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Just wanted to give everyone an update on Mike. He’s doing well had his first trelstar hormone injection Monday which he will have to go and get every 6 months and still take the casodex however for the past two days he’s been having left hip pain, very fatigued and a little irritable along with some constipation. He starts chemo therapy on Monday (Carbonplatin) which he will have 6 rounds of every 3 weeks. Since his prostate cancer has met to his bones. Is this where the pain is coming from he says it’s not bad when he walks around. He’s also been constipated which his urologist said the hormone meds can do that. Is there a good over the counter medication that works well for the constipation. Any advice would be great.

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I use an over the counter stool softener daily it has helped quite a bit if he's on any opioids for pain that will cause constipation as well .

Yes he is taking hydrocodone with ibuprofen. Also after he had his hormone injection he’s now having hip and knee joint pain is that normal after he’s had his hormone injection

in my personal experience with Lupron injections I have had an increase in joint pain .It is a listed side effect of it. I'm on hydrocodone now as well. When it first started it was awful but it has been getting better with light exercise and stretching .

Ok he’s also been having a little bit of weakness in his legs as well. I’m guessing this is also part of the side effects of the injection. Other than that he’s doing ok. The hydrocodone really helps

Everyone reacts different to the drug--some report joint pain, the hip is a big joint!

As to Constipation--we just had a thread here where I provided a natural Remedy[Grandma's], with a Stool Softener---->Colace

Recipe is simple----> buy Pitted Prunes, place the whole bag--get a big bag--in a 4 quart pot--cover with water and bring to simmer, and stew them for a couple of hours checking on water level--you want the mixture to get where you can see the shape of the prune, and you have reduced the water to a syrup.

Place in Jars store in Frig. twice a day between Breakfast and Lunch, and before bed, consume 4 stewed prunes--take with 2 Colace capsules.


Thanks for the recipe. I’m definitely going to make this

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Anything natural to counter affect the assault ...

Take a deeeep breath ! Take excellent care of him ...He needs you now.. I pray for treatments to do their job and a total remission .. God bless.

Consider Senokot-S. Box says: dual action natural vegetable laxative ingredient + stool softener.

Yes bone mets could be the source of pain assuming it’s not muscular or arthritis. ADT can cause joint pain as well but he hasn’t been on trelstar long enough for that to be the case. How were the bone mets discovered ? Are they numerous? The pain must be bad if he’s on an opioid. Are they treatable with radiation? Opioids definitely cause constipation. Stool softeners as well as other over the counter remedies and food types work on constipation. Vigorous exercises help reduce pain, fatigue and anxiety.

The bone Mets were discovered by a bone scan. His urologist said that it’s several bones on the back. Just yesterday he was having left hip and right knee pain. He was in an IED explosion back in Iraq 8yrs ago. Did damage to his right knee. His treatment is casodex every day and Trelstar every six month. He starts chemo therapy on Monday going every 3 weeks 6 rounds of chemo

Sorry to hear !! Yes mets in the spine would be dangerous to radiate . Let’s hope the chemo and ADT works. Thank him for his service!!

I will thank you. The good thing is that his doctors never mentioned paralysis or being immobile. They did say for him to take calcium supplements as well as exercise which is good for the bones.

He’ll be fine! God bless from a former Marine!

The joke line is "Water on the knee and beer in the joint". I can empathize Mike since I'm having pain in my left hip. Really hurts...

Here's one that is sort of apprepo and sort of funny for Mike.

Three dufusses are talking about the meanest animal in the world.

First dufuss says, it's the lion cause he will charge at you and attack you.

Second dufuss says, it's the elephant cause he can charge at you stomp you to death.

Third duffus says, the meanest animal in the world is the Hipaggator.

Well the two guys ask "A Hipaggator, what's that?"

Third dufuss replies "He's an animal with a Hippopotamus' head on one side of his body and the head of an alligator on the other side of his body".

Well the two guys then ask "If he's got a head of a Hippopotamus' on one side of his body and the head of an alligator on the other side, then how does he shit?

Third dufuss replies "He don't, that's what makes him so mean".

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 12/08/2018 6:30 PM EST

He had his first chemo appointment today. I found out that he has to go 3 days a week for every three weeks and that they are using Etoposide chemo treatment

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