Chemo & ADT + metformin

Hi all

Spoke to my Oncologist the other day she is now thinking of putting me on the Chemo & ADT even tho all scans failed to show where my PC is, my PSA doubling time is 4 weeks so very aggressive which is her thinking now originally she said no as the was no evidence of bone mets which ive read gives the best results my gleeson score was 4+3.

Is there such a thing as waiting for it to reach my bones & lymph nodes before proceeding or should we just hit it with everything I can.

I have signed up for the stampede trial as well which is where the metformin comes into it plus they are just starting a new trial with ADT patches and not pills or injections.

Any thoughts welcome


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  • Chub,

    Hit it with everything...the more extensive the PCa becomes the harder it is to control


  • I agree with Gusgold. I go with the Born to be Wild strategy: Fire all of your guns at once. The harder you hit in the beginning, the longer it will take to get back on its feet. Kick it while it's down and kick it hard.

  • I am always with gusgold on this. Close your eyes and DO IT Chubby!


  • Thanks for the replies guy's sounds good to me.



  • I also agree with gusgold! Your in a war, do not take any prisoners. Go after the little devils with anything and everything. The stronger your cancer becomes, the harder the battle gets.Kill it now! Every shot you take should be a kill shot, do not give the enemy a chance to survive and attack you again.

  • Agree. It's definitely a war and you have to fight it that way. The cancer never rests and will kill us if we don't fight it. It's kill or be killed. I can't see saving ammunition for later when the enemy is stronger and bigger. I'd rather use all the amo I can now. Ready, Aim, Fire!

  • Be as agressive as you can! There is more and more studies that show you want to fight cancer as a street fight. You fight to win! Have you tried Axumin PET Scans? It was just approved for prostate cancer in 2016 and can find tumers a lot smaller than normal CT/PET/bone scans. It is still not widely available, but it may be worth a trip to get it done. I live in Michigan and had to go to Ohio to get my scan.

    Here is a link

  • Where in ohio?

  • Thanks guys ill also check Axumin scans for the UK.


  • Chubby,

    Just to help you, I've been on ADT-3, intermittent, for 15 yrs. True my pca is/was only GS6. But my doubling time has been 3 months over the years...and I'm still here. One issue with your oncologist not finding a source of your cancer is that the scans may be getting done when the psa is way down; the conventional scans (CTs, bone) will not usually see anything if PSA is <1 or <2. The newer ones are better.


  • Wow herb1 thats amazing 15yrs

    Ive been given 4 to 5yrs even if I could double mine would be great. Hope you keep on kicking it for many more years.


  • Chubby42

    I'll answer your question with a question. What do you do to your wife when you sit down to dinner and it's ice cold? (to the ladies in the audience it's just a joke). 😊

    j-o-h-n Sunday 07/09/2017 11:56 AM EST

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