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Desperate for Help

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i have been urinating more than normal and retaining urine. Went to a urologist a couple months ago and was diagnosed with pca. The urologist started me on Lupron and Casodex after being catheterized for a few weeks because of retention. The retention has subsided, but i am still urinating frequently. Does anyone have this problem of frequent urination and if so, do you know of any remedies for this problem.

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I wish I did my husband is having the same problem. Had a SP aug 2, has had catheters on and of since then, last one clogged and he ended up with renal failure. Just had a scan yesterday and said he’s still retaining and his kidneys are not functioning . Going back to cancer hospital Monday to see what they suggest. I keep asking them if they should start him on Lupron and they say No. His surgery wasn’t successful, cancer around the bladder neck and positive margins. They did tell him in about a year he could try for a sphincter surgery that could help with being incontinent .

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Thank you Kimmilemo....I am also taking Flomax.

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My husband took that for awhile . He needs to ask about it again.

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Kimmilemo are you saying your husband has prostate cancer and they aren't treating it?

It depends on the cause - urinary retention or a shrunken bladder?

I have a frequency issue. The doctor prescribed Myrbetriq - it works well. Makes it more manageable. I tried Flomax, but it made me feel terrible - others seem to tolerate it. As Tall_Allen says, treatment depends upon the cause.



I find that Pumpkin Seed Extract, will go head to head with Myrbetriq, if taking enough capsules, for low burden excess urination. For high burden the drug does a decent job, as per my Urologist.


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By low burden do you mean urinary frequency with very small volume being produced? That's my deal - once a drop or two is in the urethra it's game over.

Dose and source of pumpkin seed extract?

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I mean low flow or infrequent verses high flow and very frequent--the Drug works, better for the later. As to Pumpkin Seed extract--you kind of make your own dose--as the bottles will usually say 2 a day.[But as I suggested from others, who do this--add water, and Aloe Vera. I am just reporting.


Neither Flomax or Myrbetriq worked for my husband’s frequent urination after lots of bladder tests, etc., we have given up on seeing improvement.

Add to his sudden onset of incontinence this all makes travel so much more interesting. For our frequent road trips I insist he travel with a jug as he should not have to give up coffee.

my best buddy of 47 years was having problems peeing and quest what he had a enlarged prostrate. relax read all u can about it and see what the symptoms are


I have had this problem on and off for years. I had a few TUR's. I found that cranberry extract and juice are my best friends to prevent urinary infections caused by swollen prostate or scar tissue from TUR's.

I was on Lupron (Eligard- generic) for 6 1/2 years and at times I had to wear incontinent pants. It would happen for about 3 months and then go away. Right now I am wearing incontinent pants all the time. My urologist does orthoscopy but has no reason why this happens.

If want to empty your bladder, take a sitz bath. Relax and pee away. I took 4-5 a day. As an Urological RN told me, it’s a lot better than going to an ER at 3 am to get catherized.


Ask your urologist to show you how to self catheterize. It’s not difficult and it will totally empty your bladder. Could save an ER trip. had to do it for some time until I had a HoLep procedure to treat enlarged prostate.

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