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Dad passed away


My dad ,58, passed away of advanced prostate cancer just 10 months after diagnosis.

I don’t want to disappoint anyone ,he had the most aggressive type prostate cancer with liver metastasis that caused complete liver failure in last 3 days of his life .

My brother who is just 16 and I are in complete shock and we don’t know what will happen without him.he was a great general surgeon who helped many people to treat their cancer by surgery but he was beaten by it , he was also an awesome dad .

As a pharmacist I will dedicate my whole life to research about prostate cancer,Hope no men dies from pc anymore .

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I’m so so so very sorry Annie. My heart breaks for you and your brother. Thank you for updating here. This online community feels it when a member is hurting... please reach out if you need to on here. Sending you love and comfort x

God bless you and your family Annie. He sounds like a great man who made the most of what time he had here on earth.

I'm so sorry Annie. My sincerely consolences.

So sorry to hear about your father. Its so hard to see this disease taking men so young. Praying for you and your entire family.

Annie, my heart goes out to you and your brother. Your love for your father suggests the two of you were also the apple of his eye. Those of us who have this insidious disease are aware of the damage it does to those who love us. I am holding you close tonight.

Prayers to you and your family !!

I hope you and your brother can find peace!


I'm so sorry to read this. It sounds like your father raised a strong, smart, loving woman. It will be hard but you and your brother will carry on that legacy I'm sure.

That is terrible particularly so young! May he Rest In Peace!

One more loss is one too many. Most days I pray for God to raise up a man or a woman, or a research group, that finds a cure for this disease. And I pray for all that have this disease, as well as for myself, as I know I am only here by God's Grace.

It is paradoxical, that one who helped fight disease, for his patients, and saved many should succumb to one of those diseases, that we have no cure for.

May God grant you Mercy and Grace for You and your Brother, at this time.

And may He grant a Special Shalom[A Peace that has no boundaries]



Good bless you and family. Sounds like a great man. RIP

As I have said it hurts all of us when one of our own passes. All our love.

Dear Annie1373... I’m sorry that APC took dad so quickly. But one way to look at that is that he could have suffered brutal pain for years . The brevity is a blessing in his favor. Something like 30,000 of us die each yr from pc .. It’s far from contained. Your brother will need to check starting at 40 . My father had pc. I ignored symptoms until #4 .... tell him not to do as I did. My father skipped off 22 yrs ago . There is not a day that I don’t think of him. You and your brother are your fathers greatest accomplishments . He done good. Live well and enjoy life., Peace to you and your brother.. Stay close...

Condolences Annie1373. I would actually recommend your brother testing from a much earlier age. It doesn't cost a lot. I'm advising my 2 sons to start testing themselves from 20. I was diagnosed with stage 4 PC at 40. It caught me by surprise and possibly means that I had it since my twenties.

I am so sorry Annie. I have known others who passed very quickly after being diagnosed initially with liver mets - it is often very virulent and there is little that can be done with currently available medical techniques. You and your young brother must be devastated. My heart and my prayers go out to both of you.

sorry to hear about your loss Annie and thank you for your commitment to curing this awful disease. May god hold you and your brother in his warm embrace..

My heart aches for you. I wish you well in your research and hope one day none of us on here or anywhere will have to go through this pain.

Wishing you great love


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God bless you and your family. He rests in peace now. Hugs ❤️

Thank you so much in your commitment to help put an end to this capriciously shifting disease.....your father's heartbreaking history is a spine stiffening reminder to all of us to use our remaining time devotedly hemming its every turn. I can't tell you how hard this story hits us all. Our tears aren't enough unfortunately.

I promise to do all I can.


Sorry for your loss ❤

So sorry. I have no words. Each loss is very hard

God bless you and your brother . So very sorry.

Grief is the price we pay for love.

Queen Elizabeth II

Annie, We here on this forum all share a small portion of your enormous loss. I lost my older brother, oldest sister, and both parents to cancer and not a day goes by that I am not reminded of them in some way or another.

Take solace in the knowledge that your awesome dad's memory lives on in the lives of you and your brother, and all the many family, friends, and patients whose lives he touched during his too short 58 years.

Sincere Condolences - cujoe

Sincere condolences to you and your brother over the loss of your father. May God grant you strength and peace at this challenging time...


Annie, thank you so much for taking the time to post the information about your wonderful father here.

Take care Annie, no words can console you, but your father was an awesome man to treat so many, carry on his teachings and be strong, God bless his soul and you both.

Please take care and I really pray and hope one day humans find cure for all types of cancer. Surely that day will come.

My sincerest condolences Annie. I know nothing eases the pain, but please take some solace from the fact your dad was one of the most valuable members of the community. I’ll bet there are hundreds of people alive today who owe their lives to the skill and dedication of your dad.

And you as a pharmacist continue the tradition of adding enormous value to our community. I wish you well with your career and hope you do indeed contribute to the development of successful treatments for our dreaded disease.

All the best, Chas

As a father of a daughter I can at least console you with how much the love of a child helps us cope with APC. I know your father felt your love and caring during his final journey. And like me, his greatest wish in his absence would be for his children to live productive and good lives and to be there for each other. Sounds like that exactly where you are going and I am sure he’d be very proud.


Annie1373, I am so very sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences. I hope you have family and friends around you who support you and your younger brother at this very difficult time. Wishing you a lot of strength and whatever else you need to get through this.

Love, Mel.

I am sure he has left a wonderful legacy with you both. Rise to great eights in his honour.

I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad. One less healer such as he in the world seems especially sad. May peace be with you and your brother.

Hugs, Mary


i'm on my 11 year and if u have brothers make sure they get tested around 50 years or sooner its heredity


I have two grown daughters, one who is a physician. I know how my disease weighs on them and must have weighed heavily on you and your brother, as well as other members of your family and friends over the past ten months. Your father was clearly a man dedicated to the well being of others and his life was certainly important to all his patients and everyone close to him.

Though his life was too short, it sounds like he accomplished so much more in a short time than most people could, living much longer lives. You sound as dedicated and caring as he was. I feel certain that your work will carry on his legacy of helping others, with your personal touch. What better way could there be to make his suffering and passing more meaningful, than to honor him and all those here and elsewhere, than to carry on your research in this field.

I wish for you, your brother and all the others that were close to your dad to find peace and ways to carry on his kindness with others and for yourselves. Please let us know how you are doing from time to time. We always want to know how members of "our family" are doing.

Take care.

It's a horrible disease my hubby passed in January he also had aggressive prostate cancer I miss him so much I lost my dad too to bowel cancer the pain you feel is terrible I can't tell you the pain gets any better but u learn to live with it if you need to talk iam always here as I share your greif and know what your both going through xx

Annie my heart goes out to you and your family. Your Dad looks like an wonderful guy. You are in my prayers

I am so sorry for your loss Annie. A man who helped so many and so young. Just not right. Sending thoughts and prayers.

I am so sorry for you and your family. Thank you for your dedication to finding a cure for this horrible disease. God bless.

Your father sounds like an amazing man, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You and your brother will be in my thoughts and prayers.

So sorry to hear this. We honor a man that used his skills to help others. May god watch over you and your brother.

Very Sorry for your loss. This Horrific Disease didnt give hour father much of a chance. Bless you and hour brother

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Dearest Annie

So very sorry for your loss.

We are all thinking of you at this very sad time.

So very sorry Annie for your loss. This disease is brutal.

I’m sorry for your loss, Annie. He was lucky to be so loved by you and your brother. Prayers for your father and family.

Dear Annie, My heart breaks for you and your brother. Your father was a great man who had his life cut short. It’s been 4 weeks since my dad died and I feel lost. I pray that peace comes to all of us suffering from this horrible trauma that is destroying the men we love. Please accept my condolences and know you’re not alone. Praying for you.

What a loss for you and your family especially since his diagnosis was less than a year ago. He looks as awesome as you say. I'm so sorry. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone.

How awful to hear. My heartfelt condolences with your loss. You must miss him. Yes, we all live on borrowed time, and for some of us, it will come too quickly. So its important that you get time together, and say what you want/need to. At least your dad is not suffering anymore, and probably looking at you and your family from high up in the sky. I wish you and your family strength in this difficult time

Annie my deepest condolences. This is very sad news. I love that this ignites a fire in you to work harder to find a cure. God bless you, your brother and family. May you find peace 🙏

Our prayers go out to your family. He is an honorable man and he will be missed.

my condolences. wishing you peace.

You are in my prayers and I know your pain. I wish you and your family continued comfort and peace.

Annie, my deepest sympathy and prayers go out to you and your family at your father’s passing. I truly hope the shock and sadness of his rather sudden passing will, in time, be replaced by smiles of happy memories.

It is always a very sobering reminder to the rest of us in here that, no how many recent advances have been made in diagnosing and treating PCa, even the advanced variety which afflicts most of us in this forum, that our clocks tick a little faster than for other people, how important it is to make the best of every day we are given (yes, every day really is a blessing), and how to be thankful for all of our blessings, our families, and the people around us who care about us.

Annie, I applaud you for dedicating your life and the talents you have been given to help other PCa patients, present and future, in your father’s memory. I am sure he is smiling with pride in you right now.

God bless you and your family.



Annie, very sorry for your loss.

Cancer sucks!!

Very sorry Annie. Please read this book . It will someday help your brother.

The New Testosterone Treatment: How You and Your Doctor Can Fight Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Alzheimer' s Kindle Edition

by Edward Friedman

Thank you for sharing about your wonderful Dad with us. Many prayers go out to you and your family for this terrible loss.

so very sorry, always here if you need a shoulder xxxoo0

Sorry for your loss Annie,🙏🏻

May God be with you and your family.

So sorry for your loss. He sounded like a great man and I’m sure he will be missed deeply

Annie, my condolences for you and your brother. I pray that you and him will draw to the Lord for strength and comfort as you go through this sorrow and lost of loved one.

So sorry

I am indeed so sorry for your loss and admire your statement regarding research of pharmaceutical approaches to this disease.

I was just told that mine had spread to my liver .

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Geezzzz hopefully you beat the sucker.... God Bless...

j-o-h-n Friday 04/05/2019 8:10 PM EDT


So sorry for the loss of your father but I love how your are using this loss to use your training to help us beat this beast.

This disease takes so many good people!

Annie my heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. Maybe now Dad can work with God in Heaven to find a cure for all Cancers.its a devastating decease that is relentless. All my love and prayers. Leo

So sorry to hear that the monster has claimed another warrior, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😜

Peace and gods love to you and may he forever hold you in his arms

Sounds like a great Man, my condolences to you and your family.

I'm 56 and have 10 and 8 year old Boys, My Oncologist gave me 44 months last Nov but I pray and hope I have a little longer so I can see my boys grow into fine young men. They know I'm sick but haven't told them how serious (No point stressing them so early on)

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44 is just a number.... you'll be around to dance at their weddings, that's for sure...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 04/05/2019 8:12 PM EDT

Prayers and condolences, Annie

Of course we are ALL disappointed and ALL moved by your loss. Sometimes the Dragon wins, but we keep fighting, don't we!

Annie, I am so very heartfelt for your loss. We all try to wear a smile and carry on bravely but in the back of our mind know this to may be what happens to us.. He was way to young and obviously loved life by just looking at his always on my next flight at sunrise or sunset I will say hello to him and say a prayer...Blue Skies. Sky King

May God give you the strength to endure this difficult loss of your Dad. Thank you for keeping up the fight so others will not suffer.

Very sorry to hear the news of your dad’s passing. Prayers and peace to you and your family.

What an extraordinary man. It is disheartening to lose another brother to this disease. I pray you and your brother find comfort in your fathers good deeds. Bless you and your family.

Om so sorry for your loss Annie,My Hubby has stage 4 prostate cancer & bone metesis. He be in so much pain..l feel so helpless sometimes..God Bless

He certainly was a great man, father and and a blessing to his community. So sorry for your loss. Keep on keeping on, knowing the great service he and you are to the community in which you serve.

Hallo Annie. No words can express what I feel reading your story. Go with peace and calm for you could have done no more. Please accept my very best wishes from the antipodes. Harry

Terribly sorry about your loss.

Your dad sounded like a wonderful man and father. May his soul rest in peace.

I wish you and your brother peace and serenity during this tragic time.


Annie, I am so very sorry about your dad. I hope that you and your brother are comforted by the memories of your times with your awesome dad.

So very sorry for you and your brother. May his memory and good works comfort and strengthen you as you continue making him proud of his children. God bless!

I'm so sorry for all you and your brother are going through Annie. It's not an easy journey losing some one you love and so quickly. Be extra kind to your self at this time.

Please accept my condolences. I am so very sorry for your loss. I will be praying for your healing and strength. Kelly

Our thoughts are with you. This is a terrible loss for you both. Take care of yourselves.

And please get a genetics test.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is especially painful because he was so young and it happened so fast. Look into Epigenetic treatments, there are ways to find out which genes are either inherited or mutated and support them early on (like you and your brothers case if it is something like BRCA). We need more great doctors practicing this in the future. It sounds like you would be perfect for this 👍

Look up Dr Nezami at Orange Coast Medical Center of Hope. He can keep an eye on you two !

We persist against this disease not because of our fear of death, but because of our joy of life with those that we love. May the love of family and friends support you at this time.

Thank you for posting. This is a place of deep joys and sorrows. Our oncologist had lost a family member so when we see her, we do feel a bit of spirit or grace helping us on.

So sorry for your loss Annie, that was quick and must be devastating. Thanks for letting us know and please reach out if you need to. Sending you condolences and comfort.

I am sorry for your loss and offer my condolences to you and your family.

My heart aches -another Brother take by this d*mn prostate cancer. My sincerest condolences to you and the family. Rest in Peace Sir and suffer no more

Hugs - Randy

God bless you and your brother. For your research, a good starting point is the documentary called Forks over knives. It's on Netflix.

Stay strong and keep your faith in God. Time and prayer will help to reduce the pain you are feeling.

My prayer go out to you and your family!

My condolences, Annie. Peace to you and your family. :'(

Annie, my heart breaks for you and your brother. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May you feel the love from everyone on here. He raised a great woman, and his legacy lives through you both. Sending you both the biggest and warmest hugs.


I'm very sorry Annie on the loss of your father. I pray that the Lord will comfort you and your brother and uphold you with the power of His infinite love.

Nothing I can say Annie that has not already been said by the beautiful men and women of this site. May you and brother, family and friends find peace and strength. And may you raise a beautiful family, just like your dad did.

I'm so sorry. I hope you find peace during this time

My thoughts are with your family. Its a tough journey, but your dad helped so many and seems to have been a great dad and mentor to you and your brother. Thoughts are with you x

Thank you for sharing your story and I am so very sorry to hear about your Dad. I can tell by your posts that he was very much loved which is a beautiful thing. My heartbreaks thinking about this. May god bless you and your family.

God bless you and dad. Stay strong and hold the good memories close to your heart. Peace to you and your family.

I'm very sorry to read of the loss of your dear father.

So sorry, he looks like a great father.

If there are any blood relatives that also died of Cancer you must get genetic counseling and if appropriate genetic testing, for your dad (if possible), yourself, siblings, aunts/uncles and cousins.

He may have received a mutated BRCA 1 or 2 gene through his parents.

If so then his children MAY inherent through him. Result is greatly enhanced risk for a number of cancers.

My grandfather died aPCa 81 (with mutated BRCA2), mother 53 metastized breast cancer, I'm 76 stage 4 aPCa and unknowingly received mutated BRCA2 from grandpa. My daughter is clear.

1 aunt and 7 of her children died young of various cancers as they also likely inherited mutated gene.

Knowing your genetic risks helps treatment decisions and allows certain treatment choices.


So so sad. Our condolences to you and your family. Love and peace to you xx.


No words will replace you Father, however they may provide some small relief from the pain. Just remember though you cannot touch him he is still with you, in your smile, the way you do something he did, and anytime you think of him and feel the love he gave you. Peace to you you and your brother at this hard time in life.

As'e, power and strength to you and the family young Queen. Suffering is over for dad, thank you for sharing and remain powerful in your dad's spirit.


So very sorry for your loss.

My husband is 49 and our kids are 5 and 8. I’m so sad that this disease seems to have VERY LITTLE progress made to treating/curing it. I fear they will be fatherless soon as well.

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What’s his situation/ status?

in reply to Break60

He’s currently labeled as “ stable” after docetaxel ( 5/17-9/17) and currently on Xtandi. He was dx in January of 2017 with de novo metastatic prostate cancer with a PSA of 1044. His PSA has been creeping up so I’m thinking we will be choosing his next therapy soon. Choices seem limited and don’t offer much PFS.😕

So sorry to hear about your Dad. Prayers for all of ya

So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. How blessed you were to have such an exceptional father. May his memory sustain you through this difficult time.

My husband has PCa with no mets thankfully and had a 4 month Lupron shot and is supposed to begin radiation in early May. As a pharmacist, yo might be able to answer some questions I have about PCa and whole food supplements. My husband is seeing a Nutrition Response Testing Master Clinician since before his diagnosis for other ailments. He was put on Burdock Root complex (burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel, rhubabarb root) once he was given a PCa diagnosis. Are you familiar with this- if not this might be something you would be interested in learning about.

We have also been told that my husband will have to stop all anti-oxidants before he starts his radiation. He has been on COQ10 for 25+years for his hart disease and other supplements that are anti-oxidants. I feel we are between a rock and a hard place.

I hope in doing your dedicated research you are able to find the supplements that can be helpful

in PCa.


Look up the gerson diet.

Thank you for this excellent site. You have helped give me knowledge during this confusing time of decision making .

I hope you are doing well and know that going forward with your sharing is a blessing!

Dear Annie, I kept looking at your Dad's picture and couldn't help but smile...He had a twinkling look on his face. He must have been a wonderful father to have a daughter as wonderful as you. He had the look of a man raised in the middle east and I bet he loved baklava. He appeared to be a sweet and caring physician. May God hold him close to his chest and may his memory live in your heart and your brother's heart forever. I hope you both have some support relatives to help you during this trying time. The Greeks have a saying Η ζωή στους ζωντανούς (life to the living). God Bless.

j-o-h-n Friday 04/05/2019 8:52 PM DST

I join the others in unison.

May he rest in peace.

I hope you might be able to establish a legacy of research and hope ....

I am so sorry. And i know there are no words. Im shocked at the duration. I recently lost my mother to lung cancer four months from diagnosis and it is hell to watch. I believe you will honor him in fighting for a cure and in taking care of your lil brother. You are not alone. Im currently grieving my mom and grandpa who died 6 months apart. Accept all the feelings of grief even the anger . People often think grieving is linear and can be completed by a certain time. Let yourself heal. Take care of you, and thank the powers that be for creating such a wonderful father and surgeon. I am beyond sorry and wish i could hug you.

Xoxo healing and light,erica

Thank you for telling us about your Dad and thank you for your commitment to finding a cure. Our hearts go out to you and your family.

Dear Annie,

My sincere condolences to you and family. He was a great man who helped many in his life, God bless. Do stay strong and take good care.


I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙏

My deepest condolences to you and your brother Annie.

God Bless you both.

Heyyyy Annie,so sorry to hear about your dad.myhubby58,has advanced stage4 prostate cancer and bone metesis,today we found out he has spot on his liver as well,but to small to do a biopsy ..lm lost for words.God Bless

I am sorry for your loss. He died too young.

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That’s really unfortunate ,we can’t cope with it

So sorry for the much too early loss of your father.

Peace and all good!

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