Chemo & ADT slow

Hi all just checking on other people's experience with Chemo & ADT treatment.

Before starting my PSA was 8.0 doubling every 4 weeks now after 3 treatments it has come down but only to 6.6 after treatment 1 it still went up to 8.7 then after treatment 2 it was 7.8 after treatment 3 its 6.6, is it normally this slow im a bit worried that once the Chemo stops it may start to go up again I am having 6 cycles, currently at the Oncology Centre having cycle no 4.

Any thoughts

Kindest regards


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  • I am not sure if this helps but there was a video posted recently and the Doctor talks about how sometimes with Chemo the PSA goes up initially then comes down. The Doctor in the video says this is not a bad thing. I will look for the post and maybe it will help. Blessings and Prayers.

  • Thanks softwaremom I read that somewhere as well just I thought when it comes down it would be a bit quicker or larger amounts, my Oncologist thought it was a bit slow to react as well.


  • Hello, I'm not a MedOnc, just a PCa survivor. I did 15 chemos and ADT in 2015 and PSA dropped from 840 to 0.7 in 01/16. I started Metformin/Lipitor and got to 0.2 in 08/16. It started ticking up to 0.5. I started Modified Citrus Pectin, Berberine, Resveratrol, Ursolic Acid with Intermittent fasting sipping curry/black pepper, tomato broth. I do it from 9pm to 1pm the nextday. PSA is now at 0.1

    I also fasted 2 days before each chemo. Best to you - Randy

  • Thanks Dockam I'll give the fasting a try for my next couple good to see your PSA is down.


  • you mention fasting. I told my doctor...that I was going to fast at least 36 hours before and also the day of my chemo and he said it wasn't necessary. I've read so much including from the NIH about how good it is for best results. My question is...I have been given a pill to take 12 hours before and 3 hours before...and it says to take it with food or milk. I was going to do it with milk. Isn't this going to mess up my "fasting state" I am trying to be in? did you have this issue...??? how did you do it?

  • Hey, I did tomato based homemade veggie stock that I would sip throughout the 2 days. Milk is fat based and should not have the impact, consuming like under 500 cals/day is considered fasting. You want your normal cells to hibernate and the cancer cells to starve and then you feed those terrorists chemo! Dr.Longo from USC Gerontolgy did the initial studies. I'm a marathoner, so that may help me deal with going for hrs without solid food. Best to you - Randy

  • so're saying (and I use fat free milk) that the milk will be okay if I just do 1/2 a glass with each pill?

  • Yes, that'll be fine and keep me updated.

    Fight on - Randy

  • What ADT meds are you on?


  • I did 30 months of Lupron and Casodex and spoke with MedOnc and we agreed to stop it - I didn't wanna encourage castrate resistance.


  • How long has your PSA been 0.1 and not on Lupron and Casodex?


  • I hit 0.2 in 08/2016 and then eight months at 0.4, two months at 0.4 and then two months at 0.5. Went Vegan for a month and got it down to 0.4. Then did those above mentioned supplements and for the last two months, I have been at 0.1. Testosterone still at 16 for the last two times also - MedOnc couldn't explain why after no Lupron/Casodex for 6 months my T is still low.

  • Thank you for the information. What is hour dosage of metformin?


  • I'm taking Metformin 500mg twice per day

  • I just finished the 13th cycle. After first PSA rose, then dropped slowly. It has continued to drop till it now is 0.42 . Your PSA should continue to drop after each infusion also. Your numbers are consistent with mine. Best wishes.

  • Hi Eggraj8

    Thats sounds good to me then I was a little worried after my Oncologist said it was moving a bit slow, good to see your numbers are low too.


  • On my 7th cycle: Starting PSA: 42.28; after 1cycle: 6,1; after 2 cycles: 2.96, after 3 cycles: 1.52; after 4 cycles: 0.85; after 5 cycles:0.5, after 6 cycles: 0.43. Decline is Starting to level off.

    Taking docetaxel at 50mg/m2 and carboplatin at 600mg. Started docetaxel 1st cycle at 60mg/g, but had to reduce, couldn't get out of bed for 15 days. Initial PSA was doubling at 3 weeks interval.

  • bb66hotflash

    Wow your first drop was big if im reading it right yea your PSA boubling time is similar to mine

    Glad you have such a good result, im only having 6 cycles though.

    Take care

  • The first drop was in conjunction with completing radiation of the spine. I had developed crippling spinal nerve root compression. I had 19 days of radiation and started chemo four days later. (My spine is great now) I suspect the large drop was a combination of both the radiation and chemo. It is difficult to get all the facts in, while trying to be succinct and helpful. I believe the approximately 40% drop for the first group of chemo rounds, followed by the transition to 14% (at the 6th) is more meaningful, showing the role off of the effects. I would speculate that the primary cancer genome that was affected by the chemo is virtually gone, but what is remaining is a different cancer, genomically, that is not affected by this chemo combo. We will see how much it continues to decline, as my Oncologist wants me to continue on the chemo, until the side effects get to be too much, or there is imaging evidence of cancer tumor growth (imaging is every 12 weeks). Good Luck to you too.

  • Ha that makes more sence well hope it keeps going well for you m8.

    Take care

  • I am not a physician, however, my understanding is that the drop depends on many factors. For example, how far along you were in the metastatic disease process, your ability to tolerate the "chemo", and most important what regime of chemo that you are receiving. I have come to realize over the past fourteen years or so that not all chemotherapy is equal.

    Oh yes, the amount of the drug(s) given depends on body weight and the ability to tolerate. Frankly, my personal experience is different than what most receive. I underwent a six month trial and have posted the regime, dosage, and results frequently. Simply search "Gourd Dancer Prostate Cancer" and you will find.

    I wish you the best as you kick this bastard of a disease down. May you be successful in doing so. Even after years of undetectable PSA, I continue to see my Medical Oncologist with the Texas Medical Center complex of facilities three times a year in follow-up.

    Gourd Dancer

  • Hi Gourd Dancer thanks for the reply, I probably should have mentioned that mine is not yet metastatic as my PSA was doubling every 4 weeks she thought I could have early Chemo with my first round of ADT plus Im on a trial which includes metformin.

    Its great your PSA is undetectable for so long keep it up.


  • Chubby42

    What ADT meds are you on?


  • Hi Rich I am on Zoladex

  • I am on Lupron and I was thinking to add metformin. What dose of metformin are you on? What are the trail doses? I know that metformin extends the duration of Zytiga. However, I didn't know the status of metformin with Zoladex or Lupron.


  • Hi Rich im on 2x 850 a day if that helps.

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