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Unable to get Olaparib

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Germ line testing indicated I had Brca 1 and olaparib was treatment. Oncologist sent in prescription for it on AARP Medicare part d. Pre approval was denied. They said it not approved by fda for prostate cancer. Called manufacturer and they said send cash and you can get it. Sure. Support program is too to qualify. Anybody have ideas.

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This is a list of the clinical trials in the USA with Olaparib. Check if you could qualify in any of them.


As well as the clinical trials, Tango65 put out--Is there a way it can be used thru Medicare B, if used in a clinical setting, or Doctors office, as a treatment.

Other option is The Right To Use Law. You may under this law be a certain distance down the road with your disease, to Qualify, and there may be some co-pay requirement.

We have one Poster here who used, the law, to get one of the newest Anti-Androgens. And was successful, as this particular drug was/is still in Trial.


Get it on a Phase 1 or Phase 2 clinical trial for free. There's a list of them here:


Look into the Az and me program with the drug company. Astrazeneca

My husband is BRCA2. We have tried as well. He does not fit into clinical trials yet because he is not castrate resistant (yet) although he does have Mets to bones & lymph’s. It is over $14k per month and once you start you cannot ever stop PARP inhibitors so without a reliable source it’s a slippery slope.

I am sorry you are going through this.

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What a discrace.

Dear Drcrunch, sounds like you’ve got to jump thru some hoops to get what you need... I believe that you’ll succeed ...

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Thanks. Super pressure to jump thru the hopes.i just completed paperwork to get it. Told myself it is too much stress to get the material together and send it, but I forced myself and got it done. Now, hopefully the doctor does her paperwork.

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I feel that you’ll get what you need.. you are capable of cutting thru the BS ...it’s unfortunate for anyone of us to be forced into spending our limited time and energy on what in my opinion should be free.... This is the system that we live under.. There are worse.. Ours is an old system .. “ He who has the gold makes all of the rules” I believe a door will open and you will get what you need. Good for you , could possibly be good for me and others in the future.. Good Luck Drcrunch ...

there is a free clinical trial for this drug at NIH in Bethesda Maryland

Some will get olaparib and some will get olaparib and a monoclonal antibody. Some have written that they got severe side effect from the monoclonal antibody but not from olaparib.

Hope it works for you.Fought to get olaparib. Its 8000 canadian for 1 month. Accessed it for 3000. Didnt work . Have 4 months supply not used.. Back to xtandi

How much would it cost?

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