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Cancer Spread To Liver...How Long To I have To Live

These type of posts are very common.....On John's last visit to his oncologist he was told his PCa had spread to his liver. During the examination he was asked if he felt safe at home to which John replied yes...John then asked the Doc how long he had to live to which the Doc replied 6 - 24 months. John then made the 1 hour drive back home and when he walked in the door his wife shot and killed John lived 1 hour after the spread to liver diagnosis...looks like he was wrong about being safe at home.

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Perhaps the wife loved him somuch that she didn't want to seehim suffer any longer, or perhaps there is a large estateinvolved. Whoknows?


It's great to see you posting Eric.

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Is this directed at anyone in particular, Gus? Confused here. (maybe I should keep quiet?)

Is it funny? Satire? Let me know OK.


My interpretation of this story is that no one can tell you truly how long you have to live, not a doctor, not me, not you. all is speculation or an educated guess

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Your wife might be able to tell you.


I fully agree with Daddy.

Live as long as you can by all means.

Since we are living, Death is something inevitable and the causes can be so varied.

With any disease the body will fight without giving up easily and there will be more and more new drugs and treatments to help us in this fight.

Even if I were guaranteed with a 10 year survival period I will take only a time frame of one year for my planning and move on to the 2nd only if I am living. ( Assuming I can live only for one year with PCa ). This is my equation and it seems to keep me at equilibrium, may be because I am reaching 70 very soon!



Omg! What the Hell? Is this true????


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