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Our Dan59 1956 - 2018

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It is with great sadness that I let you all know that Our Dan left the earth on December 5, 2018 :'( I.... as I'm sure..... many of you will miss him so much. He helped so many and truly cared up until he left. He ask that I let all of you know. My heart is truly sad. I am truly sorry for your loss of Our Dan :'(

Most sincere sympathy,


A post from Brittney, Dan’s daughter.

On Wednesday evening, my dad was embraced by The Lord’s open arms. While my family and I are absolutely devastated at the loss, I am relieved to know my dad can have peace after an aggressive battle with cancer.

I thank all of you-his family, close friends, friends that may be a little out of touch, friends of my mom and me who he treated as family, acquaintences, fishing buddies, those who he met through cancer forums for whom he had high regard, and any others I may have missed-for giving my dad a meaningful life. I find relief during this darkest hour knowing that although his life was short, my dad left the physical world with a lifetime of memories and adventures. I am grateful to all of you who joined him on the journey. Thank you for giving my dad’s life meaning.

I ask that you turn your tears and sadness into love and intention. Take extra time to enjoy your families, reach out to an old friend, be kind to a stranger today. Travel to every corner of the world. Seek adventure in all capacities it comes to you. Create the memories now, for we are never promised tomorrow. My dad had a very big, adventurous heart and it is my hope that we can share kindness, embrace love, and follow our most curious journeys in his honor.

Thank you in advance to everyone for your prayers, thoughts, and love during this most difficult time. May we all live a life as full as my dad’s.

In Memory of

Daniel P. Jory

1956 - 2018


Obituary of Daniel Jory

ILION - Daniel P. Jory, age 62, of Ilion, NY, passed on to the next life on December 5, 2018 at his home. At the time of his passing, he was surrounded by the love, faith, and support of his family.

He was born on July 4, 1956 in Utica, New York, the son of Margaret Mason Jory and the late Donald P. Jory. Dan was raised in Utica. He attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School from kindergarten to grade 8, and graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1974. He went on to attend Monroe Community College for two years.

Following his schooling, Dan travelled to California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Florida. He lived in many ski resorts, skiing during the day and working and learning the restaurant business at night. In 1979, he rode up the Alcan Highway with three friends and began a thirty-eight year commercial fishing career in Kodiak and Cordova, Alaska. During the off-season, he returned to Utica and worked in local ski shops and enjoyed the lift tickets bonus for many years.

Dan was a caring, loving, energetic husband and father. He was a hard worker and always helped others. Dan loved downhill, telemarking, and cross-country skiing. He was a racer. He loved the outdoors and his passion was fishing in Alaska.

He was diagnosed in 2006 with stage 4 prostate cancer and told he would live only one year. He continued to fish on his boat during fishing season in Alaska for nine more years and worked in local ski shops in New York during the off-season. He took six trips to Europe in eight years visiting Ireland, England, Portugal, France, and twice to Spain. He felt blessed to live twelve and one half years after diagnosis.

Donations in Dan’s memory can be made to the American Cancer Society, Hospice, or St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Envelopes will be available at the funeral home.

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Peace be with you, and may God hold you all in his arms at this time

The loss of any warrior hurts us all. Please know that we will keep him in our hearts. May God bless you whole family. You have helped me deal with my advanced cancer. Know that you both are in my heart.

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Thinking of you Dr_Who :)

Thanks for the update. His was one of the few on the forum I followed. Will miss interaction with your family and miss him already. God bless you and give you peace.

Jackie, I am truly out of words--my vocabulary has gone dry, as I well up some more tears for another lost soul of this disease that has a name, and it is called Evil. I am so sorry to lose one whom I had communication with. A face I did not know, a person I did not meet, but a soulmate I had known.

My Deepest regrets to the Jory Family,

In Yeshua's Mighty Name, may all experience---SHALOM


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I know Nalakrats :'(

Thanks for the information Jackie, I 'chatted' with Dan via Facebook, just a few weeks ago. He was (and still is) a huge inspiration to me. He generously helped others on this and other forums and never had an unkind word to say about anyone. I will truly miss him.

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Me too Paul :'(

I hope you are doing well.

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I hope you're doing great Paul!



Please send my heartfelt love and compassion to the family of Dan. He sent many helpful and kind words to me when things were pretty tough. I admired him so much for his love of life and his strength to keep fighting. What a fantastic life he had. Thanks for sending the obit. Loved it!


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It was truly awesome words of the man we all saw here.

My thoughts are with Dan’s family. The things he did after diagnosis are really uplifting.

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I hope you're so much enjoying the grandbaby Yost and you're feeling good :)

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I spent the day with him today. He’s great.

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That's wonderful Yost!

Im so happy for you.

Sorry for your loss. He was able to have such an interesting life in his short time on earth. I enjoyed his posts and sharing on this forum and will try to take your advice about turning my sadness around.


My grizzled heart is shattered old friend. I had to come back to pay my respects to you. We shared a lot of good times and when I see you again we will resume our unbreakable friendship. Until then.

My heart is broken. I followed many of his posts and find inspiration in all of them. He is a great man and will be always a great man.

It's so amazing how your heart can feel heavy of sadness for someone you never met, to have compassion for the ones are hurting. I guess it's the beauty in the human race. I followed him and I always learn something from his post. May God comfort his family and love ones with peace🙏

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True words Erika 💖

The path less taken .. Ski bum and all.You ve danced to your own drummer .. A finer fellow,there is not. He shined his humanity on me several times. It s been a pleasure to rub elbows with you Dan59 .. Peace in Heaven

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Another great one goes. He was always an uplifting spirit in this community. Geez this is very sad news. God bless him and his family. He never mentioned anything, but was always there for us.

Our Dan59 was one of a kind. Always so caring, supportive, and generous. An inspiration for living such a full life in the great outdoors. He will be missed and remembered by all those who knew him.


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I hope you're doing wonderful Charles ;)

Very sad! Dan was one of the first people who advised me on this site. He gave me great advice and always willing to help. A great man. A hug to the family

I cannot express in words how much he will be missed. He was the first to reach out to me with words of encouragement and I was drawn to him from our first contact. The courage, inspiration and positive words he gave me will stick with me through my life. In reading his posts it was apparent of his kind and giving nature. To his family I am so sorry for your loss. To Dan...thank you and may the rough sea that was once ahead now be calm.


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So sorry for your loss. May you and your family find comfort in knowing how much he helped others during his time. RIP

Sheri. (wife, caregiver, cheerleader)

may God hold your Family tight and shine down upon you.....

Sorry for your loss. Dan was an inspiration, showing what can be done after diagnosis like Stage 4 cancer. Fishing, skiing, traveling, he lived each day. You and your family are in my prayers.

Sad news. I will miss him.


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I hope you're having fun and feeling good Patrick :)

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I am feeling good. &, in my own way, having fun. It was nice of you to ask.

I was looking through the names of all those who responded to the loss of Dan. Some of them haven't posted for a while.

Very best, -Patrick

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Im so glad you're doing well.

Let's hope, wish and pray that they're all having too much fun :)

Good wishes Patrick,


Peace my friend.

Every time I read about a loss it is a hard blow. I suppose that everyone, wrestlers and companions / caregivers are going there, whatever the cause, and that is the only consolation, to have made a good path in this life. I deeply regret the loss of Dan, his loss is our loss. A very strong hug to the family and my deepest condolences

He will be missed. My condolences to you and your family. Charline and Chuck

Thanks for sharing Jackie.. much love💕

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I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of someone who was so kind and generous. I've called him on the phone many times for support. He told me that I could call him any time I needed help. I will truly miss him. He was an inspiration to all of us to live our lives to the fullest. He fought this battle long and hard with just about every treatment known to medical science, often repeating treatments. I will always look up to his determination and kind heartedness.

He will be missed by all of us here on the forum.

I feel like I've lost a dear brother.

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I am so sad to hear this news. Dan59 was always quick with a word of support and encouragement. I will hold him and his loved ones very close in my heart.

I wanted you all to see what Dan wrote to me about a month ago... telling me about getting his transfusions. It brings me Joy to know he was happy 💗


The whole thing takes about 4 hours with an iv in my arm and sitting in a chair singing and joking with the nurses that have been treating me so long and sometimes with other patients.


My thoughts and prayers are with you and Dan, Jackie. Peace be with you. God Bless.


It's truly sad news. He has been a grace, and perseverance. His memory will live here on this forum thru all the caring posts he has shared over the years. Peace.

Im deeply saddened of Dan’s passing. He has helped me as I searched for answers for my husband and a lot of people in this forum. He will be missed terribly. Prayers for strength and comfort for you and your family Jackie.

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Thank you sweet person. Dan was my friend on our prostate group. He ask me to let our group family know. He sure was a Gem 💗

Didn't see this post until this morning. I am heart broken for those who loved Dan so much. After so many years of the good fight, he has inspired us all.

I had to come back to pay my highest tribute to a fallen hero of singularly rare qualities. Dan was loved by almost all in our community for his unique courage in fighting his own battle whilst turning his experience to offer soothing and inspiring words to lift those who are lost in the grim fears of this deadly disease. His postings were far better than medicine. I sincerely thought he would survive for another decade or more despite his very advanced stage of PCa. Alas! We lost him. Indeed it is a great loss and we'll be missing him very much.

Thank you Jackie for being so kind in passing this information to us though sad and also trying on several occasions as to what has happened to me since I have not participated in the forum over a long period of time.


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Miss you Sisira. Thank you for your beautiful words. I'm always hopeful that you're so happy and doing so well.

Huge hugs.


So sorry to hear of Dans passing, will miss seeing his posts, prayers sent to family, friends and comrade in this site. TOO Dan.

My thoughts at this time are that Jesus needed a good fisherman. May Daniel's nets be always full.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 12/11/2018 10:16 PM EST

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I pray that I may live to fish

Until my dying day.

And when it comes to my last cast,

I then most humbly pray:

When in the Lord's great landing net

And peacefully asleep

That in His mercy I be judged

Big enough to keep.

Dan, May You Rest In Peace...you are definitely a ‘keeper’!


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I’m so sad to hear this news. He was an inspiration to me and helped me at times I needed it the most. He will be missed by us all. It was great to read about his life and to see he enjoyed every minute. Best wishes to all the family and I’m praying for you all. ❤️

Dan was one of the few men that replied on my first post and always replied and liked. He was always positive and never said a bad thing. He was the biggest cheer leader in this forum. I'm going to miss him and it does feel like I lost a real brother. Eternal rest my friend.


May God’s peace cover you and your family. Dan and I were born in the same year so I feel it. Remember his goodness, forget his failings and know he is home and cured.

Deepest Sympathies,


My sincerest condolences and prayers for the family. I'm so sorry to hear of another brother gone after the passing of Ismet Shumaf and Sargon Jabbour!

He lived way beyond expected after the Dx in 2006 and experienced as full a life as one could after what could cripple others. Brittney's poignant tribute to him brought tears to my eyes and we all should live with an "adventurous heart" as no one is promised another day.

I would like to add Dan to my memorial back bib that I'll be wearing at the Surf City marathon - if that is okay with you.

Rest in Peace Mr Jory and suffer no more


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Hi Randy!

I think Dan would be honored for you to wear his name in the marathon. Please post pics :)

Dan told me he believes he won..... getting all of those extra years after being told he had a year. He did an awesome job educating himself and all of us and being our friend 💖.



I never met Dan except on this forum. But we connected and he reached out to me offering advice as I find my way forward with this disease from the remote costal Alaska community of Cordova. We shared knowledge and respect for this place - it’s rivers, streams, moose and salmon. His understanding of a Cordovan dealing with PCa and living as remote as I do brought great reassurance to me. 12.5 yrs at Stage 4 - completely amazing and he told be he fished 10 yrs on the flats after diagnosis (seriously tough work). I wish I had had the opportunity to meet Dan, I’m sure he knows some secrets of this place. Cordova is mourning.

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I'm just seeing this. I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been reading the forum much longer than I've been posting on it and Dan59 was one of the profiles I followed for information and inspiration as I study and try to advocate for my husband. I'm sorry I didn't see this at the time, but my deepest sympathy to you and to his daughter and friends and family.

It's so hard to keep up sometimes SuppWife. He helped so many. Thank you. Good wishes.


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