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Blood in urin


Crazy thing happened...last week had some occasional blood in urin. Daughter thought I might be overdoing recent attempts to do sit-ups and planks etc. She suggested I lay off of the for 48 hours. Sure enough, blood went away. On Sunday night , blood can back with vengence and it became very difficult to take a leak. It was blocked. After a lot of pushing to get the flow started, I passed a piece of tissue and all is now well.

Do I need to book appointment with URO? Headed to Destin for annual kid/grandkid get together next week.

Any steps to prevent this in the future? It's been 2 years since RP and currently still on ADT vacation. Never had any radiation treatments.

Thanks for suggestions.

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Appearance of blood and then passing what you say was some tissue---is just plain not normal. It is not even close in my opinion, head to your Urologist and get checked--cannot guess from the outside of the body---let a Professional give you an analysis!


Are you sure it was tissue and not a blood clot? I would bet it was a blood clot and that you have gross hematuria. Cause I bet is bleeding in the bladder, in turn caused by radiation or cancer or other possibilities. Yes, see a urologist, who will probably want to do a urinalysis and cystoscopy. In the meantime, feet up, rest, and drink lots of water. If unable to urinate, hospital emergency room can insert a catheter.

Ron53 in reply to cigafred

Yeah, I suppose it could have been a blood clot.

LearnAll in reply to cigafred

Agree with Cigafred reply.

Without radiation treatments I can't think of any reason for the blood. To be safe a visit to the Urologist would be advisable.

When I was passing blood, I went to my urologist. He ranted a bit about radiation therapy: "We (i.e. urologists) have to deal with the mess." He said that I needed a cystoscopy, but I declined. The blood was bright red & was the first thing to appear when I urinated. The urine was clear.

In your case, you haven't had radiation. Do you get the sense that the blood is coming from the bladder? It would be mixed with urine.

It's obviously a big concern, but my bleeding could be explained by physical stress. You may have been overdoing your regimen.


Thanks, that's what I'm thinking (or hoping). I've got a call into him anyways.

Cancer can cause blood clots. Or it may be scar tissue from the anastomosis breaking off. There may be problems upstream in the kidneys, ureters, or bladder. A urologist can do a cystoscopy and have a look. It is uncomfortable, but not painful.

Blood n the urine is alarming . I’d see a uro ASAP.

Yes go to urologist. Blood in urine whether drops or clots or tissue or from a kidney stone needs a Ck out. All the above are excellent tools. Cystoscope isn’t exciting but doesn’t take long. Ultrasound maybe of bladder and definitely a urine culture test.

Let us know after urologist please.

I had blood in my urine for some time especially after running. Eventually after three courses of antibiotics I had a Cystoscope. this revealed quite a large stone in my bladder.

Having blood in urine is not normal so please go and check with your Uro-urgent Bro. Cause blood in urine is never a good sign.

Take good care and take good counsel ❤️


I had blood and was in emergency 3 times because of clots blocking urine. Caths. 3rd cath was a big 3 way where they flushed out the clots with 2 giant bags of salaine water. After that it started healing.

Cause was radiation in 2006 aggravated by recent chemo. Had to stop chemo because of the bleeding. CT scan of abdomine and a camera in the bladder comfirmed this diagnosis.

My husband didn't have radiation, but the ADT caused calcium buildups on his heart valve and kidney stones. The stones blocked both ureters and the pain sent his heart into SVTs, resulting in a wild ambulance ride in a snow storm to the ER. Urologist had a time breaking up the stones. Now he is much more careful about warning signs.

j-o-h-n in reply to GAdrummer

Water, Water and more Water.... until he gets the urge to suck a fish.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 06/09/2020 2:54 PM DST

My husband just peed bright red blood and a few clots came out as well. Everyone keeps saying, “not normal...get checked out”. But if Prostate cancer is blocking urethra at times I am confused. Why rush to hospital and get tested when you already know there is Prostate cancer? What is the point of testing if you already know the answer? Or is there potentially a different problem that needs to be addressed? And what would that different problem be?

j-o-h-n in reply to Rsdutcher7

Bladder cancer.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 06/09/2020 2:57 PM DST

GAdrummer in reply to Rsdutcher7

Kidney stones scratch the ureter as they pass. The ureter becomes scarred and the next stone gets stuck. Prolonged blockage is very painful and damages the kidney.

See a good urologist... Cystoscope probe is no big deal... (had a few)....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 06/09/2020 4:32 PM DST

Thanks, That sounds like what he is wanting to do, along with an ultrasound.

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