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I have Oligometastatic PC and scheduled to go for radiation after the new year. I've been on reduced 750mg Zytiga since March 2018 after failure of 1000mg dose. Also on Lupron for 1 year, PSA at 1.4 Ast had been bouncing around UHN and I started taking European Milk Thistle in Aug 2018. Both AST/ALT have come down nicely and been performing at mid normals. I just started taking 1200 mg daily for 9 days and AST/ALT shot up 175,260 respectively. Now off Zytiga and calcium citrate and hope liver function returns. Med Onc will resume at 500mg if that happens. Any relationship between Zytiga and calcium citrate and if and when my liver function is normal? Should my Doc consider another option other that the 500 mg Zytiga. He says Calcium citrate has no effect on liver function. Thank you in advance to fellow members if you have any thoughts.

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Are you on any other non-PCa-related meds?

Presumably, you take Zytiga on an empty stomach?


Thank you PJ13 for the threads. I take supplements ,multivitamin,cod liver oil,vitamin D 3000units. I've been on these for a year. I added the european milk thistle as prescribed and dandelion tea(leaf and root extract) in Aug 2018. Those 2 adds brought my liver to a mean normal,normal.

I used to take my Zytiga 750 mg early at last pee and eat 1 1/2 hrs later so I know its empty. If my liver recovers, maybe the sweet spot is 500 mg. Bob

When the enzymes are elevated, the actual numbers don't tell you much,

& the liver is very resilient.


Citric acid should have no bearing--In my opinion. Best naturals we have for liver function still appears to be European Milk Thistle--not domestic---along with Dandelion extract---I cannot prescribe doses, but usually we use at 3/4 times the recommended levels, divided thru the day, against what is indicated on the bottles. Appears though Milk Thistle--variety? had no benefit for you---you may already have had a somewhat compromised liver function, before taking the Zytiga. Do not know why Doctors do not check liver function first, before prescribing.


Thanks Nal, I've had 2 cat scans and both showed a very small liver cyst which the MO said he wasn't concerned back in Nov 2017. My liver function back in Nov 2017 was perfect then before starting Zy. The last cat was in July 2018. He did say that he would do an MRI on the liver if it doesn't recover but was optimistic it will. I've seen two Dandelion teas available, one is pure leaf and the other is leaf/root. Is the dandelion extract different than the tea in your comments? I work out hard at the gym 3 days a week and did that on the morning of my blood draw? Bob

My wife, I put on Dandelion Extract Capsules, by Natures Way Supplements--can obtain from Amazon or Vitacost.com--and combined it with European Milk Thistle, by Life Extension, to cure her poor liver function enzymes, from taking, Gabapentin--for back pain. She is in mid range perfect numbers, currently--took about 6 weeks to correct---twice a day usage is what I put my wife on. Does not mean it will work for you though!


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I broke protocol after my first abi dosing on an empty gut. It just seemed folly to take so much meds when the research clearly indicates small low fat caloric intake enhances biouptake. I've done that consistently taking a 500mg pill while eating a banana with morning coffee/turmeric/pepper/cardamom/cinnamon/ honey for 8 months...my PSA has crashed from 900 to undetectable....while on ADT of course. Liver/ ALKPHOS are all in the ideal range...current AP at 67 as of 9/16. I do not believe over supplementing our meds is a good idea but my morning coffee brew doesn't seem to hurt....and hopefully enhances.

Just sayin'

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