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Anyone have docetaxel and radiation together?


Hi I'm wondering if anyone on here has had the chemo and radiation together? My father just finished 2nd round docetaxel and 9th radiation. Hes very sick had a blood transfusion,low iron,low sodium. I was wondering if anyone had a similar reaction? I was looking online and it said the two can interact. The doctor never mentioned this to us.

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Both docetaxel and bone radiation carry a risk of "myelosuppression." That means the bone marrow stops producing red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. If severe, it can be life threatening.

Do you mean spot radiation to bone mets? I'm confused by "9th radiation." Radiation to bone mets is palliative (reducing pain and preventing fractures). It is done with only one or two SBRT treatments - not with 9.

Tua32427 in reply to Tall_Allen

Hi my father has a compression fracture at t12 from a tumor. They sent him for emergency radiation that day. It was like 8 at night and he was getting radiation. He did 10 treatments of the spot radiation to the t12 region of his spine while doing docetaxel. Hes been very sick just had a blood transfusion. His blood count was at 2700.

Tall_Allen in reply to Tua32427

If it was just to the one spine met at T12, I don't think that would have lowered his white blood cell count significantly. At any rate, it was an emergency procedure. I hope they are giving him Neulasta to get his count back up.

Tua32427 in reply to Tall_Allen

Yeh he has bone mets all over there was 4 on his spine,hips,pelvis,iliac bone,ribs,and humerous bone. He has been recieving neulasta. He did that xofigo before this but didnt seem to do much for him. Still spread and had high PSA.

Tua32427 in reply to Tua32427

Everything gets confusing and I'm in my 20s caring for my dad trying to sort all the medical terminology out. Thanks for your input. This site has given me lots of info and support.

Cynthgob in reply to Tall_Allen

Husband did 10 radiation treatments to one spot on the spine. Then waited a couple months to do chemo.

My husband had to wait two weeks after radiation to start docetacel and that was only after 1 radiation treatment. We were told that was standard protocol. I would get a second opinion. They are both very hard on the body.

Tua32427 in reply to Godschild62

I told my father that. Hes so stubborn. He has like 6 different doctors for treatment and sometimes it seems like none of them communicate.

As Tall says Docataxel reduces white blood cell and red blood cell count as well killing off cancer cells. You can get Filagristim injections to increase white blood cells.

Plenty of rest and fluids really helps for the first 10 days after Chemo so dont try to fight it.

Thats how I coped.

Father is receiving ADT+Lupron+Zytiga+Predisone+Radiation.

Radiation is basicaly to remove the reimanings of microsugery in Prostate and nodes but it is also been applied to the mets.

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