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Prostate cancer spread to pelvic and lymph nodes

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This is my first post here , I’m fairly new to this site but I need some type of advice or stories from others.Here is my story I will try to make it short , I’m Pedro I am 64 years old I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001, they suggested radiation seeds implanted into my prostate ( not sure what my spa was back then it’s been so many years and intend to forgot allot ) so I had that surgery in 2001 I was good until 2013 where I would see blood in urine , when to check and sure enough cancer came back , they suggest a scan in 2013 and which they saw it had spread to the nearest lymph nodes , I then started Lupron injections every 3 months , my psa every 3 months would be 1.2 or 00.4 always at a good range according to the doctor , until last year around nov he notice psa was increasing even with lupron , he decided to do another scan , and it showed my cancer spread to the pelvic walls and based on my health history which I had 2 hearts attacks and high blood pressure he told me I have 2 years to live , I ask if we are going to continue the Lupron injections he said yes but this time will be every 6 months , and he said after he see that Lupron won’t work he don’t recommend hormone therapy because it causes to much pain , I said so this is it ? He said yes . I’m not going to lie I’ve live so many years with this horrible thing but telling me 2 years or less has gotten me so worry so hard not to stress by telling you that ? Anyone out there with similar and lived longer ?

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The doctor should recommend Zytiga now! This will stop the tumor for some time. Get a second opinion.

Also talk to the doctor who did the seeds and ask what he can do for you. A single lymph node can be taken care of.

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Thank you for the advice ! I will ask my doctor about Zytica and yes i am thinking of second opinion .

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If I understand correctly, you had brachytherapy that failed. Then you went on Lupron every 3 months, and now you are on Lupron every 6 months. You are castration resistant, and you are continuing to take Lupron every 6 months. Your Axumin scan is only showing local spread to the pelvic wall (stage T4) and in some pelvic lymph nodes (stage N1), but there is no evidence of distant metastases.

(1) Please talk to your oncologist about a new medicine called "Erleada." You would continue to take your 6 month Lupron shots with it. It is approved for men with no distant metastases who are castration resistant. Also approved for this situation is Xtandi, and another drug called darolutamide will be available soon.

(2) Also talk to a radiation oncologist about salvage whole pelvic treatment using SBRT. They would treat your pelvic lymph nodes up through the common iliac lymph nodes, and also re-treat your prostate including your pelvic wall. You might be able to receive this treatment at UT Southwestern in Dallas.

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Your case is quite similar to mine. In 2011, I had brachytherapy for Gleason 3 + 3 cancer. In 2016, I had an extra-capsular recurrence and hand cyber knife with Lupron for six months and Firmagon fro 3 months. PSA remained undetectable for about a year. Then it started to rise with PSADT less than two months reaching 4.48 in November 2018. PSMA detected about ten lymph nodes with intense signal. Biopsy of one of the lymph node confirmed metastatic prostate cancer. Now I am under treatment with Bicalutamide and Lupron.

You still have a number of options open to you. Zytiga can stop your cancer from growing. A second or even a third opinion is in order. When my cancer became metastatic, I gave up on my urologist and radiation oncologists and moved to a renowned cancer center for treatment. We should not give up no matter what. I am sure you will find people here who have been living for many years with distant metastatic cancer.

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You should get another opinion. There are men on this site today that are still going 12 to 15 years since original diagnosis of metastatic PCa -- there are lots of options -- Lu-177 and/or radiation of pelvic bed and lymph nodes

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Your dr is a buffoon to say that and not to suggest the many options available. Find a new MO who specializes in PC, preferably at a center of excellence.

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Get a second opinion. Zytiga might just work.

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My husband is on Zytiga and an Actinium 225 trial after two lots of chemo failed. So far the Actinium has destroyed all cancer in spine, ribs and skull. PSA down from 48 to 2. I would definitely dump the Urologist and go to a specialised cancer facility.

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You need a second opinion from another oncologist or to ask your doctor about the options others have suggested to you and to Dachshundlover. What about MD Anderson in Houston? I disagree vehemently with telling a patient "you have two years." No one can know this.

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Because of my husband's experience with heart/Lupron...may I suggest that you get your cardiologist on board to check out your heart (asap) while on Lupron, things can (but not always) sneak up. Your doctor truly doesn't know how long you have to live, that's not up to him. It's hard to shake off, but it can be done. I. know. nothing. about prostate cancer and the treatments, but it seems I know more than your doctor, get looking for a new one.

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Step #1:Your doctor needs to be fired and replaced.

No doctor does not know your lifespan. Period!

Find an oncologist who knows or even better, specializes in prostate cancer. Your spreading can be radiated and there are other drugs to try as others here have mentioned.

You should go to a center that specializes in cancer instead of a local hospital. Based on what you have written, for any doctor to say you have 2 years is just plain wrong.

Good luck.

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Greetings Peter: Tell your current doctor to go F H.... Get a new oncologist asap. You will be around for lots and lots of years. See that little kid reading with you..... he will be an adult feeding you in the nursing home when you're 89 years old. I guess you're in Texas (I'm so smart) so there are many good Cancer centers where you can get good doctors. Just ask here in a future post. Stay well and smack that little kid for me.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 05/16/2019 6:10 PM DST

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Has he not added Zytiga and the there’s immune therapy with provenge and lots of other drugs and chemo and radiation ( proton)

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