it needs claratyn at the same time to reduce bone pain.

Mine was down to 59, the bone marrow in both Femurs was affected and I wasn't producing any Platelets, Red-White blood cells, they turned it around for me quite quickly

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