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Blood in Urine


I have been on Zytiga with a pretty constant PSA for the last 13 months. My last PSA was up slightly but a urinalysis has detected blood in my urine. Anybody have any ideas? My Oncologist as suggested that I go see my urologist. But in the interim I thought I would throw it out there.


Went to the Urologist Feb 1. They said probably was not PC due to low PSA ordered a CT Scan. CT Scan Feb 5 mass in bladder. Back to the Urologist on Feb 15 had a Cystocopy yes PC in bladder. Urologist you need radiation. Radiation Oncologist first meeting Feb 22. Radiation set up yesterday and my first treatment today. Still bleeding and passing clots. Rad. Onc. said that will be hitting prostate and bladder for 18 consecutive days. Hope that this will resolve this new "issue". My concern was not the blood but the tumor blocking the urethra. I will let you all know how this goes.

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See your Urologist ASAP. You do not need a secondary issue---and it is known that PSA rises as Body Inflammation rises.


noirhole in reply to Nalakrats

Thursday. Thanks for the quick reply.

George79 in reply to Nalakrats

I had a similar issue and the urologist found a tumor in the bladder related to my prostate cancer. Have it checked out.

noirhole in reply to George79


CT scan does show 4.5 mm (1.77 inch) mass on bladder wall. What did your urologist do. I have a cystology on this coming Thursday. Have any questions I should have prepared?

George79 in reply to noirhole

He cut it out. PSA stillrising a bit, from 4 to 6. Oncologist and Urologist are consulting on next step. My testicle is now the size of a tennis ball. Ultrasound found nothing ominous but I plan to get another opinion. No pain, just bothersome.

noirhole in reply to George79

Thanks. Did they cut it out from inside? My guess is that I have failed zytiga and not sure of next step. I have a couple of trips with the family planned so need to work around that. It seems that it is a hurry up and wait usually. Hope you get your swelling resolved.

George79 in reply to noirhole

Yes through the urethra. I was out cold. Had a Foley for a week. Would have been less but it was over Thanksgiving. Procedure was outpatient. I’ve been self catheterising ever since.

If you had radiation, it could also be a delayed side effect. Good luck with the urologist.

I assume that the blood is not visible to the naked eye.

Could be you passed some "grit" from stones that irritated your urinary tract.

But of course check it out with your Urologist.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 01/30/2018 11:45 AM EST

Have a glucose check as diabetes could be the culprit but may be sorted with mild blood pressure tabs like Ramipril. ADT and other similar treatments including Zytiga are key culprits. I am a 30 year veteran of Type 2 with 6 years now of ADT and 3 of Zytiga. Never a problem with diabetes until ADT etc. Now heavy on Insulin and glucose elevated. PSA however 0.03 for 18 months with Zytiga.

noirhole in reply to Scruffybut1

Thanks will do.

My cancer was found in the bladder. I gave blood quite often. I find staying hydrated helps the problem. But yes I see a urologist

see my update start radiation today. Was that suggested as an option for you?

No. Radiation from what I understand makes surgery harder and at some point I will have my bladder removed. I hope not but probably inevitable.

My husband just had blood in his urine this past week also. He went to emergency room and they told him he has a UTI from self cathing.

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