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In Memoriam ... herb_8789 left our world in March 2018

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I belatedly learned from his family today that Herb left our world in March 2018 as a result of his advanced prostate cancer. Herb ( herb_8789 ) did not post/reply here extensively, but he was always generous with me in Chats and personal emails we exchanged in 2017, and he followed this forum closely. Herb died in his later 80s, after a relatively short decline after both Zytiga and Xtandi could not keep ahead of his advancing disease. He was a positive advocate for the benefits of palliative care, started earlier rather than later. Fortunately, Herb died and his wife relocated many months before the massive wildfire destroyed their former home along with thousands of others in the town of Paradise, California in recent months. My continued condolences to his family, who celebrated his life in Paradise, California in April 2018, well before the time of the big fire.


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RIP . He had a long life God Bless!

RIP, Herb! You lived in Paradise here on earth and now in Heaven!


So sorry that Herb left the earth :'(

Sincere sympathy for his family and friends

Such a wonderful tribute for this man, seems like I knew him just from reading your post. Rest in Paradise Herb

Sheri (wife, caregiver, cheerleader)

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NPfisherman in reply to Tub111

How are you and Chris doing? Hope he is doing better...God bless you both.....

Rest, proud warrior....may God give your family peace ....

May he Rest in Peace...

I also give my condolences to Herb's family.

Rest in peace brother🙏

He has found a place to finally Rest in Peace. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 12/26/2018 9:17 PM EST

My condolences to Herb's family.


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