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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Chemo advice


We've just had a letter come through regarding starting chemo in 3 weeks time.

My concern is that my understanding is it should be given within 3 months of starting hormone therapy which it is to the day exactly.

BUT my husband has a recurring urine infection which is being caused by a kidney and bladder stone so I don't know if they'll start chemo with an infection but we can't delay chemo anymore than it has been already (for reasons unknown)

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I really don't think a week or so either way makes a ton of difference. Thinking back, I started chemo 4 months after my first Lupron injection. I'm sure that members here like Tall_Allen will have a better insight for you. don't fret.


Ok thank you. Everyone I've seen had it within a few weeks and I'm worried it's going to be over a month to sort stones/infection

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It will be OK, de-stress.


I was 10 months into zoladex before starting 8 months of chemo. Zoladex Jan 2015 still getting shots, next due May 2019, hope this helps. We all respond differently to Ca, in fact each person with it may as well have a different cancer.

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They come up with "3 months" because that was what was used in the clinical trial that proved that chemo in newly diagnosed men with multiple metastases lived longer with chemo than without it. But there's nothing magic about that number - he should start it whenever the doctors believe he's ready.


I was in a clinical trial. Started chemo 54 days later. Each of chemo began with a blood draw. If the numbers are out of whack, then chemo is delayed. Most common out of whack from my experiences were red and white blood cells. I was fortunate and remained in range. Don’t fret or worry, you won’t know until the day of scheduled chemo. If numbers are out of range, then deal with it. Please understand as Allen mentioned, the recommendations are based on multiple trials and their results. Within 90 days of day Lupron was a prequel measured. Good luck and kick the little bastards.

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