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blood in urine


Hello, my husband is currently having radiation treatments 10 all together. metastasis to hip and L4 and T11 Today is his last treatment and last night he had blood in his urine. More this morning Could this be due to radiation treatments? Any thoughts? Feedback would be appreciated please

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Call your radiation oncologist. They should be able to answer your questions.

Blood in the urine, especially blood you can see, should not be ignored. Call your RO....Has this current run of RT involved the area near his bladder? What other treatment has he undergone ?

cloc in reply to Fairwind

We did contact RO. Went in for bloodwork and urinalysis. Awaiting results. Thank you!!!!

Yes--call RO.


cloc in reply to Nalakrats

We called radiation oncologist. He had him come in and do bloodwork and a urinalysis. Awaiting results

More likely from the cancer in the prostate or higher up, but maybe a UTI. He may need a cystoscopy. Talk to his oncologist or urologist.

cloc in reply to Tall_Allen

Yes urinalysis for possible infection/UTI. Drew blood. His testosterone has been climbing 7 to 14 to 24 past 3 months. New meds Erleada one month ago. 10 radiation txs completed

cloc in reply to Tall_Allen

Ugh. He has kidney stones ‘

In the past eleven years I have had 72 radiations for PCa. First I had 42 then 4 years later I had 30 more when they found metastases. I saw the radiologist every other week for any questions and problems. One day they irradiated my bowel by mistake and e-coli from my intestine got into my blood stream. After a few days I had sepsis and my temperature was 106 degrees. I went to the hospital and had IV's of antibiotics 24 hours a day for 5 days, then they said I had two more weeks of radiation. So I would get dressed, drive to the radiation (15 miles), get zapped, go back to the hospital, and get back in bed! So anything can happen with radiation and they do one hell of a job. I was on Lupron (Eligard -generic) for 6 1/2 years. They stopped all therapy one year ago and on Christmas Eve my Oncologist called me and told me I no longer have cancer in my body. I am on active surveillance, because cancer does recur sometimes. I wish your husband the best of luck in his journey.

cloc in reply to JimVanHorn

Wow, you are a miracle. At ER right now with pain. Thinking kidney stone. My husband has had 67 radiation treatments in the past three years. 42 to his prostate initially. One year later it had metastasized and he had 10 to his left hip and pelvic area One year later 15 more 5 each to 2 areas in his back and 5 to his left hip I am HOPING AND PRAYING this is a kidney stone and nothing more He’s on Lupron and erleada. 🙏. I would do anything to have him enjoy an outcome like yours. God bless you

JimVanHorn in reply to cloc

Yes, life is precious.

j-o-h-n in reply to cloc

I've had 3 kidney stones on my right side and 4 on my left side. Pain Pain and more Pain. If it is a stone(s) he must drink water, water and more water. Also if he's up to it tell him to jump up and down to help dislodge the stone. Also to strain his urine to catch the stone. Hope is a stone...

Happy Mother's day.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 05/12/2019 12:18 AM DST

its a stone! 2 stones too big to pass ugh... thank you john

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